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God damnit Dan.

/me clicks reinstall

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There's finally someone worse at video games than Brad. He's so so so bad at this.

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To me, the most fascinating part of this is learning about WoW as a game, and getting even more perplexed as to why people play so much of it. But it's not for me, I've known that for a very long time.

"A slight breeze comes by and the ref is knocked out for 45 minutes."

I present to you the greatest moment in our sport.

What is happening to the ref? Is his mind being assassinated?

The spot was supposed to be that Bully Ray hits the ref with Bobby Roode as he is lifting him up for the powerbomb, meaning the ref is knocked out for the breaking of the table which would have been either an instant DQ for Bully Ray (or he would have won, I can't remember what type of match it was).

The problem is that is super fucking dangerous for everyone. Powerbombs work by having the person being picked up kick themselves up into the air. Putting a person in the way stops the momentum so Bully Ray would have to legit lift Roode from mid-powerbomb, which would either end with Bully getting hurt or Roode being dropped on his head/neck/face.

So instead of doing that, they left enough room to do it safely and tried to use a camera change to hide the fact there was no contact. The ref however didn't react quickly enough, does a dance and then falls. Leaving us with the magic that we see there.

TLDR: Wrestling is super dumb!

the fact that this post is buried in these comments is beautiful to me

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This was fun.

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This PUG run requires trigger warnings. So little consideration given to the 4 unlucky others who are trapped with someone who doesn't know their role / how to play (and unlike Dan's bread and butter action titles, the game doesn't put a hard wall up and say "stop: you can't do anything until you've learnt how to actually play this game" so others end up having to deal with less than fun co-op content without everyone knowing how to play the game first).

Posted by pondwhale

Rorie needs to get in on this action, he can set this man straight. Isn't the level cap in trial mode 20? It seems like Dan is going to need to decide whether hes going to commit or not soon.

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This Deadmines run is hard to watch...

Dan's complete lack of concept of how a group works/should play is painful.

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The death penalty is (after a certain level- I think level 10) you lose durability (10% if I remember) and you have to walk back. That's it unless you rez at the graveyard. If you rez at the graveyard you lose more durability (25% I think) and you get rez sickness so your stas are greatly reduced (i think it's 75%) and it doesn't go away for 5 or 10 minutes. Never do this unless you absolutely have to and if you do you should wait for the rez sickness to go away before you do anything.

You can use looted cloth (like that linen you had) for tailoring and first aid. You don't have to do either of these. I always find first aid useful and anyone can do it (it's a secondary crafting ability- you can do all of the secondaries). As you get farther in the game sometimes you do need it, but these days it's not as useful as it used to be and for the most part it really doesn't matter unless you raid.

Sell anything you aren't going to use. It doesn't matter what color it is. Bag space is limited and having more money is always good. Don't be like Brad and save everything. You don't need to. =P

Every class has two roles. Damage and something else. Warrior can be Tank or DPS, for example.

That letter icon on your mini-map means you have mail. Look for a mailbox in town.

If you accidentally sell something there is a buy back tab to buy it back for the amount they gave you for selling it.

You cannot kill enemies on your own in a dungeon (minus being over leveled or twinked out). Doubly so if you have rez sickness.

In a dungeon: always stay behind the tank and attack what he attacks (unless he tells you to off tank, which is common to do as a DPS warrior, and means you tank extra enemies in the area until they are dead and then everyone moves to attacking what the main tank is tanking). If you take aggro (meaning, you aren't the tank, and what you are attacking starts attacking you) stop attacking it until the tank gets aggro back.

Don't charge in dungeons unless you're tanking- it draws more aggro to you. Technically you're tank should be charging if they have the ability. Don't do anything that causes increased aggro really. The tank should be spamming those kinds of abilities.

Use tab to target enemies faster. This is useful when DPSing in dungeons as you often fight groups of enemies. You can also set it up to attack the target of your target so you can just target the tank.

? in your quest tracker means those quests are completed. You can often complete quests by clicking on the ? (but not always) as opposed to finding the quest giver to complete it. Numbers (1, 2, etc.) next to the quest means it's still not completed.

There is no last boss, as Brad says. The end is when you get to max level. End game means you are raiding which is powerful dungeons done by many 20 or more people- at this point there are a ton of them but you basically just do raids over and over at end game. Because of how far the game has come there are now raids for levels lower than max level- but that's much much later in the game than where you are. You can also PvP (in the world, on teams for ladders, and in competitive match maps). There is no point when the story closes for your character. As an MMO the world is always alive and evolving- that's the idea anyway. It's a virtual life you could say.

