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Right when I get back to my computr0n!

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Another one? Cool to me.

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Excited to see how this game turned out. Not expecting much.

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For me it stops at 03:26.

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Let's do this!
I'm ready to be thoroughly unimpressed.

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Nothing says "I'm here to help you." more than shoving a glowing cross in their faces.

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@sdornan said:
" Excited to see how this game turned out. Not expecting much. "
I think it will turn out to be a good if not great game, just not at all origional. Visceral has proven themselfs to be capable of making a great game while using an older game in the genre as a jumping of point(RE4 for Dead Space)
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They work sometimes.

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Is this the day of repeat Quick Looks? With this and Dark Void? 
It's still great though, any QL is a good QL

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Oooo, once again, I am offended by a Quick Look.  You and your Anti-Jewness, Vinny.

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"Argh I'm Jewish I don't care! This doesn't hurt me!"
Vinnie XD

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good job on all these recent quick looks.  right after watching dark void, now into dantes inferno.
hm.  So, EA ripped off God of War, gave it the title, Dante's Inferno, so they could say it has backstory and meaning to the events, and put some money into creating a cartoon.  It doesn't have personality, it just seems very by the book "ripoff popular franchise and profit"...

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I don't care what anyone says, you can cry over a 700 year old poem all you want, I for one thinks this looks awesome and I love the hell theme.

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awesome, can't wait!
I just hope my 360 will return to me before it comes out :)

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Seems odd that you would do a Quick Look of both the demo AND the full game.. Oh well, the more videos the better. Cheers duders!

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@Venatio said:
" Is this the day of repeat Quick Looks? With this and Dark Void?  It's still great though, any QL is a good QL "
i thought the same thing.
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I can't wait to play some Dante's Inferno. This game looks sswweeeett.

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Meh... I'm starting to have button-masher overload. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 came out, then God of War Collection, Darksiders, and Bayonetta. Now this is coming out, followed by God of War 3...
Not to mention the fact that I'm just not into games where I can roll my face across the controller buttons, and win. I expect more out of games in 2009-10, but maybe that's just me.

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Besides the fact that this game sucks, it is definitely a way better homage to Heavy Metal than Brutal Legend.
I mean, this whole thing is metal.
And I like it for that. It is very metal.

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Would those be unbaptized babies?

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This game looks great. Really wish I could've seen the boss fight though.
Also, were you guys actually offended by killing babies with scythe hands?

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The demo didn't impress me THAT much but this QL has completely changed my mind on this game.. i want this game NOW

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I just got 72 times more excited for this game.

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So . . . basically, at one point, you're saying that you're on a boat. And you murder the boat because it's made of people. Then you ride a monster to the other side and go crashing through a wall. But it's all okay, becasue you're in hell. 
Also, Dante solves every problem with stabbing.

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those babies are just messed up!

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I'm sooooo buying this game it's fucking awesome!

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Pretty rad looking game.  It seems like 2010 is turning into the year of paying homage to gaming past.    Darksiders with its LEGENDary Zelda reverence.  Bayonetta HANGing-ON to its Sega and Capcom roots.  Now Dante's Inferno doing a HELL of a job emulating God of War....see what I did there?  I'll definately play this game because I totally dig the style its going for, so I guess it all comes down to whether or not I'm comfortable fighting hell babies.  Well unfortunately I've seen all the "It's Alive" movies so...yes.  Hell yes I'll kill aborted hell babies!

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My flatmates swear by Jersey Shore, and it all started a weekend I went home. Not entirely sure if they are doing it to psyche me out, but its just about the worst thing I've ever seen.
Fuck the situation. His name doesn't even deserve capitals.

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Ok I am sorry its a blatant rip off but fuck does it look awesome.I mean some of this stuff is like T-Rex flying an F-16 awesome.

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The animation and design in this game is incredible.

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looks more interesting then the demo was but can it be any good when its out on retail hmmmmmmmmmm
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Rental for sure. Should satisfy my Action Adventure appetite until God of War III comes out. 

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This game looks just like God of War, but without the staunch restraint.

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Whatever people say about the quality of this game: 
You gotta admit that hell-mouth that pukes people is awesome.

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I'd play this on PC. We don't get much of these.

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Looks very interesting to say the least. Those...foetuses however....

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@02:20 There are Mutalisks in hell? Zerg are hellspawn?

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omfg. i don't really want to play this. too crazy.

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@lhaymehr said:
" I'd play this on PC. We don't get much of these. "
This isn't on PC,dude.
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I am very excited about this game!

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@skrutop said:
" Would those be unbaptized babies? "
Yes they are.
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The babies are a bit much for me, I think. Recently becoming a father probably has something to do with that.

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Looks good!  Combat looks solid, with a lot of unlockable moves.  The question now is do you even need most of these moves?  Ryan was doing just fine hammering away at X and Y with the occasional block or dodge.

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Ripping the head off a talking boat? Okay you got my attention.

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@aButton said:
" This game looks just like God of War, but without the staunch restraint. "
My thought exactly. It took all of those kinda uncomfortably gorey moments of the GoW games and blew it out to ten times proportion, made sure every woman was topless and had any attention you paid to detail immediately reveal something disgusting. I'm not suggesting the game is inappropriate or shouldn't exist, but it just seems really gross with few redeeming qualities. Not my taste.
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Can't wait for this game! Got it on pre-order. :)

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You are dumb