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Posted by Borklund

Dis gon' be gud.

Posted by fuzzyset

What are the chances Dan makes it to 90?

Posted by Jimages

Been looking forward to this all week!

Posted by Hemmelight

Been looking forward to this as I have also just started playing WoW in earnest. :)

Posted by buzz_clik

SHIT YEAH. I was counting down the minutes (and making a nice chicken curry) while waiting for this. Time to spit my dinner all over the place as I laugh!

(Unless I choke on my food; if you don't hear from me in the comments section a bit later, send help.)

Posted by andrewf87462

@fuzzyset said:

What are the chances Dan makes it to 90?

Within the 30 day trial? No chance. If he sticks with it beyond the trial then there's no reason he won't hit 90 at some point. Would be good to have a catchup video with him when he does though.

Posted by fuzzyset

@fuzzyset said:

What are the chances Dan makes it to 90?

Within the 30 day trial? No chance. If he sticks with it beyond the trial then there's no reason he won't hit 90 at some point. Would be good to have a catchup video with him when he does though.

Meant more just stickin' with it. And man, 10mins in, Dan needs to Execute fools!

Posted by alyt9870

It'd be awesome if a certain Matthew Rorie got in on this feature at some point. As far as I can tell he's the only staff member who still plays WoW, so he'd be more helpful.

Posted by Astroduck

This Deadmines run is hard to watch...

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Posted by Dingobloo

"I know just enough to be dangerous" should have been the real name of this feature and is the reason Rory should never accompany you.

Brad telling him to resurrect at the spiritual healer and get resurrection sickness before entering a dungeon... *shake my head*

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Fuck this, I kind of maybe want to play again. I can't fall down that rabbit hole. D:

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OMG Dan....you are every weird pug I've ever played with rolled into one!

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Okay, no. I can't watch this in one go, I'm going to have to take breaks inbetween like when I try to play spooky games. As a WoW veteran (or whatever you want to call it), that Deadmines run is traumatic to watch.

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Dan's utter confusion at how someone could have come up with that name was delightful.

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To me, the most fascinating part of this is learning about WoW as a game, and getting even more perplexed as to why people play so much of it. But it's not for me, I've known that for a very long time.

"A slight breeze comes by and the ref is knocked out for 45 minutes."

Posted by Jagubrah

This Deadmines run is hard to watch...

I never really played much WoW but damn. When he used the teleporter I cringed and lol'd at the same time

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Grow up.

Posted by ExiledVip3r

I love watching him struggle with all these concepts, but at the same time I find Dan and Brad's ignorance of everything WoW incredibly infuriating, get Rorie in these videos stat...

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This is so bad. And yet, so good.

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Having the person helping Dan be someone who hasn't played WoW in a very long time continues to be a very interesting yet incredibly stupid idea.

For example: Brad telling him to run through The. Burning Steppes at level 17.

Posted by HolocaustWolf

No way to do every quest on one character, huh Brad? *cough* Pre-Cata Seeker.

Posted by Jensonb

@fuzzyset: About the same as the chances Cerebralass runs into a guy called Cerebralbutt...

Oh. Snap.

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As someone who has co-lead raids... HNNG.

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Does Dan not know that these are going on the internet?

Posted by Bistromath

Dan = huge amounts of content.

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@borp said:



Yeah. I've never understood these kinds of comments. I've played a shit ton of Souls games, but love watching less experienced players play those games. This feature is about someone completely new to MMOs, not just WoW, playing WoW. What did you expect?

Anyways, I find this kind of stuff really interesting. I played so much WoW back in the day, it's fascinating to see someone come into the game fresh now. I also like that they're going with least to most experienced sidekick since I'm guessing Rorie will be in the next video.

Posted by KaDoom

Sssorta had to waaaatch that one deadmines run, mostly on second hand embarrassment and the weird notion of individuals dragging down a group and all that. Does bring the fact there's no ACTUAL tutorial for group content to the forefront, especially if they don't play many MMOs

Also guuuuys, the trial hard caps him at 20 anyway if it's similar to the one from Cata.

