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Edited by pyrodactyl

Funny how they totally forgot about chaff grenades half way through.

Posted by Rowr

Ahaha dat boss fight.

I think i'd supressed that goddam fight in the hidden depths of my memory.

This series is so good.

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For the record, Nastasha will tell you the details of any weapon you have equipped. If you have nothing equipped she just tells you how nuclear weapons are VERY VERY BAD. I think it was my third or fourth run through the game when I realized that she actually had a reason to be there.

Posted by Decaped

@pyrodactyl: By far the most frustrating thing so far. I know it's the thousand foot view, but seeing Drew both ignore patterns in the fight initially (to keep chaffing when it wasn't really benefiting him) and then ignore options when something new happened had me yelling as much as Drew was.

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I think I got a heart attack at like 1:23...Great video again guys!

Posted by superdomino

The death montage is an ok idea but can you make a montage of Dans weird noises? Seriously at 1:27:44 he sounds like a cartoon character.

Posted by Foggen


Posted by superdomino

OTACON: Ive got this cool Predator camo. You want it?

SNAKE: Nahh, its cool. I got a box...

Posted by BasketSnake

Dan at the edge of his seat and Drew failing time and time again is great fun to watch. Don't be discouraged. It's cool to watch.

Posted by PurpleOddity

"No! NOOOOOO! TzZZaffafazz" - Drew Scanlon.

Posted by ToniMcKernt

amazing episode. man that boss fight would fit right into dark souls. jesus.

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this feature is single handedly keeping Dan his job

edit. god damn elevators stressed me out the most in this game.

Edited by erona

Thank you for continuing with this Drew and Dan! I am loving this series and hope you won't be scared off from trying the other Metal Gear games.

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31:10 DON'T MISS IT <3

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Love the "Codec" inset videos! Brilliant!

Posted by Kasaioni

@gvalo: HD collection also has Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2.

Edited by Rich666

The one good thing about Drew sucking so bad at this game is that we get to hear track 8 off the MGS OST a lot.

Posted by SpikeSpiegel00

lol "What is that!!!"

Posted by chimpchamp

I remember the demo of MGS being amazing and playing that a dozen times through before the game came out. When playing the game for the first time, it was then really easy to jump right into the gameplay. I think Drew is doing a pretty good job for only a few hours of play.

Great to see Dan's face, I'm doing pretty much the same thing the whole way through, hehe.

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Nice shot!

Nice recovery.

Posted by KaneRobot

Less Metal Gear, more Demo Derby : (

Posted by Fryzriender

I know this may not always be the most fun for Drew but I think this is one of my favorite series I have watched on the site. LOVE IT.

Posted by Conrad148

Wow I never realized before but Drew is bad at videogames just like Brad.

Posted by Outrager

I just wanted to say that my strategy for Cyborg Ninja was to just keep running around that southern divider so that he would keep doing the ground pound move. That made it easier to hit him than to try and dodge his dumb flip kicks.

Also, I'm not sure if this is considered a spoiler or not, but you're missing an item.

The item you're missing is the thermal goggles which would have made you see the mines easier and the Cyborg Ninja when he went invisible.

Posted by James_Hayward

I want to hear that Russian mafia guy tell the story of when he drove Dan home.

Posted by sjack

Dan-this is exactly like anime. MGS might as well be anime the game.

Posted by ManlyPup

@conrad148: No he isn't. He's learning from each fight, and doing better with each battle. He's also got to play the game and be entertaining to watch, which seems like the same thing as upping a game's difficulty from Normal to Hard.

Posted by jojjo333

God i love this series!

Posted by Rich666
Posted by Rich666

I can't watch this series anymore... It's excruciating watching someone fail 95% of the time.

Posted by omdata


Posted by Sarumarine

@rich666 said:

I can't watch this series anymore... It's excruciating watching someone fail 95% of the time.

Don't worry! There are plenty of sick Metal Gear Solid speedruns on YouTube if you absolutely need to see someone dismantle the game. But personally, I love watching people figure stuff out. Not to mention the banter. It's fascinating to see someone play this game for the first time. Like in the tank fight, for as many times as I've played this game I never knew you could use the ridges in the ground as cover for an approach. That was really something to see.

Posted by Squiggle

Oh, Drew. 1hr 34 mark you sound defeated.

Still a little bit/quite a lot funny.

Edited by blackpuddytat

+1 to Kojima for shoehorning in an unnecessary and self indulgent bit about anime.

Makes me smile :)

Posted by FoxMulder

WOW now I am glad I played Twin Snakes instead of this! What bullshit with that boss battle!