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Lol awesome 

Posted by nintendoeats

Oh christ, do I have these glasses anywhere? Honestly, I kind of hope that this doesn't work...

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haha awesome

Posted by MatPaget

Monkey Balls All Up in My Face!

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I'm trippin' balls!

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doesn't seem to work the perspective is off :( 
edit: ok it works if I cross my eyes a bit but man does it make me dizzy!

Posted by Bigheart711

How awesome! <3

Posted by Asian2Go

Hell yeah video thing!

Posted by Guybrush

It kinda works!

Posted by Volfied

It... kinda works, but not really.

Posted by ReyGitano

Well, there goes the past hour of information I was studying.

Posted by drew327

Nice.  I can't look at it for more than 3 seconds but nice

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Oh 3D, you so useless.

Posted by TheAdmin
@EvilAl said:
" doesn't seem to work the perspective is off :( "
Yeah. the red and blue are too far apart. They need to be much closer together. 
Posted by MayorFeedback

I have red and blue glasses here and yeah, that sort of works.

Posted by Blair

The return of the Video Thing makes me smile inside.  Also, fuck 3D glasses.

Posted by Babylonian

Good to see the return of the Video Thing!

Posted by FinalDasa

Didn't work with my glasses :/

Posted by ZimboDK

That did pretty much nothing for me. I could clearly see both images through my glasses.

Posted by devil_spawn666

Doesn't work.
I feel super stupid for trying. Giant Bomb 1 - Me 0

Posted by Slaker117

I always welcome video things, even if this one is pretty boring.

Posted by JStaunton

:( doesn't work for me

Posted by blueaniman93

does this work? i dont have red/blue glasses 

Posted by MagikGimp

Shouldn't this be done with cinema 3D glasses. Guess that would require a whole new video player just for other 3DS Monkey Ball games.

Posted by Hardtarget

it's especially amazing sans red blue glasses

Posted by Derekh1029

the UI in the front deffinetly stands out and some of the world had some perspective but there is some major ghosting happening.

Posted by Jason_E_Sigler

So when can we expect GB-branded 3D glasses to be available in the Store?

Posted by Philzpilz

Love me some video thiiiiing

Posted by Piranesi

Just say no kids, remember what happened to Zammo ... 

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it sorta works...

Posted by nick_verissimo

It's hurting my brain, so the 3D must be working...right?

Posted by Haze

Kind of. Perspective is wrong.

Posted by boysef

it worked kinda, had to move forward or back in order for it to work, but man are my eyes screwy now

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@mdnytecartunr said:
" So when can we expect GB-branded 3D glasses to be available in the Store? "
Oh God, yes!
Posted by ashbash

That does not work at all for me. So terrible.

Posted by IronScimitar

Its a thing alright.

Posted by OldManLollipop

I think I'm blind.

Posted by datarez

I've got the red/blue glasses and there was heavy ghosting off to the left.  Otherwise it worked.  

Posted by Greebman

the perspective is too different between red and blue. maybe tone down the depth slider a bit?

Posted by wibby

Yep , Thats 3D all right!

Posted by Dany

it works? Cool...need some 3d glasses

Posted by Hailinel

I have this sudden urge to murder important dignitaries.

Posted by XenoNick

Oh fuck now my head hurts. Hate these glasses.

Posted by baxterpunch

Totally works with my red/blue glasses.  Doesn't look perfect, but what does?

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I just threw up!

Posted by Sedasys

God fucking damn I think my sister threw away my 3D glasses. Guess it's a trip to the shop, then.

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Yeah, I'm watching this without the glasses, I have no clue where to find them either, nor do I want to.