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1996 French adventure game by Cryo Interactive Entertainment. In line with other Cryo adventure games, the player gets to explore a historic location while solving a conspiracy planning on destroying Louis XIV's Versailles. Talk, solve puzzles and use the items and clues you find as you make your way through a week in the court of the French emperor. Alternatively you can ditch the story alltogether and just explore Versailles on your own.

In association with French national institution Réunion des musées nationaux and Canal + Multimedia, Cryo Interactive recreated the Parisian palace in pre-rendered 3D panoramas. Using their Omni 3D technology they would later go on to use in their other adventure games. And populated it with about 30 characters modeled after historic figures and portraits. A lot of detail went into the recreation, with over 200 paintings to view, music true to the period, and a database of information about the art, history and people.

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