This game looks kind of awesome.

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I've been slowly teaching myself the madness that is Hearts of Iron III and while I love how crazy in-depth it is, World War I/II games don't really scratch my itch for insane strategy games. This is probably why, when it comes to historical strategy stuff, the recent Total War games have managed to retain my attention a little more than HoI. 
Anyways. This game looks awesome - can't wait for it to drop this week.
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Hah, so I'm probably alone in this, but I just picked it up from Steam today and got Victoria I complete along with it. 
Probably never going to boot up the first game, but it's a really nice addition.
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It might be fun for you to load up after awhile to see how much they improve these titles when they release a new one.

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You should really try Europa universalis 2 and 3. Those are my favorites from paradox

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Victoria II is by far the best game Paradox have produced in a long time. Unlike HOI3's release, this thing actually works as advertised out of the box.  A few minor bugs (for example, craftsmens grain need is off the charts, but it can easily be modded) do exist,  but it's nowhere near a gamestopper.  It also comes with a really nice tutorial so instead of spending weeks trying to learn the damn game, you spend only a few hours. Highly recommended.
Get it! Get it now!

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There is also fun to be had in the multiplayer game mode if you have some friends that are policy nerds. You can, in effect, play cooperatively against other teams of people by setting up your own on-line "cabinets" so to speak. So you have someone that is in charge of politics, and tech. Another person handles trade, and diplomacy... you'll see. =)

#7 Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab (683 posts) -

Yeah, I keep eyeballing the multiplayer stuff and... yeah. It sounds crazy
Will probably have to wait for, say, the Holiday Steam deals to get some buddies on-board, but by then I should be pretty familiar with Vic2.
#8 Posted by Rasgueado (720 posts) -

This game still stands as one of my favorites from last year. Come on... you know you smell an epic Thursday Night Throwdown associated with Victoria 2. You know you do...


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