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Victor Donovan is a research scientist at DOATEC in the Dead or Alive series that has served as a behind-the-scenes antagonist for much of the storyline. He ordered the assassinations of DOATEC head Fame Douglas and his daughter Helena Douglas in an attempt to gain control. When Helena's assassination fails and she takes her father's place as head of DOATEC, Donovan works to keep control for himself from the shadows.

Donovan plays a key part in the development of the clone Kasumi Alpha and "Epsilon," the revived Hayate. Though Hayate regains his memories and returns to the Mugen Tenshin ninja clan, he retains control over Kasumi Alpha, who in her deranged mental state considers Donovan to be her father. As part of his ultimate project, he transforms Kasumi Alpha into Alpha-152.

Donovan manages to survive the collapse of the Tri-Tower and DOATEC at the end of Dead or Alive 4. In an after credits scene in Dead or Alive: Dimensions, he puts on Genra's mask, foreshadowing his role as a major antagonist in Dead or Alive 5.

In Dead or Alive 5, Donovan continues to work from behind the scenes as the head of MIST, a new organization born from within what he controlled of DOATEC before Helena destroyed the company. He orders the continuation of the Alpha Project, but stays well out of reach of the other characters as the events of DOA5 unfold.

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