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What Lies Beyond

For those of you eager for the rich story contained within Venetian Blinds click ahead :

 Don't worry, that is the only spoiler I will say for this release, so feel to read on without worry.
 In this day and age it is very rare for games that  are centered around lawsuits to see release. So to see that a game made to counter a lawsuit come out for purchase is a lovely sight to behold. Though ironic as many will remember that one Brutal Legend was nearly derailed by Activision through lawsuits. And Activision is as of this writing attempting to preemptively sue Respawn Entertainment to prevent the release of any game by those fine fellows. Maybe this is Activision's attempt at goodwill and laying down the corporate weaponry and saying that lawsuits shouldn't get in the way of good video game making.
But lets not waste anymore time on the legal trouble of V-blinds as we are all inundated with it constantly on various podcasts, blogs, and twitterspheres. What I want to get to is the real meat of the gameplay. Though innovative for its time the simplistic controls and unclear goals leave this XBLA release wanting. The modern gamer just yearns for more than V.B. has to offer, especially when hot titles such as Fireplacing are available for relatively close price wise. 
If anyone is still curious to this game i suggest saving your money and loading up the Giant Bomb Quick Look, that also is an endurance run.
Graphics: 1/10
Sound: 0/10
Gameplay: 2/10 (one point for up, one point for down)
Fun: 0/10
Arbitrary: -3/10

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