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Vernon is a doctor and part of a group of cancer survivors who live in a fallout shelter below Savannah, Georgia. They live there in an attempt to hide out from Crawford, a cruel society of survivors who eliminate any who they deem to be burdens to society, including children, the elderly, and the ill. Lee meets Vernon and his group in Episode 4 after escaping from walkers in Savannah's underground sewer system. He brings Vernon to his group's current hideout so that he can tend to Omid. Afterwards, Vernon and Brie, another cancer survivor, accompany Lee and his group on a raid of Crawford's supplies. They narrowly escape in the end, though Brie is lost in the process. Upon returning, Vernon offers Lee a chance to have Clementine live a safer life among his people.

In Episode 5, Lee and his group initially believe that Vernon has kidnapped Clementine, and head towards his shelter (depending on the player's choices and actions, Lee can go here with a variable number of party members, or alone in the worst case scenario). They find it abandoned, and Lee is contacted by a stranger on Clementine's walkie-talkie. Heading back towards their own hideout, Lee they discover that Vernon and his group have stolen their boat, and he in fact did not kidnap Clementine.

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