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Meh... when's that dancing game coming out?

Posted by juice8367

I love persona music

Posted by Irvandus

I'm actually pretty excited for this.

Posted by Gerhabio

I'm the type of person that got out of Pokemon once they added more past the first 151, so this sort of rethreading of the same characters does not appeal to me. I wonder if there will be VO in this game.

Posted by MasonL87

OK....I still have NO CLUE what this game even IS!

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I love Persona enough to give this a shot in spite of the fact that my recent attempt to get into Etrian Odyssey IV didn't go so well.

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Posted by Cerberus3Dog

The stylized look of these characters is spectacular.

Posted by edoone

Europe release date plz.... :(

Posted by _Debaser_

I'm actually looking forward to it, if only to have more time with the charming cast of Persona 4 and the super whiny cast of P3.

Also, I really dig the art style and overall tone. Not enough lighthearted dungeon crawlers.

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I hope that the in-game graphics look like this trailer, but I still can't wait to get this.

Also, chibi Kanji is still fucking adorable.

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@edoone: Wikipedia says November 28

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@gerhabio said:

I wonder if there will be VO in this game.

There will be, and minus a few changes almost every character is voiced by their usual actor.

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@zgoon said:

@edoone: Wikipedia says November 28

Wow really? That's surprisingly good for a Europe release. Good on them and good for us.

Never played an Etrian game but I've always been interested in them. Wrapping up that gameplay in the Persona 4 universe should be a great introduction! Very excited for this!

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I'm going to wait on this one since it's so close to Omega Ruby and possibly Smash Wii U.

Posted by paulunga

I can't wait, have been listening to the OST a lot lately. This is also good timing because while I played Etrian Odyssey 1 and 2 I never really got into it and quit after a few hours. But I'm really enjoying The Millenium Girl now, the formula really started to gel for me this time.

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I can't wait to try this out.

Posted by madman356647

Definitely happy I ordered the collector's edition for this. The soundtrack alone is worth it.

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One does not simply mention Persona on giantbomb.

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Very, VERY hyped for this. Played a little bit of etrian and actually dug it, but this is obviously way more up my alley. Bummer that it's coming out so deep into the game tornado of November though. I thought it was coming in August for some reason...