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Posted by Kingyo

"I know just enough to be dangerous" should have been the real name of this feature and is the reason Rory should never accompany you.

Brad telling him to resurrect at the spiritual healer and get resurrection sickness before entering a dungeon... *shake my head*

Yes I too thought back to Jeff saying that last episode many times in this episode as Brad is telling him stuff :P

Posted by Humanity
@mbr2 said:

@bistromath said:

Dan = huge amounts of content.

You mean Patrick?

I think he said Dan.

Posted by Worgenbane

Oh man, I'm itchn' I'm itchn'. . . . . I. . . . I. . . just gotta play again, I just gotta do it. . . .ahhhhhhhhhh nooooooo why have you done this to me Dan!!!!

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Well, add me to the list of people who will renew his sub for the first time in ~5 years because of this. Will do so when the expansion launches. :)

Also, hearing how much Brad "feels the need to play", it would be awesome as a final on this feature that they all (Jeff, Brad, etc) renew their super-old accounts, and do some instances together. :P

Posted by Jodski

Yeah, this series is really entertaining, but I'm going to break my monitor tapping the thing Dan should be doing rather than what he actually is, thinking back though, this is exactly how I would have been playing my first characters, leaving quests midway, not picking the right rewards, it's just the way someone who genuinely doesn't know the intricacies of the game would play it.

so, lets get the advice off my chest.

Don't pick agility as a warrior, always take strength.

Don't taunt, you're not a tank, you don't need it.

Don't waste time throwing weapons.

If you aggro too much or too high a level enemy just run, they will eventually give up.

Disregard any leather or cloth items, they aren't for you.

Don't assume the next zone over is in a direct path, a lot of ways will be blocked by impassable mountains or other terrain.

Set up a second action bar, you'll be needing it soon.

Put the red potions on your bar, drink when you're about to die.

In dungeons only hit what the tank is hitting, only walk behind the tank until you know there isn't a boss right ahead, don't release and run in wait for a ress, although you might have to ask the healer to ressurect you, that's why you failed the quest, you were out of the dungeon when the goblin dude died, so you missed the rest of the chain, and the Buzzer Blade.

Don't expect any of this to be read but it makes me feel better, when I last /played at the end of cataclysm I had 380 days, so lets hope that year of my life helps someone do something.

If i could +1 this i would, but until that functionality exists I will jsut quote you and hope it bubbles up somehow and Dan will see this (please god).

Also, helpful people like you made WoW fun for me ^ ^

Posted by Humanity

@worgenbane: just download a free to play MMORPG and wait until the grind exhaustion sets in to get it out of your system.

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I hope Dan sticks with fury spec and ends up going with titans grip if he ever starts playing for real. Nothing makes you feel more bad ass as a warrior in wow than wielding not one but two enormous "2 handed" weapons at once. Though being an an awesome pvp arms warrior or crazy decced out prot tank has its upsides. I've played all three roles extensively over many many hours of playing on and off for years since launch but I still think fury remains the most fun spec/play style.

My warrior remains iced for now, still no idea if I'll go back yet again but yeah these vids really do give ya the itch. But I dunno as someone who's been through most of wows 10 year life span I can't say the game grabs me like it did in the late vanilla early bc days. Which is probably a good thing I guess.

Posted by vorpalparasite

This one is a tough watch, hoping for Rorie in the next video for some helpful info dumping. (Brad can come too, he'll need some brushing up for his return :D)

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An evening of pizza, wine, and (someone else's) wow. It feels like 2006 again. I'm surprised that Dan could have gone that long without ever talking to the resurrection angel, but eh.

I'm looking forward to Rorie coming in on the last episode and having to deconstruct all the bad advice being given.

Posted by MonkfishEsq

Watching Dan keyboard turn hurts my soul.

Posted by fuzzyset

I would love to see Dan jump into PVP for the next one! He's so close for lvl 19 twink tier. It's much more exciting than killing troegs.

Posted by Splodge

Hmm i think at this stage, it would be a good time for dan to re-start. He could play a shaman on a higher populated server. He wants to see the large group activities, but a low pop server is not going to have a lot going on.

Posted by Voidplot

That was fun. Looking forward into his first pvp instance

Posted by lilman1101

Man I love Dan.

Posted by Ett

So sad they that changed the Deadmines.

Posted by GideonAmos

Okay, which one of you jokers is cerebralbutt?

Posted by bugbarbecue

@ett: yeah but the revamped high level version was actually pretty cool.

Posted by mbr2

@humanity said:
@mbr2 said:

@bistromath said:

Dan = huge amounts of content.

You mean Patrick?

I think he said Dan.

He did? I'm pretty sure I heard someone say Patrick.

Posted by SternOne

So I completely love this feature. But it is pure pain. Holy shit. I think I just needed to say that, out loud, in order to cure the nearly physical, genuine anxiety these videos have caused me. The world needs to know the agony that is watching Dan play WoW for the first time. And I know that is the point - the appeal of this series IS of a complete noob acting like one, being led on by people with enough knowledge to sound like they know what's up, but most of it being out of date and inaccurate. And its amazingly successful in that regard.


I feel a little better now. Carry on guys.

Posted by stage

People are weird. This is fun! Watching people who know how to play World of Warcraft play even more World of Warcraft isn't. I'm sure running through Burning Steppes would have been hilarious to watch.

Posted by stryker1121

Enjoying this and I too was waiting for Dan's raid party to send him hate for his play. Know next to nothing about WoW myself, so it would be cool to get Rorie on the rest of these vids to drip-feed info to Dan should he need it. Dan said he wants to play blind but it seems like he's got questions..bring on Rorie!

