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This looks really cringe and odd, and I don't fully know why.

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Holy shit, so pumped

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Man. this seems really odd.

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I think it looks bad...

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Why oh why would you show off Fall out Boy for your gameplay reveal.

Posted by johnnymcginley

Will this be a free-to-play with downloads like Singstar?

Looks pretty rubbish tbh.

Posted by mintyice

Did they add a 'bloody screen so real' effect to guitar hero? What?

Posted by Drakonis

This looks...SO bad.

Posted by mintyice

Take cover to recover star power!

Posted by MjHealy

"Press Yellow to make the emo kids smile."

Posted by EvanFavreau

The hell is going on here?

Posted by DanTheRobot

This is weird. I don't want a random live band and audience. It really takes me out of this.

Posted by Pawkeshup

Wow, we've come so far. In the nineties, we had games that figured pre-shot videos that had limited interaction from the player. And now here we are, with pre-shot videos that have limited interaction from the player, IN HIGH DEFINITION!

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So it's an FMV game...

Posted by DCF15

Much prefer the old visuals.

Also whats up with only 3 notes? Are they showcasing the easiest mode?

Posted by L44

I really wonder if this and Rock Band coming back will find even 10% of the success they did before. I hope so, but it's like so 2007, man.

Posted by JohngPR

This looks...kind of cool to me. It can either be really neat or really forced with fake acting and an artificial feel.

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

@re_player1 said:

I think it looks bad...

The UI is way too clean for the music you're playing, unless it's placeholder. I liked the OG guitar hero design, it added a lot of character.

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So what happens if you keep fucking up, does it dynamically change to FMV of you sitting on a couch, depressed & playing Guitar Hero Live?

Posted by StoneGut

None of that seemed legit... as "in game"

Posted by DrX25

Got to give them credit for at least bringing a new angle to the rhythm game genre. Also, Freestyle supposedly making this is a good sign.

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So wait... That's NOT Fall out boy, right? Just some random musicians?

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this trailer doesn't seem like it was made for people who liked guitar hero before now

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I think I might hate this. A lot of the fun of these kinds of games was the different guitars and looks you could give your guitarist, and it looks like that's all been completely tossed out the window for some real-life staging. I do find it impressive that the crowd reacts to your performance so seamlessly, but I kind of don't care about how impressed onscreen crowds are about my fake guitar playing ability.

And the note highway and the abolishment of the colors -- which really help in knowing exactly where you're supposed to be on the "fretboard" when you've got all five notes and are shifting positions constantly on Expert -- also seems needlessly different for the sake of being different.

I don't have a current-gen system, so I wouldn't be buying it anyway, but almost everything about it turns me off.

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Jeff, that was a really easy song... :P

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Glad that Guitar Hero is now a 90's FMV adventure game

Posted by masterofchaz

What happens if you screw up? Do the band look at you awkwardly? Do the crowds boo? I DON'T GET IT!

Posted by freakishlight

@dcf15: I just saw the new guitar on Jeff's twitter feed -- they've messed with the formula. There's not five buttons lined up in a row on the fretboard anymore, they've gone with 6 buttons in the space of 3, if that makes sense -- only the first three frets are used, but there's a "top" button and a "bottom" button on each one that take up half. I'm not sure exactly how it works, though, and what denotes the top or bottom. I think it might be outlined/filled in notes.

Posted by VictorTango

The FMV crowd that reacts to how you're playing is a pretty cool idea but the acting by your bandmates seems a little forced and cheesy. But you won't be concentrating on that while playing so maybe it's good enough? It'll be interesting to see how it turns out.

Posted by whatisdelicious

@drx25 said:

Got to give them credit for at least bringing a new angle to the rhythm game genre. Also, Freestyle supposedly making this is a good sign.

Yeah I really commend them for the new system after reading Jeff's description. Sounds really interesting. Literally every other part of this I kinda hate though. The FMV looks distracting and bad, the menus look "modern" but not like Guitar Hero, and it really just feels so far removed from what Guitar Hero was that it's unrecognizable.

Posted by HarrySound

Err that looked odd.

Are they going to record a whole concert for each song? doubt it!

ill stick to rocksmith

Posted by Bedurndurn

That's a cool idea, but that seems like it's going to make DLC way more expensive to produce isn't it?

Posted by vinster345

The FMV part is unneccesary. But the guitar part could be a interesting change. I much prefer the single player being a challenge as Rock Band is only good for the 2 times a year you get a party together to play it.

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@masterofchaz said:

What happens if you screw up? Do the band look at you awkwardly? Do the crowds boo? I DON'T GET IT!

Looks like there were some fades when the player hit certain combo markers or miss streaks, I'm guessing that's when the video transitions? But I only watched it once, so I could be way off.

I think this looks cool as hell, and I think I already understand how the controller works. It's pretty intuitive, if that's the case. I wonder if they plan on doing video capture for bands whose songs they feature, or if it's all going to be a generic band? I'd be way more interested in playing along side real musicians than a fake band. And it'd help it feel a little less like the world's biggest cover band game.

Posted by poser

When did Fall Out Boy start playing dance music? I'm so out of touch.

Posted by NoneSun

Is this the mobile version?

Posted by Musou

The whole FMV style is interesting IMO (mostly because of the first-person view), thing is, this is probably orders of magnitude more expensive to produce than 3d graphics, makes me wonder how they're going to make this feasible

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Posted by Chicken008

Garbage in garbage can.

Posted by Cozmicaztaway

Either my sense of rhytm is f*cked, the video was lagging when I watched it, or the notes you play and the music you're supposedly playing don't line up at all, which, to be fair, is something I feel GH has struggled with since Harmonix left to do Rock Band.

Also, wtf FMV games!?

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Jjust so.....odd

I'm ready for some more Rock Band but man that presentation is just so off beat

Posted by CaLe

Seems like a game for old people who wish they were young again. Sad, really.

Posted by GValo

@poser: They've changed their sound a lot since coming back from the hiatus. I actually enjoy them now.

@thenose14: That's definitely not fall out boy.

"My Songs" seems like an odd song to introduce a new Guitar Hero with. "Centuries" would have been a better FOB song I think. Although it's probably going to get played to death by the NHL like My Songs was.

I REALLY don't like the FMV band and crowd. Is this a special video for the reveal or did they get a fake band to play every song in the game?

Hopefully Rock Band still lets you customize your band's look and what not.

Posted by scottp

This looks sick! im glad they are trying something completely unique.

Posted by DCF15

@freakishlight: that sound pretty interesting. I guess I wouldn't mind relearning how to play, that was the fun of it anyways. Just don't know if the new style if fun enough to shell out another $60 for a peripheral.

Posted by stutheironman

If the game is fully FMV, and they have to make a unique video recording for every song it makes me wonder how big the track listing will be, and also how much DLC they could actually release for it. Definitely more stoked for Rock Band 4 though

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I looooooove the goofy face the drummer makes at ~2:07. What's up with that?

Posted by flameboy84

When I heard about the first person thing was I wasn't sure what to expect. A polygonal crowd didn't sound too great...but this seems ever worse to me...it's just FMV right?

Posted by fargofallout

Kudos for trying something different, I guess, but I really, really, really don't care about anything in these games other than the music. Guitar Hero always put me off with their really dumb story modes, which is maybe why I started to gravitate toward Rock Band.