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This game doesn't look half bad. I may give it a play through. I totally dig the graphics.

Posted by Artemis_D

Heeey, Wii Motion Plus!  I forgot about that thing.

Posted by slyspider

mmmm ill try it

Posted by scarace360

no wont try it tried the first on launch day hated it ill wait for a review before i decide 

Posted by Systech

That trailer was kind of dumb.

Posted by Crixaliz

Graphics look pretty decent

Posted by Omano


Posted by GregIsRad

The only thing I could ever want from a Wii game commercial isn't even in this commercial.

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Posted by Lingxor

Remember when this game had a weak yakuza theme?

Posted by Milkman

Uh k?

Posted by DukesT3

id give it a try.. ill just gamefly it. 

Posted by addictedtopinescent

Lame trailer but the game looks okay so far, but then again so did the first red steel  
but the real question is 
@Artemis_D said:

" Heeey, Wii Motion Plus!  I forgot about that thing. "
Has anything at all been happening with that thing ?
Posted by Knives

I'm cautiously optimistic. 

Posted by Deusoma

If Red Steel 2 actually turns out to be a good game, it'll be the franchise resurrection of the decade.

Posted by happyfatman

This is really looking like it's going to be one of the best (Wii) games of 2010.  I'm really excited for this and I can't wait until I get my opportunity to finally play it.

Posted by PureRok

Hate the art style.

Posted by Knives
@PureRok said:
" Hate the art style. "
You're probably alone here.
Posted by Claude

They tried to make it like Team Fortress 2 "Meet the so and so". It didn't work.

Posted by Asurastrike

The graphics actually look pretty good.

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Posted by Rotnac
@Knives said:
" @PureRok said:
" Hate the art style. "
You're probably alone here. "
Posted by FrEeZe

Didn't any one tell Ubisoft that that name is taken?

Posted by Andborn

FCBA, new buzz word.

Posted by dbz1995

Yay! My first Ad.

Posted by GunnBjorn

That ODST add is starting to get really anoying...
Posted by tce

"He takes you for motorcycle rides."
Cut to footage of protagonist getting dragged along the ground while tied to the back of a motorcycle.

Posted by GagnarTheUnruly

Yeah, hate the ODST add.  Unless the gameplay is about yelling nonsense at people until they jump off of a concrete wall.
Regarding Red Steel, it's nice to see that game designers are finally starting to get creative with character names (heavy sarcasm).

Posted by PureRok
@Knives said:
" @PureRok said:
" Hate the art style. "
You're probably alone here. "
So? Why should that matter? I hate the art style whether people agree with me or not. It's not like my opinion will change just because it's not popular.
Posted by JackiJinx

Was this ad suppose to appeal to anyone?

Posted by frans130

What a lame ass trailer. Game's looking decent though
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I don't know how good the game will end up but Ubisoft has built a great engine they will hopefuly use for many more projects. The team developing this game has very talented modelers and texture artists if nothing else. This is how every third party Wii game should look quality wise, if only they actually tried. After seeing this type of eye candy then no Wii game has any excuse to have shitty muddy textures, incredibly low polygon models, no shadowing whatsoever, drab levels, and on top of that frame rate issues when this beauty runs @ silky smooth 60 fps. It's not just the cel-shading that makes this look good, everything is well designed and detailed (not simple & cartoony like Wind Waker), it could have worked with any art style if the content creators were competent like these guys are. Hopefully it's a good game that will sell well enough for others to try and copy it, because if it's a bad game it will be forgotten very soon and everyone will once again blame the underpowered Wii for shitty looking titles, instead of the developers of the games in question. Meh.</rant>

Posted by AURON570

looks pretty good. very in your face trailer

Posted by Media_Master

graphics are shaping up nicely

Posted by MeatSim

I wonder if his name always was Payne or did he legally change it later?

Posted by blaze503

For a Wii game the Graphics and the Style are really good
Posted by EndlessMike

So that's where Kratos has been all this time.

Posted by Gamer_152
@EndlessMike said:
"So that's where Kratos has been all this time. "
Haha, nice.