Ya, the map in this game has always been awful. Especially in dungeons (I don't think they want you to use a map in a dungeon). You can get mods for it, though.

Sorry there's so much here, I tried cutting out stuff you'll just figure out, but it's still a lot. Hopefully it helps... somebody if not Dan.

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is there a giantbomb guild on Aerie Peak?

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Damn it, after 4 years of not playing WOW, You've made me download it all over again. Thanks guys.

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btw Dan you can auto loot if you go to menu interface and click the auto loot option

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"Do I get to pick or do I just get some dumb donkey to start out?"

Donkeys are good mounts, Dan! They are smart and thoughtful animals and very friendly. They are totally not dumb!

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I, for one, am not excited for Rorie to guest star with Dan. Based on how he usually is with games he knows a lot about, he seems likely to overburden Dan with too much info at best and just tell him what to do and how to play at worst.

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So watching this, watching Dan go through that instance actually made me cringe a bit. I mean, I know it's supposed to be him learning how to play etc, but it was painful to watch at times. Perhaps reading up a bit or asking Rorie etc for directions beforehand might have helped a bit?

Just sayin :(

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Must... resist... playing again.

Posted by BBQBram

This feature has inspired me to give the 30 day trial another try. It's been years since I've played WoW so it has been a fun trip down memory lane (although Cataclysm has shifted those memories around a bit), but I don't think I'll be resubbing anytime soon. It's just so grindy and now with the more streamlined skill trees and such it feels less rewarding and more superficial.

Posted by Ronald

I don't understand this tank, DPS, healer stuff. Dan's playing a carry, right? But then why is his agility so low compared to his strength?

Also, as someone who has not played WoW I kind of want to run the up to level 20 trial. But man, I don't want to pay monthly after that, which has always been the thing that has kept me away from WoW.

And I laughed so hard when Dan teleported away from the party and couldn't get back.

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WoW is actually installed and up to date on this machine, I could totally hop back in an... NO, must stay strong, it took my months to kick the habit >_<

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@lausebub: I caved, and am now playing again..

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I'm loving this feature so far. Very cool to see someone's who's never played an MMO jump into WoW and just figure it out. It's also kind of making me want to play WoW again...

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Honestly I'm not even bothered so much by his lack of knowledge on the game, it's more just that he plays the game like someone who's never played a game before. He ignores vital info on the screen, moves around insanely slowly, dicks around during a raid and basically lets down his team, and just all kinds of other stuff that a guy working for a major gaming website should know better than to do.

Nonetheless, this feature is interesting and I do enjoy Dan.

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never played wow and honestly looks really boring.

Posted by HisHeroIsGone

Oh, man, even as a horde assclown that only played through vanilla, the nostalgia is almost too much to handle. So Alliance slimebuckets can do Ragefire and Wailing Caverns just like that now, huh?

Posted by MechaMarshmallow

An insightful look at the player on the other side of the newbie warrior you kicked from your dungeon party.

This is my favorite new feature!

Posted by MrBubbles

Man I've been trying to get into WoW but I just find it really boring to play without anything else to do and would rather just go play SWTOR. But I'll keep trying it.

Posted by PatchMaster

I'd really like to think Dan's fondness for the word "idiot' isn't self-projection, but...

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Posted by melodiousj

Never played Wow, but this would totally make me want to jump back into Monster Hunter… you know, had I actually stopped playing Monster Hunter at some point.

Posted by eazeapeazea

It saddens me that a lot of people in this thread are glossing over the fact that Dan is having fun and enjoying himself! Isn't that the fundamental reason we all play any kind of videogame? Also, he's being amazingly openminded for someone who used to think MMOs are lame. Other GB members like Jeff are so stubborn to try new things it's depressing at times. This is such a breath of fresh air.

Posted by JDDrewes

Brad: "Oh yeah, Ironforge is the de facto capital of the Alliance. That's where everyone hangs out"

Lol sure thing.

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@melodiousj said:

Never played Wow, but this would totally make me want to jump back into Monster Hunter… you know, had I actually stopped playing Monster Hunter at some point.

HA! And yes, make Dan, or anyone from GB try to play Monster Hunter for real next. Hey, if Vinny could make Brad get through Demon's Souls...

