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Posted by Grimjim8000

need to wait for more gameplay video too make a judgement, but the premise is interesting

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

this game is trying too hard to be EMO, a 1 min and 48 sec stylish trailer is not enough to convince me about this game.

Posted by norton123


Posted by Lassegp

Liveordie> i somewhat agree

Posted by strangeling

I want to like it.  I like the concept.

But the protagonist is too extreme, and some of the creatures appear cartoony.
Posted by IzzyGraze

If I had never read or heard of the source material before then I'd probably think this was kick ass. But...yeah, I think I'm going to have to pass. The story could be a kick ass platformer but an action game?

Posted by Kinarion

This shit is just insulting to the source material.  I mean fuck, there are plenty of epics that are loaded with game-ripe content - Gilgamesh, Iliad, Odyssey, Beowulf - why rip the one about a fucking poet?  Or else, just  use it as inspiration, don't claim to be an adaptation.

Posted by Kraznor

Heh, kind of like that tagline. I don't know, giant creatures, stylish hellscape, God of War gameplay...I'll play that.

Edited by AnxiousTube

I do not see Dantes Inferno as this horrible.  I see it as horrible and dark but not like this. I also hope they know that the further you get away from paradise the colder it is not the more hot and Lava filled.

Posted by Lewis

you can see Wayne Barlows imput, those creatures look amazingly creepy, look forward to seeing some gameplay

Posted by uskomaton

Hmm, I don't know what to make of that, on one hand the source material is cool, but I think they are taking too many liberties with it. Seems to be aping GOW a bit too much too. Oh yeah and of course it's EA *spit*

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by Chewii101

When I first heard about this game, I immediately thought "great another generic hack-n-slash based in hell." While that still looks the case, this trailer sure did raise my interest. 

Posted by Lingxor

Looks like a good time.

I'll keep an eye on it.

Posted by mubress

Cool trailer. I'd rather play GoW3 though... Or 2 or 1 for that matter.

Posted by Hector

I didn't like it when I first saw it at the VGA's but now it's growing on me. It's looking really decent.

Posted by TOYBOXX

This trailer is interesting but I'm looking forward to seeing some gameplay footage. Trailers can be spiced up to look good, but how does it play out? After all that's what video games is about, interaction.

Posted by Chadster

"Go To Hell"


Posted by alConn

ROFL at the Divine Comedy "defenders".

"Man, they are RUINING the poem, dude..."

Dante's Inferno = God of War + 9 circles of Hell.  If they can make it as sweet and epic as God of War was then I am on board, regardless if the last boss ends up being Satan or the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man.

Posted by ellkell

Not sure if I remember correctly, but wasn't Dante a bit of a wimp in the story.  If this is an adaptation, the tag line "a man who doesn't fear death" is not the best interpretation of the Dante character.  I'm just saying, I remember him being the guy who would poop his pants about everything in Hell.  Oh right, he fainted a lot too.

Posted by LuchaDeerFear

Sweet trailer. If the production values are near as good as Dead Space's then its gonna be an audio-visual treat. Doubting there's gonna be much new gameplay wise but I'm sure it'll be solid. Those pink three headed creature things at the end looked a little silly rather then creepy.

Edited by Line

Don't think it really qualifies as emo, but it looks like they're going to butcher the poem's story anyway.  I sure hope that 3 headed red thing isn't Cerberus...

Posted by Maxszy

It looks good. Then I may be lucky because I don't know anything regarding the source material.

Really want to see more actual gameplay and how those mechanics will work though before making some sort of opinion.

Edited by Lewis

people seem to know a lot about this poem, i'll be honest i thought the divine comedy was a british band from the 90's who sang about that coach company :P

Posted by GmLx

I think it looks quite interesting. The audio/soundtrack sounded pretty kick ass and the production values look quite high. If its anywere near dead space quality im in.

Posted by McQuinn

I hope actual gameplay has the creepy vibe like that just did.

