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Posted by KillerEwok

WHA-BAM there it is.

Posted by Besetment

"The controller-less future is the future"? "Straight through the internet, no retail release"? Poor Brad. He really wants the industry to evolve, but everyone is too afraid of change.

Posted by ANDYx0WNEDxU

great interview, gave some insight into microsofts way of thinking on some of the issues i was wondering about.

Posted by Trnck

All places in E3 are rare and quiet aren't they?

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Interesting, it seems Microsoft is laying the foundation for new ideas, but they are going to let the industry use that foundation to make something awesome.

Posted by Zeouterlimits

Hurm, nice guy, nice interview to at least hear his/Microsoft's thoughts.
 But nothing huge.

I don't suppose Sony & Nintendo did something similar?

Posted by LinuxScouser

Agreed that Modern Warfare 2 and Splinter Cell have looked very impressive although they're probably games I wouldn't really pick up.

I like the point Brad brought up about the next gen and the content that has already been bought and how that's carried over. I wonder myself with the content bought through the PS Store. In the UK we don't have the video service yet, but I assume we'll be getting that at some point, along with the music service they're showing. However, what happens to all my downloaded games. Do I have to keep my PS3 around or will that be implemented into what comes next? I think that's a question a lot of owners of 360, Wii and PS3 will be asking.

Posted by theMcNasty

Brad asks great questions.  Shit I hadn't even thought about yet.

Edited by NorthernFredz

Brad you should have asked Albert where the hell my free game is. Two Christmases ago, when Xbox Live ballsed up, we were promised a free game. I AM STILL WAITING. Albert promised. He promised.

EDIT: My bad. Seems they gave out Undertow and I missed it.

Posted by Radar

I thought they gave out a arcade game for free?
Posted by Elemmire

You're a really good interviewer Brad.

Posted by NickM
Posted by Shayo

So, when they were testing Natal, a gamer took 30 seconds to figure out how to play the game and the gamer's non-gaming mom figured it out in 5 seconds. I'm speechless.

Posted by Reuben

Yeah, Great interview Brad!

Posted by Reverseface


Edited by FireBurger
@Besetment: I don't want a controller-less future either. At least not for now. Until they get motion/whatever else technology they have to control as well or better than a controller, I want a controller for those certain types of games.

As far as all digital distribution goes, I don't want that either. Having the option for the people who want it is great, but personally I don't want to digitally buy a game from a company, want to re-download/play it 5 years later and find the distribution company has gone belly up. Unless they can guarantee me access to a digital game indefinitely, I'm always going to at least want the option for a physical disc/box/manual.
Posted by Pepsicolaboy

Great interview.

Really good point about the 'next' next gen consoles.


Posted by Cleric
@Elemmire said:
" You're a really good interviewer Brad. "

Indeed. Good stuff Brad!
Posted by TyphoonSwell

Ever since I got three RRoD I have hated Microsoft. "Project Natal" has solidified my stance with Microsoft. What a joke. 

Posted by zyn

Awesome interview brad!  Good questions.

Posted by Meteora

Great questions, interesting stance and ideas from Microsoft.

Seems too soon to jump to controller-free consoles however. It would be pretty cool though, seems more cooler than using your imagination on what the Wiimote is whenever you use it (sword, gun, etc.).

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Nice interview Brad

Posted by MeatSim

I am glad there not sticking with the 5 year cycle no one wants to pay another 400 dollars when theirs still plenty to get  out of 360.

Posted by Player1
@Cleric said:
@Elemmire said:
" You're a really good interviewer Brad. "
Indeed. Good stuff Brad! "
double agreed. He can keep the mood light, the interview going, and give us tons of info. 
Posted by Vendetta

Brad "Tentpole" Shoemaker

Posted by Carlos1408

Awesome interview, man Brad asks some great questions, he's a great interviewer. :D

Edited by TwoOneFive

He basically explains that NATAL has zero use for me. its made for people who don't like games. 

Because the truth is, the "barrier" is basically a giant wall with hordes of cash behind it. And thats all they care about. 
Posted by dQuarters

Wow Brad. Good work, man. You really pull the best out of your interviewees. This guys a director of marketing for MS, and he didn't come across as a shill. No small wonder.

Posted by phlegms

Great interview, good to see you didn't shy away from asking any questions.

Posted by zombie2011

Good interview, however i think that dude dodged the question about how arcade games keep increasing in price.

Posted by Crispy

Great questions, great answers.

Posted by Tebbit

I like it how the dude chose as a random example of a full downloadable game, Burnout Paradise, one of the first major disk based game released over PSN!

Why didn't he use someting not only Xbox exclusive, but something that Sony hadn't done a year ago? ;)
Posted by Jimbo

I don't usually bother saying it, but this was a great interview.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

All Microsoft loyalists listen up and start praying for God of War III to be ported.

Posted by JJOR64

I really don't want to think of the next generation yet.

Posted by soul101
@Godlyawesomeguy: does first party developer mean ANYTHING to you???
Posted by Kazona

Those were some excellent questions Brad. Stuff that most other sites doing interviews either forget or neglect to ask but are important things to know. Two thumbs up man!

Posted by CL60


Edited by Crono

Is Natal an acronym or just a code-name? 

If it is the latter then they are definitely mispronouncing it if they want it to deal with the idea of bringing in new gamers like this interview alludes to (its purpose {i.e. "Birthing" new gamers or the "birth" of new gamers}) because Natal in that form isn't pronounced Nuh-tal it is pronounced Nay-tle. 

The way they say it just sounds so fucking smug and pretentious.  /peeve

Posted by KaruraK

Best controller my ass.

Posted by eXists
@KaruraK said:
"Best controller my ass."

by far, the best controller! Get over it...
Posted by babz

so there using us as test dummies?

Posted by Floppypants

great interview

Edited by Renegade

Good interview, but the obsession with having motion controls needs to stop, now. It's diluting the industry with imprecise controls and is really only an attempt at getting a piece of the cash pie that Nintendo has at the moment. It isn't about innovation in any way, as much as they try to make it seem that way.

Posted by Scooper

It looks like they're bring out Natal to "get the people who are afraid of controllers". So, casual shit.

Posted by Artemis_D
@Godlyawesomeguy: Or you could just buy a PS3...
Posted by DawnShinto

Lol, he made it sound like yea we can bring out a controller anytime if thats what people want.....

Posted by skilzlost

good interview..


Posted by BBQBram

Good questions, insightful.

Posted by Kyle
@Godlyawesomeguy said:
All Microsoft loyalists listen up and start praying for God of War III to be ported.
It's made by Sony, genius.
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