Posted by ajc8989

All this complaining about dan sucking up deadmines is dumb, you can run those lower level instances with like 3 people these days.

Posted by Sinkwater

@hisheroisgone: I think Patrick got real into Monster Hunter for a bit.

Posted by demazin

Why isn't Rorie helping Dan with this?
It makes no sense!

Posted by Darthozzan

@ronald: He's playing a strength carry, I guess? If we're using DotA terms, he's like dragon knight or lifestealer or whatever

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Well, hell.... looks like I'll be diving back into this game again.

I have to say, watching Dan really just learn and figure all this out is great. It wasn't long ago I was in his shoes in WoW (really I probably am still not far from it).

Posted by Tits_Matador

@jddrewes: To be fair that was true 7 years ago when Brad last played.

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Man, Dan doing that instance was something else. Fun and aggravating (even though I haven't touched WOW in 9 years) at the same time. But yeah, obviously didn't matter much to the group, so whatever.

I really hope he'll dabble in a bit of PVP at some point, it's just such an essential part of the MMORPG experience, that it'd be a real shame if he just avoided it entirely.

Posted by biozal

This is so damn amazing. Please don't stop...

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I've never played WoW and this series sure as hell isn't gonna make me start!!

Huh I don't remember starting any install... Oh god damnit! Damn you Dan :(

Posted by eccentrix

That's it, I'm doing it. I'm getting back into EVE.

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Posted by AmethystRush

Dan really has no concept of what this kind of game is. It's pretty glorious. He really has no idea. lol

Posted by steveurkel

Back in February I wanted to play WoW with a friend high level so we started playing. He got to level 15 and I have 4 level 90s now. The game is really fun with heirlooms. I'll be honest. I hit 90 play for a week or two to get to 515ish ilvl then jump ship back to playing alts.

I leveled a tank, a healer, a tank, then another healer and had a ton of fun grinding levels. I hate hitting 90. MoP is really not great.

Posted by Sgt_Nasty

Yeah, this series is really entertaining, but I'm going to break my monitor tapping the thing Dan should be doing rather than what he actually is, thinking back though, this is exactly how I would have been playing my first characters, leaving quests midway, not picking the right rewards, it's just the way someone who genuinely doesn't know the intricacies of the game would play it.

so, lets get the advice off my chest.

Don't pick agility as a warrior, always take strength.

Don't taunt, you're not a tank, you don't need it.

Don't waste time throwing weapons.

If you aggro too much or too high a level enemy just run, they will eventually give up.

Disregard any leather or cloth items, they aren't for you.

Don't assume the next zone over is in a direct path, a lot of ways will be blocked by impassable mountains or other terrain.

Set up a second action bar, you'll be needing it soon.

Put the red potions on your bar, drink when you're about to die.

In dungeons only hit what the tank is hitting, only walk behind the tank until you know there isn't a boss right ahead, don't release and run in wait for a ress, although you might have to ask the healer to ressurect you, that's why you failed the quest, you were out of the dungeon when the goblin dude died, so you missed the rest of the chain, and the Buzzer Blade.

Don't expect any of this to be read but it makes me feel better, when I last /played at the end of cataclysm I had 380 days, so lets hope that year of my life helps someone do something.


I'm not usually someone to complain that someone is "playing wrong" or whatever, but jesus christ that deadmines run. I think I speak for others who have left a similar comment, it's not like we want Dan to feel bad or anything, it was just really bad. Luckily the group he dropped into was totally ok with him doing absolutely nothing the whole time, so props to them. I'm pretty amazed though, usually people are expected to at least pull a bit more weight. I think he totally lucked out and probably would have been flamed / kicked like 7/10 times with that kind of behavior.

I also agree that having people who only kind of know what they are talking about (Brad / Jeff) is entertaining, but at this point I think it would just be a lot more beneficial for Rorie to step in and just help him out. It's fun to discover things, but at some point it would probably help Dan appreciate the game more if he could have someone point him in the right directions.

Posted by chrisbob

It seems clear to me that if you are the type of person who is playing WoW in 2014, a video about someone's initial confusion playing the game for the first time is probably not a video meant for you.

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dan has taken brads spot as not good at games lol

common video game knowledge does not exist here and they play games for a living i am pulling my hair out watching him play.

Posted by Sharpless

I don't know if I can watch this. I'm just... I'm just going to save this for later.

*wipes brow*