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Victoria Island seemingly floats in the sky and is comparatively one of the smaller continents in MapleStory. After leaving the starting area of Maple Island players make the journey to Lith Harbor on Victoria Island, with Victoria Island primarily acting as a place for players to explore, train, and quest until they are ready for their second job advancement. If players wish to leave Victoria Island they may take the ship from Ellinia to Orbis on the continent of Ossyria.


While most continents on Maplestory are geographically diverse Victoria Island can be noted in particular for having a great variation of different environments in a small area. While the south-west area around Lith Harbor has become a built-up port, the south is where Henesys is situated is a fairly typical rural area, the east where Ellinia is situated is a magical forest, the north where Perion is situated is a mountainous area, and the west where Kerning City is situated is part of a run-down urban district. There is also an extensive network of subways that exist below Kerning, and the Kerning Square department store to the north of the city.
Players may take a ship from Lith Harbor to Florina Beach, a tropical beach separate from the mainland where moderately high level monsters roam. New areas were also added in class updates which were made to the game. The pirate update added the Nautilus to the south-east of the map, along with a surrounding beach area, while the dual blades update added the Secret Garden, a location from which Lady Syl trains recruits to fight against the thieves of Kerning City.
Beneath the centre of the map, where the world tree once stood exists an area known as the dungeon. The dungeon can be accessed from paths to the north or south and is where the town Sleepywood is located. While the approach to Sleepywood is abundant with plant life, the area of the dungeon extending past Sleepywood is devoid of all but large groups of highly aggressive creatures. Off of Sleepywood lies an area called the Ant Tunnel which is mainly populated by Zombie Mushrooms and Evil Eyes, this extends into the Cursed Santuary where the most powerful monsters of Victoria Island can be found, including the infamous boss, the Jr. Balrog.

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