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Rules of Baseball vs Video Game Rules

This game manages to follow the general basic rules of Baseball. There is 9 innings,3 outs per half innings, 3 strikes and 4 passed balls. The batter can hit a single,double,triple and home run.

It does not perform any 'advanced' baseball concepts besides the basic rules stated above. There is no such thing as a double play, base stealing, or a infield hit, wild pitch...etc with one exception.. In this game, if you hit the batter with the ball it is an automate walk to first base. For me that is an advanced baseball concept and nice to see they included that in this game.

Video Game Innovations

  • players displayed on screen
  • color separation between each team on screen
  • baseball was played vertically. pitch from center to the bottom, a hit ball travels from the bottom towards the top. previous baseball games used the standard pong paddles and ball moving left to right.

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