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This game looks really hard. I'm glad we have Patrick to play it for us, so we don't have to.

Good video.

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Aw yeah, didn't catch this live!

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Love these videos! Wish I could have seen this live. If just to watch the chat help with fixing the frame rate. The fast forwarding of fixing the frame rate was funny to see anyways.

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You are dead.

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Was really excited to play this on the vita, still not out in Australia, and no real indication of when it will.

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1 2 3

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I'm currently at 5-2 (with all skulls). Beating 4-4 was such an awesome moment. I never thought I'd do it. 4-5 was a pain, but I beat it much faster than 4-4.

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This game looks really hard. I'm glad we have Patrick to play it for us, so we don't have to.

Good video.

No kidding, I much prefer watching other people engage in masochistic behavior than participating in it myself.

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@00: Just fine, buddy. But thanks for asking!

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I just do not understand people who would play these games. But it's fun to watch!

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I usually enjoy balls-hard platformers but this game doesn't look very fun

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@patrickklepek: Did you ever manage to find out what was causing the choppiness? I really like watching this stuff, but it's kinda hard to enjoy when I can't even see where your guy is. Also, That DDR video you put up is hilarious.

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Thanks for the new video! Really enjoying these.

Have you considered just changing the opacity of your webcam? That way we can still get a feel for that area of the level while seeing your face. Even just 90% opacity might be good enough to get a view of what is under the webcam.

(Edit: and now someone suggested the same in the video. ha)

(Edit 2: You should check out Bananasaurus's speedruns of 1001 Spikes if you haven't already. He did the amazing Spelunky speedruns you loved, and I think you'd be fascinated by how well he plays this game.)

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You know, the euphoria I've seen you experience when you beat a level almost leaves me wanting to try it out myself...

Almost. :-P I'm sure you make it look much easier than it really is, and yet it still looks unforgivingly brutal. I'm not sure I'd be able to maintain your level of mellow, haha.

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Thanks for all that you do Patrick. Hang in there!

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There's something oddly tranquilizing about watching @PatrickKlepek make his way through this game...

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Sweet more Partick content :D

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I'm oddly mesmerized by these 1001 spikes videos.

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@patrickklepek You might know this already, but the archive version is choppy near the end as well. Hope you can figure out the problem.

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Where do you get this patience from?! This game looks infuriating.

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yay more patrick content!

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People asking why you would play this game: because when you finally do get through a stage it's such a great moment of catharsis. Also it really isn't that bad, I played this on my vita and never chucked it against the wall in frustration.

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i beat ukampa with all the skulls my first play. it was both very fun and not fun. i hope we get to see you make it to the "end".

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I love these videos, and thanks for ruining your day for us :)

On another note, the revolving video ads below "search for game" and above the 1001 spikes info box made this unwatchable on Chrome. Even in full screen, every 60 sec.s the audio would be bombarded with some woman's swiffer talk or tell me how rose got lung cancer. Some of the ads have pause buttons, but that only lasts until the next one loads. In Firefox, I got static ads instead of video (and audio ones) but that may just be the luck of the draw. As someone who took your advice to not use adblockers, I thought you should know.

Again, thank you for these.