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Brad looking annoyed, what a surprise.

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Attempting a coup d'etat is about as unprofessional as it gets.

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Jeff feeling like having a good day kicking the weekend off with them fire red IV's!


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damn you UPF i cant stop switching from PokemonGo to Famous now!

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"You just gonna chop onions? Good time to chop onions? That's what's hot, that's what's happenin' in the streets right now?"

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why does shit always get uncomfortably real on fridays?

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The cooking game is adorable. There are some real possibilities. Gordan Ramsey has a video games on cell phones too.

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More Jason interaction! What he did when Rorie made Drew flip was gold.

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Nice 4s, Jeff.

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Did Brad attempt the new Elusive Target in Hitman?

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@crashtanuki: Nope.

I'm disappointed but not surprised either. Its not really worth doing if you haven't touched the sapienza map in months.

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this was one of the better upfs in months. great job guys

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I didnt sleep yet and its 6am so lets get unprofessional

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@cheetoman: wow we don't even wait to watch the video to bitch about brad now!

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Hot damn. Jeff drives almost exactly like I do.

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Why are all these people looking at their phones and not catching pokemon? I'm confused

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This meme is still a thing, right? I'm not too late?

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How is their T500 still alive? I went through 4 or 5 and all of them died, one actually caught on fire, I walked into the room to see a small flame and smoke and a loud squealing noise.

Thrustmaster suck.

I frigging bought a G29 as it was on sale for £99 ($130) and it's had daily use on iRacing, been working fine for several months now.

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The FoV on that Dirt game is super high, need to lower it, no one sits in a car that far back with their arms so extended.

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Okay, yeah, this makes a case for the first Double Dragon being on the NES Classic Edition instead of the second.

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Thank you for going back to the old player! I can now lye in bed and watch it on my PS4, You guys are Da Bomb ;)
<3 Drew & Team

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Is that the resolution of these VR headsets? It looks so bad, I don't want one if it's going to look that bad. I don't want to see pixels or jaggies or anything like that, this looks like PS2 on a CRT era..

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Has Jeff worn Jordans on camera before? Those Fire Red 4's are so nice.

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overcooked seems great but maaaan was it infuriating that the guys didn't seem to catch the top left and that there are different kinds of burgers.

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Wow, I finished DS3 at something like 75. I don't even know how you could level up that high at that point of the game.

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@cheetoman: Still images always make people look angry/bored/tired/happy/stoned/sad.

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@nagafen: No, it's the second output that a game puts out and it's not a priority to make it look good. There's also an ongoing issue with GB capturing pc footage. I don't think it's ever looked correctly when capturing VR games.

This time we had to deal with crushed blacks and overblown whites. It meant that a lot of detail was lost, it's why the car looked completely black inside.

All of this makes VR stuff look worse than it is. If you don't realize that then you might think VR games really look like shit.

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What's the title of that kitchen game? Looks incredible, can't wait to buy it

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Hopefully phonetime fun never takes up the first 20 minutes ever again ;/

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If you want to see a good team of four cooking go sit at the counter of any dinner anywhere. Being in a quick server restaurant was funny watching you guys play, but that's not really all that different from what many people do for work every single day. I was around it for a couple of months but I've got incredible respect for anyone who serves food quickly.

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I drive at 1:00. Use gravity to hold your hand up son. Don't be lifting your arm up to the wheel. Jeff's all the way wrong!!!!

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I love how Dan's "taking it easy" is stuffing more garbage in his face.

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This was a fantastic UPF with some classic Brad, and also a healthy dosis of Jason salt. Also, Matthew Rorie for Editorial 2016.

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Those Pikes Peak cars are insanely powerful. Must be one hell of an adrenaline rush going up there full throttle.

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Brad looking annoyed, what a surprise.


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The rally track in Hell not that far from here, actually. It's just a 40 minute drive to get to Hell. Our local airport is in Hell too.

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Drew saying things like "I don't practice sangria" is why he's my favourite duder.

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Dans comment about not needing a rally co-driver.. mwah..delicious!

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@babunar: Drew is the best dude +1. A couple of weeks ago (I think) Drew made a Bob Seger reference while the crew talked about Move in PSVR.

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That Double Dragon thing looked... bad.

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@tomac said:

That Double Dragon thing looked... bad.

This broadcast may be the longest Double Dragon Mode B has been continuously played in history. Inspired choice though, that Jeff/Brad match was great.

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@deadstar said:
@onemanarmyy said:

@malvernrob: @crashtanuki: I think he did it in a seperate video that will go up.

Awesome! More Hitman is needed.

Great. The game is so good I wish they had the time to play more and make a feature of it. I hope Dave Lang explained to brad the way to level up is to replay the mission not do escalations.

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Man, Jeff had everyone DOWNLOADED.

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@nagafen said:

The FoV on that Dirt game is super high, need to lower it, no one sits in a car that far back with their arms so extended.

Seemed like it's just an artifact of how the game converts the stereoscopic 110 degree view into a 2D window for them to stream. Drew said it looked good within the headset.