Posted by MasonL87

Looks like a God of War ripoff with "the 9 circles of hell" skinned over it. I'm waiting to be impressed.

Posted by zoozilla

Looks like a nice opportunity for some repetitive environments.

Posted by giyanks22

Looks pretty good, but it seems like its trying to be something that its not.

Posted by Kohe321


Posted by Geno

Wasn't impressed at the VGA's but it's starting to look really good. If that's in game graphics, then GoW 3 has a lot to work up to.

Posted by Gregomasta

I dunno, they just sent me to hell in this trailer.

Posted by Hamst3r

I wish they didn't make this a God of War hacky-slashy action game and instead made it a survival horror game.

Posted by Fira

looks like ninja gaidan to me!

Posted by Luthorcrow

I have agree with Jeff, why bother within calling it Dante's Inferno when has little to do with the source material and there is little benefit in the association.  How many gamers get excited about a game named after it and anyone that has read it would more likely be turned off.

I would rather see a Akuji the Heartless remake.

Posted by Synister_Gamer

Really looking forward to this, I trust the Dead Space team.

Posted by GTCknight

I'm a little confused by something. If he (the main character) killed death (otherwise known as the Grim Reaper) why should he fear anything thats in hell. I mean you can't die any more right?

Regardless I'am interested in this game now. And yes I know its gonna be nothing like the poem at all, other than the fact that they both take place in hell.

Posted by Eric_Buck

GTCknight- they actually are basing a lot of the levels etc. on this descriptions from the poem.

Posted by BothBarsOn

WTF? Went all Monty Python there towards the end.

Posted by Alphazero

I haven't been able to play God of War, so I'm looking forward to this.

Sure, Dante wasn't much of a warrior when he wrote the epic poem, but that doesn't bother me. You'll get great art direction, and I wouldn't be surprised if some high schooler gets some test questions correct because they played through this. You'll get something out of the literary setting.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Seeing one of Barlowe's designs animated is freaky and awesome at the same time.

Posted by vinsanity09

I know nothing and I mean NOTHING about this poem so it's all good for me

Posted by Krouchy

Making a Ninja Gaiden/God of War-style game based on Dante's Inferno is kind of like making a first-person-shooter out of The Collected Poems of Robert Frost.  The majority of the book involves Dante standing around talking to souls about religion and politics, not exactly the stuff of big-budget games.

Can't wait for the fighting game based on Jane Austen's Emma.

Posted by unholyone123

I think there was a game that was also based on Dante's Inferno, I believe it was called The Lost for the PS2. It was supposed to be a modern version of the classic poem, and as far as game play goes, it would mostly be a third person action/adventure. It was canceled for whatever reason, but I think that this new game looks to be much better.

Posted by GTCknight
Eric_Buck said:
GTCknight- they actually are basing a lot of the levels etc. on this descriptions from the poem.

I know that it uses the nine circles of hell, thats why I said it took place in hell. But yes right, I should have made myself more clear, I'm sorry. (and yes I meant it)

But again, can you die in this game? I mean the main character (aka Dante) kills the Grim Reaper (aka death), hell you use his scythe as your weapon. 
Posted by TekZero

It's worth a wait and see.  If this turns out half way decent, I'll prolly get it.

Posted by LDub

The premise looks better than I expected, all they need to do is deliver.  Whether its like GoW or not remains to be seen but there's no deny the protagonist looks badass.  Remember when everyone was saying Dead Space was just RE4...in space, I'm sure EA blew everyone away with what they did with DS and I'm sure they'll deliver with Dante's Inferno. 

Edited by Shatner

It might end up being a generic action game... but talk about art design!  That trailer looked like a million bucks.  But this is EA... so maybe 60 million bucks would be more accurate.

Posted by BlackIrish05

Nice trailer. Wish it had gameplay though

Posted by Duskwaihy

They seem to be overdoing the whole badass theme.
It would be better if they had based the game on the books but not named it after it. because everyone goes in knowing the Dantes Inferno and gets a over hyped hollywood style version.

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