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Vet Emergency

You're the new vet at an emergency clinic and are responsible for every cat, dog, bird and lizard that walks, flies or slithers in the door. Use realistic tools and procedures to examine, diagnose and treat these real-life animals and find out what it's really like to have the lives of treasured pets in your hands.

* Examine and treat over 35 animals including adorable bunnies, mischievous kittens, and dangerous Rottweilers
* Control over 40 medically-accurate and photo realistic tools
* Three modes of play -- Easy, Normal, and Expert
* Detailed feedback from the Chief Vet keeps you up to date on your progress

Tips and Tricks

There are a total of 35 cases to examine, diagnose and treat. You must complete all the cases in order to win the game.

Steps to Success

Determine the diagnosis using patient information, vital sign data, diagnostic tools, and images.

Ask questions.

Carry out the correct treatment procedures. If you need help, click on "hint" or "research" on your PDA.

Complete the necessary paperwork by clicking Sign-Out on your PDA. Fill out the diagnosis portion of the patient's Clipboard, and then issue the proper discharge or hospital orders.

Sign out the patient on the Clipboard. Listen to your review. Then select a new case from the Whiteboard in the Nurse's Station.


Your patient's health status score reflects how well you did as a doctor. It is visible during treatment, on the EKG icon at the bottom of the screen. The total possible points for each case are 500. Up to 300 points (treatment points) will be assigned according to the effectiveness of the procedures you performed, as well as the order in which you performed them. Unnecessary procedures will cost you points. You will also receive points for correctly completing the paperwork for each patient during sign-out.

Up to 200 points may be awarded when you complete the case, depending on how quickly you carried out the procedures. Less time means more points. However, in order to receive any time-bonus points, you MUST attain a minimum of 100 treatment points. You receive your total points for a case at the time you sign off. Time-bonus points and points for completing paperwork are not calculated until then. The amount of points you earn for each case will determine whether or not you have succeeded or failed in your attempts to provide quality medical care. Any total score over 300 points is considered a "successful" case.


If you click the Hints button on the Info menu of your PDA, the next correct treatment step will be displayed. After the first two hints, additional hints will cost you points. In additional, in "easy" mode, the next correct tool use is highlighted with a yellow glow.


Most medical cases have many time-triggered events. These are defined procedures that must occur within a specified period of time or the patient's status will deteriorate. For example, if a dog comes into the ER having difficulty breathing, you may need to treat him with an oxygen mask within the first five minutes! With the most critical cases, you have only a few minutes to do the correct procedure or the patient's vital signs will crash. The bottom line: time is precious!

PC Requirements

Windows 95/98/00/Vista

CD-ROM Pentium 266


Drive High-color, 16-bit

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