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Really like these segments

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Let's do this!

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Love these.

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Did you eat that turkey out of a jar?

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I will watch this.. later.

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Jar time!!!!! Fuck yeah

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Good stuff!

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Awwww yeah- this is why I pay Giant Bomb THE BIG BUCKS

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lol 7th gen consoles.

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One guy two jars?

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That's dirty, bro.

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No Vinny? I guess I won't be watching this week.

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Without a doubt, this is my favorite GB feature.

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I love jar time! And again, we have an astute Young Jeffey!

Tetris is the best game of all time. Tetris is the same game I come back to just because of the fact I own that game like a dozen times... from the Gameboy version, and even bought a terrible terrible version for the iPhone. I agree, I don't really have an answer... I can see saying you have the keystone games of the generation, but best game of the generation is sort of hard to pin down just as you said because of the ever expanding diversity of games.

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I'll find my jar, who took my jar, who found my jar.

Love, Terry.

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I always talk about boobies with my xbox live friends.

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Yay another episode of Points!... err... whatever it's called now!

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These videos are my favorite sub feature by far.

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Hells yeah

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Each episode is more jarring than the last. Well done.

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@Scotty66 said:

These videos are my favorite sub feature by far.

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Go to bed Jeff.

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It would be awesome and hilarious if Nintendo made a Zelda game where you control link on the 2d screen with stylus and the map/inventory is in 3d. Don't think Nintendo would troll their own console like that though.

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Hey, you write about video games! Which Mario should I get for my grandnephew?

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Judge Gerstmann.

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Atlas mason jars are a goddamn staple in quality.

This is also quickly becoming my most anticipated feature on the site, just raw honest game-talk, which is frustratingly rare on the internet.

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"Your parents will be dead some day."

-Jeff Gerstmann

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fuck yeah jar time

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My favorite Halo games were actually not part of the original trilogy. I love both ODST and reach. Also the books aren't that bad, but theyre grocery store purchases, no doubt. The Flood book was crap, but Fall of Reach and Ghosts of Onyx were fun times.

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@seanfoster said:

No Vinny? I guess I won't be watching this week.

Hee hee!

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Love these things, keep them coming. Wouldn't mind an audio/podcast version either...

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Cammie Dunaway reference @ 7:24?

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Phew, a tough love episode for certain.

Just recently subscribed and these are definitely my favorite videos. Honesty is sexy, there's not enough of it on the internet.

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Hi. I googled "One guy, one jar" to get here, and this video is not as bad as everyone told me.

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Wow.. A lot of angry Jeff in this episode.. :O

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Haha, that guy who cares about review scores got bashed pretty good.

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I need to get caught up on these, wish they were available as a podcast.

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I really love Jar Time, it really is just the way it is real talk with Jeff about the games industry and how it is going. I always find it awesome.

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Hey does anyone know where we submit questions?

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"Your parents will be dead some day."


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There is some blunt fuckin' TRUTH in this. Best jar session yet.

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@Jerr said:

Go to bed Jeff.
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For some reason i feel really depressed after watching this...

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"Seventh generation" etc. are definitely Wikipedia-created terms, and it is funny to hear people use them as if people know what that means.

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"Man cave" rant was awesome

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@GoodKn1ght: Message him on animevice... no joke.

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Why do people care about review scores? Regarding that Battlefield 3 question who cares if the score reflected at the end of the review took into account the lack luster single player even though the multiplayer is fantastic? I have never been angry about a review nor have I looked to reviews as purchasing advice, although I fully understand why people would use them for that. If you like a game that's all that should matter to you. Like Jeff said stop losing sleep over review scores. I love Catherine but I'm not cursing Jeff because he gave it a 2. It doesn't impact my feelings about the game whatsoever. Same if he liked a game and I hated it.

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Im a premium member,

how do I send in a question?