Posted by ICantBeStopped

@mbr2 said:

@humanity said:
@mbr2 said:

@bistromath said:

Dan = huge amounts of content.

You mean Patrick?

I think he said Dan.

He did? I'm pretty sure I heard someone say Patrick.

Nope, he said Dan.

Posted by kist

Dan has been great since he joined. Loving these episodes, cant wait for the next one!

Posted by Dave_Tacitus

Oh man, Dan bounding around WoW like a puppy is pure gold.

Posted by Einherjan

Glad Brad was here this time. He seems to know a little more about this than Jeff.

Posted by csl316

Not like this.

Posted by aktivity

Dan being oblivious to so many mechanics prevalent in a lot of other genres is sooooo rage inducing............ I'm loving these videos.

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As an experiment I introduced my 8 year old to this game after I saw part 1. For the record, Dan is besting him regarding game mechanic knowledge. But really not by much. Not by much at all.

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Posted by caney11

Dan is so cute. Not understanding where there might be a Cerebralbutt. Giant Bomb is going to take away all his innocence. That makes me a bit sad.

Posted by Humanity

@mbr2 said:

@humanity said:
@mbr2 said:

@bistromath said:

Dan = huge amounts of content.

You mean Patrick?

I think he said Dan.

He did? I'm pretty sure I heard someone say Patrick.

Nope, he said Dan.

I'm with icantbestopped on this one, I'm pretty sure it says it right there white on black: Dan.

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It's fantastic watching this, I love seeing Dan try and wrap his head around all the bizarre nuances of an MMO and the others consistently running into their vague memories of how the game used to play way back when they were into it versus how things operate now. I've only spent a little time with WoW so I only have a passing handle on its individual style and mechanics, but I've put plenty of time into MMOs in general so most of the concepts are the same.

Can't wait to see where this goes from here - good luck Dan!

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Next video should be with Rorie so he can help him out some. This was just way to painful to watch. Though it is pretty eye opening about seeing someone who never played this before.

Posted by Zeeman155

Hold Shift and click on a corpse to loot everything. Also remember to hold shift to easily compare item stats.

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Can't wait to see you get your mount!

Posted by EffectiveAffect

Hah, that last minute rez sickness before the instance was beautiful ^_^. Kek.

Such delicious Noobness, love it :)

Posted by drockus

@roundlay said:

Can't wait to see you get your mount!

Hey. Let's keep it clean.

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I guess I'm the only one bothered by how giant Dan has the UI scaled? In a weird way it feels like playing a game with a really low FoV, if that makes any sense. Still having fun watching these regardless, just a minor gripe/something I noticed as a change from last week.

Posted by Alucitary

@humanity said:

@icantbestopped said:

@mbr2 said:

@humanity said:
@mbr2 said:

@bistromath said:

Dan = huge amounts of content.

You mean Patrick?

I think he said Dan.

He did? I'm pretty sure I heard someone say Patrick.

Nope, he said Dan.

I'm with icantbestopped on this one, I'm pretty sure it says it right there white on black: Dan.

This is very silly.

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Heh, the way he's playing his warrior reminds me of how I first played my warrior. Especially with using those throwing knives. I remember finding a bow and thinking it was the coolest thing ever, to the point that I'd always open combat with an arrow. It wasn't until I started regularly doing instances that I was, uh, corrected on how to play a warrior. Some people were nice about it. Others, not so much.

Eventually I read all about how tanking works and did that up until Burning Crusade, when I switched to a priest, then a mage.

Hard to believe it's been almost 10 years.

Posted by BrianP

Brad: "This game is dumb"

Dan: "You play Dota!"

cold blooded

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Hey, it's Brad this time.

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"Get that res sickness before entering a dungeon"

"Maybe you can roll on that cloth chest as a warrior"

"You're going to have to run through Burning Steppes to get to Loch Modan"

As entertaining as Brad and Jeff's dated advice is at some point Rorie should be Dan's guide in these videos.

Posted by theimmortalbum

This is hilarious, having been a huge raider from the first vanilla content (pre-MC!) through all of BC (dat Sunwell Plateau), and then Cataclysm. I'm loving hearing Brad and Jeff try to dredge up their old memories of this game.

Also, Dan. Zoom the camera out. For the love of all that is holy, please please zoom the camera out. It's killing me not being at max.

Posted by Castiel
Posted by Xanadu

LOL at Brad telling Dan to go into a dgn with res sickness...hopefully Rorie will be in the next video to lay down the law.

Posted by RedRoach

@fuzzyset: It'll be 20 minutes of him getting destroyed b heirloomed toons and then GY camped.

Posted by Asmo917

Honest question for all the veteran WoW players: if I've enjoyed these videos and want to give the game a shot, how do I avoid making the same "mistakes" you complain about? Are there in-game tutorials Dan's ignoring? Should I seek out some external class guide?

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To me, the most fascinating part of this is learning about WoW as a game, and getting even more perplexed as to why people play so much of it. But it's not for me, I've known that for a very long time.

"A slight breeze comes by and the ref is knocked out for 45 minutes."

I present to you the greatest moment in our sport.

Posted by Rotnac

I'm not a WoW expert but I definitely got the feeling that Brad was giving out all of the wrong kinds of advice for Dan. Might benefit a him if Rorie tags in for the next videos.

Okay, which one of you jokers is cerebralbutt?

I too would like to know.