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  • National Pokedex No: #494
  • Isshu dex No: #000
  • Type: Psychic/ Fire
  • Height: 4.0kg
  • Weight: 0.4m
  • Ability: Victory Star

How to Obtain

Note:  You must have downloaded the Liberty Pass no later than April 10, 2011 in order to catch Victini.
To obtain Victini, you must first obtain the gift Liberty Pass through Nintendo's Wifi Connection.  After downloading it, go to any Pokemon Center and talk to a postman to obtain it in-game.  After obtaining the Liberty Pass, go to Castelia City and go to the far left pier.  Talk to the captain near the ship to be taken to Liberty Garden.  Battle a few Team Plasma grunts and make your way into the lighthouse.  Victini is waiting inside.  If you flee or cause it to faint, you may leave the room and return to find Victini has revived.  Keep fighting until you catch it. Note that Victini is classified as a Legendary Pokemon, which makes it rather difficult to capture. It is advisable to get Victini down to the lowest point of health possible and then put it to sleep with something like the Munna's Hypnosis ability. Assuming the battle has gone on for a while, using a Timer Ball may produce the best results when catching a sleeping and nearly fainted Victini.

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