Why is Vib Ribbon not available on PSN?

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#1 Posted by Masha2932 (1242 posts) -

For the unaware Vib Ribbon was a unique PS1 game that allowed users to use their own music to create levels. The layout of the levels was determined by the song's beats and tempo.. The game was a lot of fun and the games original music was great but it became even better because you could use your own music.

After watching a video of the game online in a bout of nostalgia I was left wondering, why isn't this game on PSN?

The game could easily use your music playlist on your console's hard drive and the game's unique art style is timeless as well, which would be perfect for a HD remake. Take a look for yourself:

The game's creator Masaya Matsuura expressed interest in making a PSN version, but that was all the way back in 2007. The game was very short on its own and it would often get repetitive at times. Despite this issues and the game's limited appeal I'm sure it would work as $5-$10 game.

Sony still own the rights to the game and with games like Audiosurf being very popular I'm sure Sony could expect a decent number of sales.Oh well, If wishes were horses...

So would you guys want a remake of the game?

Also I'm curious if anyone has tried playing their PS1 version of Vib Ribbon on the PS3? Does the play your own music feature work?

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I remember when Justin Calvert talked about how when he moved from the UK to work at Gamespot US everyone in the US office asked him if he had Vib Ribbon because it wasn't released in the US at the time. That game looks sick.

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I've played it on my PS3 a bunch, you can still put in other cd's to play those songs. Fantastic game once you get its weird timing down.

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It came on a PS1 demo disc. Shit was banging

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@GunstarRed: So how does this work on the PS3? Do you put in the vib ribbon disc, let it load, remove it then put in a CD? If you remove a game from a PS3 doesn't it default to the XMB?

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My PS3 won't recognize the disc, but that probably because I have a North American PS3 and a Japanese copy of the game. I have to resort to swapping it with a North American PS1 game on my PS2 to get it to run.

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This is a good goddamn question.

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@Masha2932: It just goes to a screen with a flowery scribble and asks to swap disks and after about 15-20 secs loads the CD. I just checked, yup totally doesn't quit to XMB.

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I don't think it was released in the US, so that might have something to do with it. Also, getting its core mechanic to work might be pure hell, since I'm not sure the PS3 can do music CDs. (Keep in mind that I don't own a PS3.)

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@GunstarRed: Sweet, that sounds great. I wasn't sure the PS3 could play the game. Now if I can only find a reasonable price for the game on Ebay.

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No you have your wish!

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@odc said:

No you have your wish!

I think we need to keep resurrecting old ass threads with this message. Keep the mods on their feet.

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Issue resolved. Locking thread.


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