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Painful run through deadmines. I was cringing the whole time.

Posted by Dingobloo

@kadoom: I think it's 30 day trial in name only, I feel like given the pace just for the sake of the feature he'll get at least a month of proper game time, not just trial.

Posted by Spitznock

Hearing Dan ask these simple to answer questions but ask them to people who haven't played the game for too long to know the answers is infuriating.
I'm way into it.

Posted by shirokumakun

These videos need more gold spam in chat.

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As a long-term on-and-off WoW casual player (disclaimer enough?), this made for a wonderful video. But I would've gone crazy if Dan were in my instance group. :) Fighting a boss, this other guy isn't even here. Argh.

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Painful run through deadmines. I was cringing the whole time.

Were you literally cringing?

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Oh god, I'm 2 minutes in and I can already tell the dungeon run is going to be tough to watch, with Dan being a Fury warrior (DPS) and him constantly hitting Taunt (a Tank ability), but I guess I'll see if he'll survive his encounter with other players.


Yay, Dan isn't a keyboard turner anymore! (BUT IF I USE MOUSE TO MOVE HOW DO I CLICK ON REND?!!)

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Posted by Cincaid

I'm honestly shocked that Dan's group in Deadmines didn't spam hatred onto him, considering how poorly he acted lol.

Posted by bugbarbecue

Yeah, this series is really entertaining, but I'm going to break my monitor tapping the thing Dan should be doing rather than what he actually is, thinking back though, this is exactly how I would have been playing my first characters, leaving quests midway, not picking the right rewards, it's just the way someone who genuinely doesn't know the intricacies of the game would play it.

so, lets get the advice off my chest.

Don't pick agility as a warrior, always take strength.

Don't taunt, you're not a tank, you don't need it.

Don't waste time throwing weapons.

If you aggro too much or too high a level enemy just run, they will eventually give up.

Disregard any leather or cloth items, they aren't for you.

Don't assume the next zone over is in a direct path, a lot of ways will be blocked by impassable mountains or other terrain.

Set up a second action bar, you'll be needing it soon.

Put the red potions on your bar, drink when you're about to die.

In dungeons only hit what the tank is hitting, only walk behind the tank until you know there isn't a boss right ahead, don't release and run in wait for a ress, although you might have to ask the healer to ressurect you, that's why you failed the quest, you were out of the dungeon when the goblin dude died, so you missed the rest of the chain, and the Buzzer Blade.

Don't expect any of this to be read but it makes me feel better, when I last /played at the end of cataclysm I had 380 days, so lets hope that year of my life helps someone do something.

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@hemmelight: Right after I watched the first one I started downloading the client - probably time for a return after ages (think 5 years).

Posted by Bats

That was great to watch. Dan completely oblivious, Brad with bad info. I wonder what the group in that dungeon were thinking when they saw Dan roll through hahahaha. I half want him to learn more about the game but on the other hand, him not knowing leads to a lot of dumb laughs.

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@borp said:




Grow up.

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Dirty keyboard turner!

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@bugbarbecue: Well reading that made me feel a bit better, Don't need to write any of that myself now. so I guess that's something.

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Brad is bad at giving gaming advice to ? geesh.

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Dan = huge amounts of content.

You mean Patrick?

Posted by GeneralBison

The bag management thing was one of the dumbest things I've seen on the site =_= Did none of them notice? Please don't blame the game for your own inadequacies

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@linkster7: @bugbarbecue: I had a huge list in my mind, but before I even got to the comments, I had already taken a deep breath and just let it all go. Does this mean I'm all grown up now?!

Love this feature though, I kinda wish Drew will be on the next one instead of Rorie, just to make things even more confusing by having Dan try and explain stuff he has sort of half learned to Drew.

Posted by MosaicM80

Oh man, thinking about playing again after years away. I loved this game before the first exp came out. Really enjoyed playing healing characters but was never able to find groups very easily. Wonder if the community has gotten any better.