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That sniper elite notification had me real confused for a second.

"I've been hacked!!"

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Edit: spoiler for the episode

Impressed at @alex 's immediate recognition of the Yanki movement as coming from the greaser subculture, if you select the center option "start your engines" as the lead man's opening line, Kiryu talks about exactly that and car imagery would be a good fit for him. It ends in a downright Mr Freeze-esque Q&A of racing/car terms call and response. It works out well (exactly as well as the english, other than the yanki/greaser history lesson so nothing was lost either except vindication for Alex.")

Still, a successful knowledge check in punk/band subcultures! +xp and nice work!

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@danryckert Not a ton of environmental heat actions, but Alex is on to something with his obsession with cars. Specifically, those black cadillac-looking cars. Just a head's up.

You'll mostly want to heat people with weapons and when they're on the ground, though Kiryu's Brawler style does have a decent variety of Heat actions that you can activate from grabs. Once you start training and investing in your battle styles, more contextual Heat actions will unlock. And it's worth mentioning that there aren't "levels" of heat, but rather that you just need a certain amount to perform an action. Having more Heat doesn't allow you to do more damaging stuff with the same inputs, it just gates the more advanced Heat actions.

Also, don't worry about investing in a single style. You'll make enough money to dump into all of them and you'll want to use them all anyway.

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You can upgrade your sprint at the shrine. It also has some other cool stuff, though I would save up some points for the business upgrades when those opens up. When you want to make money later on it`s incredibly usefull.

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I only know about yankii from this music video.

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I googled the girl on that card they found thinking she might be an idol singer and


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If we can entrust to conquer the world of the rising sun to one team, its the Beasters.

Seriously though this game is getting better and better. Probably the best contender of the GOTY right now.

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This is as close as I'll ever get to touring 1980's Japan with Vinny, Alex, and Dan, and its the best thing. Thanks so much for doing this!

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@p_tog: No, they are all porn actresses.

I'm a big fan of Iori Kogawa (search using private browsing)

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I really love this series - feel free to talk your time with it if you're enjoying it, Beast crew. Beast Mode!

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I'm glad Dan's branching out to use multiple styles more. I think the combat really shines when you're switching things up to suit the situation instead of just picking one and sticking with it.

Also a tip just for the sake of finding substories, be on the look out for any interesting looking NPCs while exploring the city, as most substories start by you going near people on the street like the boyfriend and girlfriend from the burusera story. Some of them like the Yokomichi Silvers one just start when you happen to pass through a specific area though, and there are a few tied to minigame progression.

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Once you guys start getting a lot of CP from those in-game achievements go to the Shrine and buy some QoL upgrades, like more money from enemies, and eventually infinite stamina to sprint.

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Dan: nothing is going to happen if I start accusing people

GAME: pay 10,000 yen.

good job game

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Next episode of Beast in the East: Literal Shenmue shit is going to happen.

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@alex with the Sunny Day Real Estate joke....

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There's only a couple context sensitive heat moves. The big one that you guys haven't seen yet is when you're on a balcony. You can't be moving around for any heat move to activate. The main thing you should be doing to see lot of different heat moves is using different weapons, and definitely standing still when you do them. You can also get more moves after upgrading.

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One big thing is that each combat style has health upgrades in them and these upgrades are permanent across all styles. So it is worthwhile to grab all of these even if they are in a style you don't use.

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@hott8bitaction: I disagree with this. I wouldn't waste the CP on anything other than Business. Once you start getting into your businesses you can make a ton more money than fights, gifts become an annoyance that you want to avoid(which you can do with some gear).

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I barely use Brawler, I use Rush most of the time and Beast for fun with items

Also having all 3 heat gauges full does cooler moves!!

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The song Vinny was thinking of was PROOOOBABLY "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand.

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@danryckert You're right, that sign in the pocket race room, really says 'Toilet' down the stairs

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This game is awesome.

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Can we up this series to at least twice a week please? Loving it so far but the Monday wait for the next episode is painful. Having beat the game myself, at this pace with just one episode it will take a very long time to finish the game if you guys even plan to.

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@alex There's no way you guys gonna complete this run within a year. On average for those who mainlined the game, it takes around 40 hours, 70 hours for those who want to dabble with the side quests.

I finished the game (by scrolling thru the text fast enough, and being familiar with the mechanics, since I've played thru Yakuza 3 and 4) within 60 - 70 hours, including most of side stories.

I'd say make it twice a week thing, if you guys wanna finish this feature within a year.

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If you want to do all the trainer missions and learn all the moves you have to buy the upgrades next to the ones that are locked (and have an "M" over them) for each style.

Initially I thought it was related to how much you spent but that isnt the case.

@failureatlife said:

@airforcebro: If you collect all of one girl's set you can unlock videos to watch as well.

