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Finally! Was hoping there was more coverage from what the BLLSL showed.



edit: I had this already and went for theiving, I'm still happy for you EmuLeader.

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Looking very forward to Halo 4



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Excited to hear more about Halo 4! 
Edit: Also, that screen grab makes Frankie look very... Heston Blumenthal. That weirds me out.

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Good interview. I can't wait for Halo 4!

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Brad, always the best GB interviewer.

Interesting talk about the engine.

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Good, relaxed interview. Frank is the greatest.

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Yay! Frankie!

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@EXTRASHINY: already had it too. Just happened to already be still awake and wanted to hear more about the game.

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Like a BOSS!

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Good interview. I'm have a feeling that this game will be pretty good. Way more excited for this than Reach.

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Great interview, go #TeamBrad

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Very good interview Brad.

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Great interview, Brad.

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Is that a hickey on Frank O'Connor's neck? O.o

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This is exciting.

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Halo 4!! :D

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Can't wait for it! Looks incredible!

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The Orange and Teal wars continue in Halo 4

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Brad has to be one of the best interviewers in the industry, in my opinion. Concise, relevant questions and he does his homework before hand. I love Giant Bomb!

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This interview is so mellow. I am so damn ready for another Halo adventure.

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I thought Reach looked nice but damn this game is just great to look at.

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"Can you answer a leading question in a positive manner?"

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Man that Metroid Prime vibe is evident.

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Frank's voice sounded especially nasally in this video.

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Nice interview. :)

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Looking at all this Halo 4 coverage just makes me want another Metroud Prime.

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*Metroid , the mobile site should really have an edit feature.

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Is it just me or are Brad and Frank TOTALLY using their best NPR radio voices here?

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Very nice looking visuals. Also Cortana's facial animation looks pretty great, nice to see that the tech even this late in the generation can still impress.

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a lot of people say MS doesn't have enough huge exclusive beyond all the kinect stuff.... but for me Halo is all I really need.

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Is Frankie British? There is a definite accent there...

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@Finstern said:

Is Frankie British? There is a definite accent there...

Yeah, he's Scottish. His accent is pretty subtle, though. For a while I almost thought he had a minor speech pathology problem. Oops!

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Brad is the best at interviews.

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Brad interviews like a champ.

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Does the orange/blue stuff have something to do with rampancy?

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lame, doesnt look that much different from any other Halo ive played before.

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I'm so effing excited for Tokyo Jungle!!

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@dr_mantas said:

Does the orange/blue stuff have something to do with rampancy?

That's a possibility, but red has been the default color used to portray rampancy in the past games. When Guilty Spark flipped out and attacked Johnson and Master Chief in Halo 3, he started glowing red. And when Cortana goes nuts screaming "I will not allow you to leave this planet!" in the Halo 4 trailers, she flashes red.

It's possible that the orange and blue represent factions within the Forerunner leadership. I strongly recommend reading Greg Bear's Forerunner novels Cryptum and Primordium, as they are really solid scifi books in general and have done a great deal in fleshing out Forerunner history and society.

Possible Spoilers follow!

Ok so my guess? I've got a couple ideas. One color/side is the Didact (the Forerunner military leader that ultimately and reluctantly activated the Halo array) and the other is his wife, the Librarian (Forerunner scientist that cataloged sentient life in the galaxy). The Didact is portrayed as something of a hero, sort of the Forerunner version of Master Chief, so it seems unlikely that he will serve as the sole antagonist or the "ancient evil" they've been alluding to.

It's also possible that one color/side is BOTH the Didact and Librarian and that the other side/color is the Master Builder (the supreme Forerunner engineer/leader that designed the Halo array and WANTED to use it). He's the closest to a true villain from what we know about the Forerunners in general.

There's also the Precursors to consider which, as the name suggests, were the dominant civilization before the Forerunners. The Forerunners fought and defeated the Precursors, taking on the "Mantle" or the responsibility to oversee the galaxy. It is considered pseudo-cannon that the Flood is actually a weapon of Precursor origin designed to test/punish the Forerunners for rebelling and exterminating the Precursor society. It is also possible the Flood ARE the Precursors, the very first form of intelligent life, returned from outside the galaxy to reclaim what the Forerunners took from them.

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@Spitznock: From Cortana..

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@cleanitupjohny said:

Brad has to be one of the best interviewers in the industry, in my opinion. Concise, relevant questions and he does his homework before hand. I love Giant Bomb!

He really is the best. His questions are always so specific and great at asking what you want to know.

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@verysexypotato said:

I'm so effing excited for Tokyo Jungle!!

Couldn't have said it better myself!

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Great interview Brad.

I wonder what the pecking order is for interviews w/Frank at these sort of press hostings. Is it by site popularity or interview familiartity/competence?

Also it seems 343 is showing far more of their game than Bungie ever did in prelaunch of any of their Halo games. Can't tell if it's just a bit of a different marketing strategy per se, or just a basic need for approval and assurance for the fans they're worried about.

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@Hashbrowns: Wow, thanks, that's incredibly informative!

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Both Brad and Mr. O'Connor look and sound exhausted. Get some sleep guys!

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@BlatantNinja23 said:

a lot of people say MS doesn't have enough huge exclusive beyond all the kinect stuff.... but for me Halo is all I really need.

haha True dat, true dat.

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YES! Can't wait to meet the Didact! WIll he be friend or foe? I was right that the combatants are forerunners, but not promethians, as promethian is more of a life progression.

This answeres a lot of questions. I am very happy.

I think orange and blue are about different castes, like the lifeworkers and the warriors, but then again, lifeworkers don't fight. I just think it is something along that line.,, OOOH NO WAIT!!! HOLY HSHIHWIHHSFISHFISJ I KNOW WHAT IT ISS HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA YEEESSS!!! GENIUS!!! hahah, Mendicant Bias vs the Didact. Rebels are orange, blue are from the old government, before the firing of the Halo's. Brilliant. I cannot freaking wait for this game holy crap. Mendicant Bias was responsible for overthrowing the Forerunner government. Though he was green, not orange.... hmmmm...

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So, the shitty pc i was watching this on decided to always freeze the video everytime it got kinda close in on Brads face before he would finish asking a question. Best accidental editing I've ever seen.