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Hell yes. 

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Posted by Vaancor

Aww so close :(
In related news: That's defiantly odd choice going with Shaun.

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@Vaancor said: 

"That's defiantly odd choice going with Shaun. "

 The word is "definitely" and not really odd, since Shaun is a tourney winning pro skater too and has invented tricks himself. However, this game looks awwwwwwful.
Posted by matrix_hiei

wow, this looks terrible.

Posted by Sweep

Sean Coonce gonna be stoked for this game ^____^

Posted by Omurra

... alright seriously, whats with the randomly appearing "rails"? i assume this is probably meant to open up the environment and give the player more to do, but seriously this just looks like the character is just trippin' hard every time he steps on his skate.

Posted by tourgen

this game needs to be 2D with ascii art

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@Vaancor said:

" Aww so close :(  In related news: That's defiantly odd choice going with Shaun. "

He is more known as a snowboarder, but he is also a professional skateboarder, so its not really that odd. Plus they probably reused a bunch of assets from his other game, so it makes sense.
After Skate though, does the world really need another skateboarding franchise?
Posted by toots

the part where you skateboard looks terrible.

Posted by TheJohn

This game seems like a joke

Posted by coonce

look waaaay more tony hawk than skate...  
interested to see how they're going to pull off the 'grind anywhere' feature they're touting .... guess we'll see in a few short weeks.

Posted by MrKlorox

Can't wait for the QL. I bet it will receive quite a thrashing.

Posted by Hellone

Have your say here...

Posted by Baggykins

the "grind anywhere" is a cool concept... Not seeing much more in this game

Posted by smitty86

"Stay tuned for multiplayer"
No sir, i shall not

Posted by Jayross

The only cool-ish part is the whole "controlling the rail" thing.

Posted by MrQuizmo

So... Kinda sad I watched this. Feel like the time could have been better spent. But whatever, this is still gonna be baaaad.

Posted by Druminator

He's bad ass but I still hate him.

Posted by g6065

I often wonder how even more successful (in a business sense) Shaun White would've been if he didn't look like......Shaun White.

Posted by Marz

at least it will be better than Tony Hawk's Ride?

Posted by Mrskidders

This whole grind/flow concept is actually really fucking annoying me.  If I wanted to play a game with hoverboards I get a game with hoverboards in it.  Not a fucking skateboarding game that could just stick to getting the basics awesome but instead puts in the dumbest fucking mechanic I have seen since Matyrdom in MW.
Seriously, this game can fuck off.

Posted by TrashMustache

Is it me or is this just a tony hawk rip off? i mean it looks like it plays exactly the same, anyway i said it before and i'll say it again if this is the closest thing i'm gonna get to an old school tony hawk experience i'm buying, i'll wait for a review, i'm guessing jeff.
Posted by Zeninnnnnnnn

I think this looks like a pretty interesting take on the skateboarding series. THat grind anywhere feature looks neat.

Posted by Mumrik

So this is what happens when Tony Hawk takes a break from the standard formula...

Posted by Vaancor
@gel That's news to me, shows how much I keep up with that stuff. I agree on how it looks though.
Posted by krystians

His snowboarding game was horrible!

Posted by omegadude

pretty much a reboot of oldschool tony hawk

Posted by jorbear

I'm disappointed in the lack of "not jokes".

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I don't get why people are so negative about this game, it looks like something I've been waiting for for a while now, a return to crazy  skateboarding where you launch several meters into the air whenever you hit a half pipe. I could never get into the skate games because they removed the ridiculous shit that made the early tony hawk games fun.

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yeah but this just looks terrible.  Bad graphics and animations, slow pacing, etc...
Posted by Wyld

This game looks god awful

Posted by McQuinn

I know what this reminds me of. Jet set radio

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Posted by Catterick

My word this looks bad. 
I haven't really followed the development much, but wasn't their hook supposed to be environments you can mould on the fly? Please tell me that silly floating rail is what they mean?

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Aw forget it. Link no worky.


Posted by MeatSim

Air grinding is the future.

Posted by Jambones

I was moderately intrigued when the first footage came out, but it's looking like it's taking pages, if not chapters, from Tony Hawk's earlier incarnations.  
Count me out.

Posted by Osiris
Yeah I bet this will give a good quick look :D This game reminds me of some of the old skateboarding games like Trasher mixed with the first THPS game... hmm.
Posted by Konanda
@Meatsim said:
"Air grinding is the future. "

You'll need it to stop the future government which takes away your right to skate with helicopters! 
Shaun White Skateboarding get's real dawg.
Posted by hilld1985

This whole thing looks like a fucking mess.
Reminds me of a whole host of early PS2 skateboard games that just didn't make the grade.

Posted by dyslekt
New tony looks as crap as old...
Posted by Terjay

I'm not staying tuned for shit. This looked fucking horrible and I hope it fails in an epic fashion.