That trophy's never coming off my profile...

If thats the most you have to be ashamed about then i'd say you're alright, those videos are dumb as hell.

There are also multiple substories and friendships related to them which is quite funny.

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The slot car store is easy to miss. It's in the far corner. Dan was heading the right direction before but turned around. It's a bit tough because the walkway is super narrow and if that appeared anywhere else in the game it'd be impassible.

I wholly recommend taking at least 15 minutes to check out the different moves you get in each tree. Each move set gets some really awesome Heat moves. My favorite for Kiryu is in Rush where you press Triangle next to a wall and he deflects an enemy attack into the wall.

I also hope they go after the Legendary styles. They're a bit of a grind to get and could probably be done off stream, but I think they're both worth it, especially for Kiryu where the majority of the big hitters are wrestling moves.

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@boozak said:

There are also multiple substories and friendships related to them which is quite funny.

Ghost porno! The ending of that one was a little anticlimactic but the gradual realization what was going on was amazing.

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Also whenever you can you should try to eat at restaurants. Unlike healing items, you get experience for every single item at every restaurant so mix it up to get the most possible upgrade points.

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So is Vinny just going to be a regular on this series as well after all? I doubt anyone's going to be unhappy about that

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Alex with the Sunny Day Real Estate references

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Thanks Alex for reigning in the group when they got distracted! This is such a great series. :)

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Once you get used to Beast style, it is the best. The regular punches just do so much damage.

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@tansuikabutsu: I'm pretty sure the Yokomichi Silvers are modeled after the band Yokohama Ginbae...

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Hi guys! Great episode per usual. You're in the thick of what makes the game great now, haha.

Since the game does a poor job of pointing this out to you, I'd suggest visiting the CP shrine/temple. It is a yellow-colored store on your map-if you hover over it, you'll see a description mentioning CP that will make it clear you found the place (and once you get there you'll see an interesting guy). You can exchange the CP points that keep popping up for perks there. Some are tied to sprinting stamina, which Dan was asking about upgrading in this episode.

Slot car racing is mostly about upgrading parts and such. There is a store in the building you can buy parts from, but also check stores out in the wild for them too. You're basically trying to build the best car for each race, it's as simple as that. And yeah, boost later next time!

Some moves for each style are locked by side quests, specifically two large mini-game subplots that open later on. To get everything, you're gonna have to do some serious digging so I wouldn't sweat it TOO much. Maybe just focus in on learning the moves from each of the three trainers (pier chick is one, punchout dude is another and the third one you'll find naturally in the story progression) but bear in mind you have to have so many unlocked with money and other things before you can learn new moves.

Also right by that phone booth is a shiny! The phone cards are collectibles, but will eventually pay out in some....interesting ways. A fun little thing: flip to the back of the book next time you pull it up :P

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@larsa said:

You only really need to save if you're quitting the game. If you lose a battle there's a retry option that starts the fight over.

Probably worth saving every now again in case of game crashes as well - if GBE have proven anything over the last couple of years, it's that they have a uncanny ability to break games.

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@drdreezy42 said:

Also whenever you can you should try to eat at restaurants. Unlike healing items, you get experience for every single item at every restaurant so mix it up to get the most possible upgrade points.

Actually, unlike the previous games Yakuza 0 doesn't have experience points, new abilities are purchased with money. You do get completion points for eating everything from a resturant's menu, but you also get CP for eating a certain number of food and healing items from the inventory.

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I just finished this game and it was SO RAD. I can't wait for them to get to Majima, he was my favorite protagonist by a mile.

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They showed it.

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I had forgotten about the "sugar moobs" line.

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I now have cravings for nikudon and Glenfiddich 21 (which is ridiculously expensive, but so worth it). Thanks?....


Police Officer: A moment, please. Could you not crush a guy with a motorcycle, thanks.

Edit: Kiryu's channelling Austin for a moment there - "Not here to kink shame, you do you".

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I am 100% convinced that Dan did the little VO things for Bacchus.

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Really liking some of the goofy writing that's surfacing in this episode!

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TAT-chan said a reward after.

what a scammer

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This is great. And there are so many sub-stories. You might want to up it to two a week.

Also don't worry about saving so much. When you die on story missions you can just retry from a checkpoint.

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If you push triangle in the upgrade menu you can find the activation requirements for ALL the heat actions you currently know. I know it's been said before by others but I just want to make sure someone from the trio sees this because it makes things much more fun when you actually know how to do cool stuff instead of having to randomly come across moves.

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I've played every game in the series and I never knew you could flip a dude while holding him by pressing R1. I am ashamed.

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every single episode this game shows me the new greatest thing I have ever seen in a videogame.

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@vinny Can't Stop?