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Posted by DeadpanCakes

Oh, weird. I didn't realize this was just gonna be UPF, but that makes sense now that I think about it

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EDIT: I was playing Crash Bandicoot on that thing and it's AWESOME!

Posted by super_generico
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Ahh, the first episode of the Persona 4: Golden Endurance Run.

Posted by Salesmunn


Where have you been? Universal Peace Federation of course!

Posted by BaD_KarAte

Unprofessional Playstation Friday. UPPF

Posted by Alsharrad

@alsharrad said:


Where have you been? Universal Peace Federation of course!

@alsharrad Unprofessional Friday

I know what UPF is but I was confused because I thought this was something else.

Posted by Salesmunn

@salesmunn said:

@alsharrad said:


Where have you been? Universal Peace Federation of course!

@super_generico said:

@alsharrad Unprofessional Friday

I know what UPF is but I was confused because I thought this was something else.

I'm glad someone knew, I had no fucking idea.

Posted by gizmo88

Dan's sneakers gave me flash backs of the Heaven's Gate Cult.

Posted by super_generico

@alsharrad: Oh, my bad! Jeff said they're just going to upload the UPF as a PSTV quick look, because that's basically all they did.

Posted by Marblez3

Here we go!

Posted by DurMan667

I was hoping to see an example of the PS4 streaming feature, as that's what my main reason for buying one of these puppies would be.

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Yeah, I see those broken images all the time when downloading Vita stuff. No idea why it happens... and I guess Sony doesn't know either.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss did one thing really well: Motion-tilt aiming. I really wish more console games would do that.

Posted by emtee

QuikTrip's are the best. They have them out in Arizona too.

Posted by AdequatelyPrepared

I'm just going to help many of you skip to what you want to see on this thing.

Persona 4 Golden and it's subsequent explanation to Dan starts at 44:50.

Posted by KingVietKong

Listening to them talk about food habits makes my stomach hurt. Christ.

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I was interested in PSTV for various free Vita games I've accumulated on Plus and for remote play, then found out it only does PS4 remote play, where the Vita will do PS3 as well. Ended up buying a Vita, and now I'm mobile for about $60 more than the PSTV & controller bundle that would've been tethered to a TV.

Or maybe close to the same price point, if you can get by for a while on the 8gb memory card that comes with the Vita.

Posted by Afro_Stevens


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I'm the type of person who decries eating "gas station food", but about 2 minutes from my house they built a Speedway and its pretty great. I assume this is what those nicer 7 Elevens are like out West, but I don't know. They have huge slurpy machines that have pretty decent tasting flavors that cost cheap, a milkshake machine where you choose a sealed cup of what you want and watch the machine make it, and other stuff. Their burgers are pretty good and there pizza was decent for what it was/how much it cost.

I can kind of see why Jeff would like good gas stations with decent food now.

Posted by snaggmouth

jesus DAN!! how are you not fat and not full of acid reflux with your "diet"????? well done. you have learned some secret with fatting foods

Posted by Emperor_Norton

Quiktrip is rad, makes all other gas stations /convenience stores look like complete garbage, plus they've got pretty good coffee

Posted by JayHala

Buttered popcorn Jelly Belly's??? By the handful??? There is no God.

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Jeff's reaction to seeing Marie was amazing.

Posted by Dezinus

Return to Inaba, Jeff...

The J-pop pipes are calling...

Posted by Chrjz

Better run home to monmma, now.

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With Dan on the weird "shitty music can be OK if it's used properly in video games or wrestling" thing. Strange phenomenon.

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Where's everyone else? @brad? @rorie? Danny? Wudda fug?

Edit: Tears for Alexis.

Posted by Smiles

I'm so close to ordering a PS TV just for Persona now. I'm also going to miss Alexis.

Posted by MichiganJack

Just imagine Ryan was still around. The conversations these 3 would have had would have been hilarious. Sorry to bring the potential mood down, I just thought what would be and wanted to share it.

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Thank you so much for the Borderlands 2 PSA! I just bought one of these things and might have picked up Borderlands 2 on PSTV just for convenience but that is just awful looking. It's not that hard to hook up my PC to the TV.

As a side comment, as someone who doesn't have any modern Playstation systems I'm really digging the PSTV so far. The game library is an odd one, but it does have a bunch of weird indie & Japanese games, a lot of which aren't available on anything else I own.

Posted by Plasticpals

I wanted to see what PSP games look like. Do they play in a smaller window (like when you plug a PSP into your tv using S-Video) or full-screen?

Posted by ant1war


<3 Jason

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man Persona 4 music is so good. Still love it even though I already listen to it a hundred hours in the game

Posted by The_Ruiner

Once again. Jeff does not do enough flask kicks with Sarah Bryant...

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

I can not believe I miss this the first time around.

Posted by JesusHammer

This better have Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus or I swear I'm cancelling my subscription! I mean it!

Posted by Geralt

Man, I surely hope that the last segment sparks some curiosity in Jeff's head. With Dan as a wingman it would be hilarious.

Posted by Mogarth


Posted by zenmastah

Happy trails Alexis!

Posted by ripelivejam

bye alexis :(

Posted by Tits_Matador

Jeff you big dummy, you ended Persona right before she sang the Junes song.

Posted by stabworth

Man, P4G just makes me miss Vinny. Time to go forward on that second trip through the endurance run I've been putting off for years.

Posted by TehBuLL

Jeffs hair looking good.

Posted by tennesseemcvay
Posted by Rowr

To bad killzone mercenary needed the download, was kind of interested to see that one.

I'd consider some of this stuff if I didn't already have it all worked out with steam home sharing through the laptop hooked to a tv. Also Nvidia shield for handheld streaming. Less restrictive, better graphics and a larger library.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Love how Dan is trying to justify a purchase of the PS TV all through this.

Also, we'll miss ya Alexis.

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Anybody else think @danryckert and Cigs66 would get along famously?

Posted by dr_mantas

See you, Alexis.

Posted by anbumakura

I love the look on Jeff's face when the new stuff happened in P4G. It reminds me of how I felt when I first started it.

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