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Your good deeds can suck it, Lemon! 

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yes this looks pretty good.
EDIT: Damn you FunExplosions! If only a had a better PC and a faster internet that quest could have been mine :(

Posted by Creamypies

Looking forward to an epic amount of groin kicking!

Posted by edinxbox@live.nl

LOL look at the first few comments, they all think they are first lol

Posted by barkertron

Oddjob was outlawed whenever we used to play N64 Goldeneye. OUTLAWED. He was wayyyyyyy too tiny

Posted by artofwar420

Oh balls :D

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I was hoping this was the introduction of the new video feature "Brief Looks".

Posted by whacknasty

so does anyone know if the nunchuck/contoller setup is the only way to play?  Or is that gun accessory an option? 

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Yeah, Rosa Klebb! Is her melee attack a spiked, poison tipped shoe? That would be awesome.
Also, Blofeld looks very "Diamonds Are Forever" in this video.

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Meh, Blood Stone >>>>> Goldeneye

Posted by Einherjan

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

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@whacknasty:  The Classic Controller works too as far as I know. In fact, I think they said that was what they were using in the Quick Look. 
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Get your friends?! I don't have any :(

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Damn.  I was hoping for the Donald Pleasance version of Blofeld, all bald and monocled.  He was the obvious inspiration for Austin Powers' Dr. Evil, and playing as him woulda been a hoot.

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That video was kind of worthless as many have already been seen though probably not directly named. Still think that Blofeld needs to have a weapon similar to Oddjob where he throws/strikes with the white persian cat instead of the bowler hat.

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Pierce Brosnan?

Posted by Silentsnake510

This game does not look good at all to me...

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@FritzDude said:

Pierce Brosnan?

No ma'am, Daniel Craig is the new face of James Bond. I know... :(
Posted by zityz
@barkertron said:
" Oddjob was outlawed whenever we used to play N64 Goldeneye. OUTLAWED. He was wayyyyyyy too tiny "
Yes and even worse when he was crouch running around the map and you pretty much had to either play prox mines or point your damn gun at the ground.
Posted by Ben

I never understood the Oddjob love/hate; unless he's right on top of you he's crazy easy to score headshots on. Jaws is where it's at. I don't care if he's a larger target, that's who I always picked.

Posted by dyong

I want to play as that henchman who strangles people with his walkman playing bad 80s pop music. :(

Posted by Wrighteous86

After the Quick Look, I'm cautiously optimistic.

Posted by Sly_Ry

Two things that are pathetic: 
1. Zorin, who used a submachine gun to mow down a bunch of dudes, escape in a blimp, and fight Bond with an axe can't be in it. No. But a small woman who uses a SHOE BLADE can, along with a man who "lacks manual dexterity" in his hands can. Fuck this game and the creators. 
2. Nobody can shoot worth shit in that trailer. 

Posted by threeve

If they are trying to appeal to my nostalgia for goldeneye, they continue to fail spectacularly.

Posted by gosukiller

Always fun when you can see the un-ease of the controls right into the trailer. People standing 50 cm apart from eachother trying to shoot.

Posted by MeatSim

Red Grant gets a lot of head shots when Jeff's controlling him.