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Posted by mjk0104

I was wondering when the oft mentioned Rorie would show up in this series :D

Posted by Zawa

been waiting for this

Posted by Bistromath

This is gonna be good.

Posted by JustKamToo

OH God I may just re-sub for a month, just a month! or two.... = ( oh god.

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I didn't expect to like this feature, but I've really enjoyed the past two. I kinda hope Dan subscribes so we get to see a raid.

Posted by Nameless2000

The quest Dan did at the start of the video seems pretty messed up. It's like something out of Spec Ops: The Line.

Posted by isawachuck

i love this feature!!!

Posted by kmaura

I've been waiting for this all week.

I would love to see a live stream with all the GB crew raiding together.

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Glad that Rorie is getting all up in this! Always nice to see him take a break (dude works harder than you think) to be in goofy stuff like this. I also think it's hilarious that he INSTANTLY points out stuff that Dan didn't even realize.

Posted by SPCTRE

Finally. This is going to be something.

Posted by Syndrom

Damnit this makes me want to play again :(

Posted by Spitznock

Oh thank mercy, Rorie is here. Save us, Rorie!

Posted by fetterdave

Love it: less than a minute in: "Well, your shoes are broken."

Posted by Resmi

I'm pro continuing this series beyond the thirty day trial.

Posted by Gyoru

black hooooooooooole

Posted by clientkiller

I hope this feature keeps going. I really enjoy seeing how the game has changed since I last played and seeing how Dan is learning the ropes and seeing stuff for the first time.

Posted by OtterChaos

I'd be tempted to resubmit for a vanilla WoW server, I loved the grind not the end game.

Posted by smashed_pumpkins

Rorie is the true Cerebral Assassin

Posted by Fallen189

Dan got a head piece for like the first quest he did. It's sad he didn't realise it.

Posted by ionkinetic

When he finds out there is a mailing system in the game, I bet there is going to be a lot of useless stuff in the Inbox. like Pet, Cloth and Noggingfogger.

Posted by Dunchad

Nice - one of my favourite features recently. Keep it up!

Posted by Kingyo

I resubbed... God damn it.

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The ongoing saga of Cerebral Ass is my third favorite thing on the site now. The other two are Demo Disc Derby and Pogs.

e: I love how Brad continues to forget Dota is just hacked-together copyright-infringing garbage. Also fuck Giantbomb Jenkins.

ee: Oh god, I lost my shit when his mount was swimming. And then the level up with new abilities, and the spec screen. I think I'm gonna have to resub with Draenor.

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ok thank god, someone with some knowledge about wow,

Posted by Amafi

People were totally hitting 60 in a couple weeks back in vanilla too, if it took months, that's because you didn't know what you were doing.

Posted by selbie

Rorie droppin' the knowledge bombs.

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@amafi said:

People were totally hitting 60 in a couple weeks back in vanilla too, if it took months, that's because you didn't know what you were doing.

There's no denying that they've made the leveling process a LOT easier. Some people will always level extremely fast, but in general the leveling process has only been made easier with each expansion pack. It was never hard compared to a lot of other MMOs, but today's WoW is a cakewalk in that regard compared to vanilla WoW.

Posted by SomeJerk

Months to hit 60 for casual play was quite true. I speedran using that insane Hunter guide in the early days, was the second 60 on one fresh Euro server back in vanilla , first 60 on horde, even with taking a weekend off partying in another city worrying that I'd lose out.

I celebrated being the first 60 on horde by using the Mark of Shame quest-fail debuff to gank NPCs in Orgrimmar.

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@amyggen: Sure. Doesn't take as much XP, you get mount early, there's good quest design now, they actually thought about leveling flow when redesigning the zones in cata, etc.

@somejerk: It's not a week of casual play to 90 now either though. That's Rorie talking about running zones he's done a million times before, probably not optimal paths but certainly a LOT closer than anyone just starting out.

Posted by Krathoon

Yes. A pairing with Rorie. I am sure he will blow Dan's mind.

Posted by Splodge

My most recent return to WoW was two years ago, but I think I got to 60 in about 14 hrs total. The first time I played, it took me a month and a half I think.

Posted by MosaicM80

Oh god, when he sold that wool stack to the merchant it hurt me inside. I remember selling stacks like that at the auction house back in the day for many gold.

Posted by Oscar__Explosion

Oh thank jeebus that Rorie is sitting in on one of these.

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Hell yeah Rorie knows what he is talking about (except Pet Battles apparently)!

I hope Dan sticks with it, if only to see him confused when WoD hits.


Nooo! He sold the bandana :(

Goddammit, I was about to hit B to open my bags and use the Balloon... then I remembered it is a video.

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The problem with Duskwood is that they really never updated it. Still, there is a neat little undead bit with the graveyard and town. Really, it was a good one to pick to show what the old game looked like. Yes. Stitches is still there, but he is phased content.

Stonetalon Mountains seems like a cool zone for them to try next.

Here is a guide for the cool zones in the game.


Posted by BaysideJr

Is there a Giant Bomb guild in WOW?

Posted by JoeyRavn

Fuck you, Dan. I bought up to Mists of Pandaria last Friday. I hadn't played since Burning Crusade I've put 20 hours into WoW already. You owe me a summer.

Posted by Palmlykta

I'm really enjoying this series, I would easily watch two of these a week.

Posted by kist

I'm really enjoying this series, I would easily watch two of these a week.


Posted by Kvel2D

I don't know what Rorie is talking about - those first months of super hard dungeons in Cataclysm were probably the most fun I've had with the game. I didn't play Burning Crusade, so I just might not know better, but running those dungeons with my guildmates in QUEST GEAR was so much fun. Too bad it all quickly changed, when all the nerfs started.

Posted by Krathoon

@kmaura said:

I've been waiting for this all week.

I would love to see a live stream with all the GB crew raiding together.

I would love to see them get the free lvl 90 characters and do it. Totally cheese it, not know what they are doing, and piss a bunch of players off.

Posted by monkeystick

Dan's adventures make me want to play WoW again but when I look at what I'd need to pay it's a real turn off.

My last expansion was Cataclysm so I'd need to buy Pandaria ($20) and then eventually the new one ($50) on top of $15/mo.

Posted by Jordan1900

Thank god Rorie showed up for this! It's been hard without him.

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Rorie's got Dan checking the auction house for a pet! This is almost too painful to watch.

Posted by SomeJerk

What got me interested in WoW in the first place was a late 2004 pre-release beta video of somebody kiting Stitches into that little Human starter village and seeing him tear absolutely everybody including the then-weak guards up.

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This series got me to try out the trial version but the magic is gone. Playing it used to be addictive, it had that hard-to-put-down stickiness. Alas, no more! I'm bored of it almost instantly! If only the me of several years ago felt the same, I'd have saved myself a lot of anguish.

Each time I'd restart playing my first order of business would be to replace every vestige of the default interface with addons because I found it so repulsive. Now I can barely bring myself to pick a race because they all look so damned ugly. The content of the game isn't the problem, it's these little things that make it unplayable to me now.

Posted by InternetFamous

"And Rorie exhibits extreme patience."

Well, looks like this is going to be another painful, grueling, masochistic experience for us veterans.

Posted by Dberg

I am thrilled and scared by the fact that I look forward to this feature. Keep up the devil's work, Dan.