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and the hero unit is Sephiroth

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StarwindX9 said:
and the hero unit is Sephiroth

Well, you have to have SOME kind of anti-air.
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emo hitler vs spiky haired churchill.

Nah it looks pretty interesting :)

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Wow... Japanese Devlopers making a WWII game...
Can anyone say Alternate Ending...

If you can control Planes, Tanks, and Infantry, and zoom from the clouds to the Ground seamlessly, kinda like WIC, then this game has potential.

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And the order of war is probably "Kill those dudes over there!"

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why square why?
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looks pretty sweet

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The Fuck ...

its just the cheap mans World in Conflict WW2 mod !!!

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Are we ever going to get over World War 2?

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I can't wait for the Pacific Theater expansion, where you give Chinese citizens flowers and hugs.

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@Dane:   Let's be fair, millions upon millions died in that war, it's a hard thing to get over!

But yes...there are a few too many WW games on the market i believe, i wouldn't call it an 'easy' genre at all, but perhaps something which has some guarantee to sell as opposed to perhaps taking risks on other projects.
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It looks sort of like the RTS sequences from Total War.

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I was hoping for more materia summons. Try harder, Square.

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A Square Enix game about war? Where are the dragons?

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OK, so a french developer creates RUSE and Square Shows this?
a pattern emerges, and i can't see it. GO COMPLETELY NOT WHAT I WANT OUT OF SQARE!!!!!!!!!!

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company of heroes owns all WW2 RTSs ok

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I know the FF stuff makes an obvious joke.... but srsly,  how much more interesting would this trailer be if Bahamut started goose stepping across the battlefield with a hitler moustache?  And he's voiced by Alec Baldwin.

Better than a coma-inducing World Of War Two, WiC knock off at any rate.

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Wow. A final fantasy RTS would be far better (even though it would be crappy fanservice that gets re-released 12 times) than (yet another) WW II game.

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Wow, that really looked average.

Men of War is so far the best WWII RTS.

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I was hoping for Black Mages on Airships, but nope =[ Thinking about it a Final Fantasy RTS would be amazing!!! Before that thou, FF XIII plz.

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Were are the girly looking men with giant swords?

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Hey its the new Company of Heroes! oh wait. . . .

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unless at some point you must fight Hitler who summons ifrit then this game will be generic.

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Square Enix???!? WHa??

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MeatSim said:
Were are the girly looking men with giant swords?
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They aren't gonna do the Pacific theater? That's disappointing.

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I love brown filter!


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this might be an eidos game in disguise seeing as square-enix just acquired them

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I'm not sure if game developers got the memo but, stop making WWII games!!!!

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Heh, Square Enix huh? Guess they're trying to branch out.  Looks like a solid RTS game.  Guess we'll see.

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I think a square enix Final fantasy RTS would be pretty cool, or how about an action RPG where you can make your own character. I am not looking forward to this game, looks very average... Wheres the hook? I hate WW2 games now because they are way over made. and Company of Heroes is by far the best WW2 RTS game.

I am pretty sure this game is just being published under the square enix name and is actually developed by a new studio, Possibly Eidos as mentioned previously. Square has all its teams hard at work on Final Fantasy 13, Versus 13, Crystal Chronicles (forget the new ones name.. for wii), Agito 13 for psp, as well as some mystery new MMO that is very hush hush currently, hopefully we will hear something at E3?!
 And probably another 4 games we don't know of yet or I forgot.

Nice to see them branching out but... NOT WW2.. ITS BEEN DONE... ALOT. Branch out from RPG if you like Square enix, but keep it fantasy.. its what you do best, and what your fans love you for. Not a lot of Final fantasy fans that are also hardcore WW2 game fans. and few people that become a fan of this WW2 game are going to try your older fantasy RPG games and find a common interest. Basically your fan base becomes split.. then you have to split resources between 2 different series rather than keeping it within the same style.

Final fantasy RTS= good idea. Giant monsters, summons, airships, swords, guns, not to mention the whole Steampunk aspect of the final fantasy universe. It would make a sweet game.

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Not too interesting, looks like a cross between Company of Heroes and World in Conflict, WWII games need something edgy to compete, and this doesn't look like it has it.

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What  are you all guys talking about? Emo hitler and girlish soldiers with dyed hair? Square Enix is PUBLISHING , but not DEVELOPING this game. Wargaming. net are the developers - a company that released succesfull Massive Assault  series,  hope Order of War will be  a success too.

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