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So exciting!

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The suspense is killing me!

Not really.

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@drwhat said:

wha'ts this

hot is what it is

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Fantastic! Men in underwear!

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It's happening!

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Yes ! :)

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Saw the Destiny youtube vidoc...not impressed. Honestly, it looks like Halo.

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I want those dirty deets!

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What? There aren't any X-Men in this...pfft

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Oh cool!

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This looks amazing, but man, Bungie has its work cutout to convince me I want a Planetside-like game.

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I already had a grown man in his underwear try and tell me about my destiny.

...never going back to that underpass.

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Interested to hear what this is about, and who better to tell me than a grown man in his underwear.

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Man i love Halo, but this does nothing for me.

A MMO that spans a WHOLE DECADE, oh wait WOW is that

since Bungie loves tracking stats

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AGMIHUTYA... is my favorite new GB feature.

Doesn't quite roll off the tongue like TANG or RPG or LOLS but what can you do.

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Wish they would have been more forward with the info, but whatever. Bungie rarely disappoints.

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Holy crap at Jeff's hair.

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Jeff's hair could use another 9 months in preproduction. The light clipping can be ironed out before launch

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This is sounding an awful lot like a first-person MMO that they're trying as hard as possible to not be labeled as MMO.

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Too much clothing!

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that official 'vidoc' was pretty vague and self-aggrandizing. don't get me wrong, looks intriguing- but it's a sci-fi shooter with some pervasive mmo elements. then again, i'm not a big fan of halo, so whatdoiknow about bungie.

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That activision exec looks pretty pumped to see a man in his underwear.

I don't blame him.

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Sounds like Guild Wars 1 with guns.

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ho, so it's an mmo fps. Yeah, the thing we've known for about a year. Now I understand why Jeff was kind of bummed out by the event

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Is it just my computer or are there random audio cut outs?

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A first-person shooter with a (alleged) Dark Souls / Journey multiplayer structure seems interesting, I'm in.

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With an extra dose of crazy. I like it.

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I tried to pre-order at Bungie.net for their 'special content'. They blocked my ISP. Good start Bungie. I'm off the bandwagon. It looks like Rage/Halo/Sphere integrated with bullshit social media. Ambitious? Yes. Moneygrubbing? Yes. Generic? Absolutely

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Disappointing, can't say I'm hyped at all.

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sounds like they are using a lot rpg terms. i hope they flesh that out in character creation/ stats etc but i doubt it.

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So this essentially Dust 514 or Planetside?

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So Bungie made a

  • First-Person Shooter
  • Involving humans fighting against aliens
  • With a multiplayer focus

I'm sure the game will be neat but come on. Apparently there's weird rhino people on Mars you fight? Why can't I play as one of those? I WANNA BE A COOL RHINO DUDE

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Nothin' shady about a grown man spittin' knowledge at me through the internet.

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Sounds a lot like an MMOFPS. Hopefully they'll reveal something later on to differentiate it from other games in the genre.

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Yesterday was Scoops article and now Jeff's video for a Sunday morning!

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10 years is a long ass time, Bungie is really gambling on this.

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No PC version... sigh.

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Oh man, this sounds cool.

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Dat cow lick

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man the audio

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This thing being PS360 is really weird. Sounds like a consummate PC game.

And it will be weird if it goes current gen and next gen combined.