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Been playing Vessel for 2 hours now and I have to say some aspects are really fantastic. The art design and general presentation are really well-done but after 2 hours I still don't like how stiff the movement and jumping is. Plenty of puzzles are neat, but when the game asks you to move quickly and jump from place to place then it gets incredibly frustrating. Love the looks and the music though.
Any thoughts?

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While the Game Mechanics are pretty good, I couldn't stand the melancholic theme for it... the music, constant rain and cloudy stuff. I live in Vancouver I don't need more of that. I wish they had gone with a more colorful less "serious" artsy tone... I mean is not like I have to cry or be depressed to admire beauty ya know, I'm tired of this constant cliche with Indie developers.

So, I pass.

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I agree. The jumping just doesn't feel right to me, and any sort of precise controlling of your character is definitely not ideal. So far though, it has some neat puzzles. I really like the music and aesthetics of the game too. One annoyance is how the fluid in the game is so incredibly intensive on your CPU that there have been one or two scenes where my FPS have dropped easily below 20 (game devs have also mentioned how intensive the water physics can be on the steam forums as well).

I'll see how it goes later into the game as I'm only midway through the factory right now. Provided the game keeps the puzzle solving in the realm of thinking, and not in precise character control, the game should be alright.

Edit: Just wanted to add one more thing that really bothered me when I encountered it, and that's the whole upgrade machine. That is such a terrible, unintuitive way to upgrade your gear. I realize the devs were most likely trying to keep immersion or something, but man, I really feel like they failed on this one.

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@Grelik: you have about 2 and a half more areas to go, the puzzles get neater but so the adversity. I wish they would just let you solve stuff at your own pace rather than putting in "enemies"
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The dev is active on the steam forums and there will be patches. I for one am enjoying it a lot.

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I've got a tangential question. Steam has this game labeled as a strategy game. So what is the strategy in this game, is it just the puzzle parts?

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@Seedofpower: It's a puzzle-platformer not a strategy game, you do control some water dudes but they have specific AI routines once you create them.
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QL tomorrow, so I guess we'll all get to see what this game is about. Looking at screenshots, I don't really care for the graphic design, which is holding me back from purchasing it.

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There is a demo out.

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After watching the quicklook, I really have no intention on getting the game, but has the developer or composer posted any sort of soundtrack? Cause I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

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@TheOdyssean said:

After watching the quicklook, I really have no intention on getting the game, but has the developer or composer posted any sort of soundtrack? Cause I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

steam forum thread for the music: linky.

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How long is it?


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