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This is way better than everything everyone else was guessing.

Unprofessional Mon/Tuesday!

I really hope some day Toys for Bob can return to their roots with Star Control.

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Hells yes. RIP Benny Harvey

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A new Star Control would be neato.

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Theme song?

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I was sort of hoping that this would be a random youtube video from a crazy person and not giantbomb related. How wrong I was!

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Good morning Jeff.

The obvious toys to game combo to my mind is: Matchbox cars to Forza. Let's go.

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Yes. This is what I want.

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giant bomb slogan @1.14:

"a new level of...you know."

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Neither Alex nor Patrick got the hot scoopz on this?

FOR SHAME!! Do your damn jobs, men!

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I was right! HUNKADUNK.

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Totally the same shirt as in ILM. Love the consistency here. That's why I watch stuff in chronological order.

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@zeekthegeek said:

This is way better than everything everyone else was guessing.

Unprofessional Mon/Tuesday!

I guessed that it would be a livestream of the next Endurance Run starring Jeff and Nicolas Cage, though.

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Totally worth all the rampant speculation.

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Yea part 3 lol time to spend more money

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Okay, Jeff just tell me where you parked your windowless van

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Hot jams with a rugged Jeff in his room talking about plastic toys.

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"A new level of...you know..."


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The words you were looking for are Giant Bomb, Jeff. It's a new level of Giant Bomb.
And we thank you for it.

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Also microphone. Thank you, Jeff!

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Countdown is clearly just a reinterpretation of the Giant Bomb logo.


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Never change, Jeff.

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Can you turn you mic up a bit?

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Disney Infinity is just around the corner and while very similar it has the one thing missing from Skylanders, Good Gameplay.

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Jeff's channeling O'Reilly with the way he's wielding that pen.

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Jeff always says he is in his underwear, but we need confirmation... amirite? hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm(perv voice).

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This is the future of the internet.

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New video content?

*consumes immediately*

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If you feel like you have to sneeze but nothing's happening, tilt your head back a bit and look into a light source.

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Nothing makes me laugh like Stoner Jeff.

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I didn't even realize that Vicarious Visions still existed. 

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Just this morning I bought a Drobot.

I don't own skylanders the game but goddamn, Drobot clearly needs a sponsor. He's sitting on my bookcase so I can keep an eye on him.

My point is that Activision needs to pay Jeff commission.

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Why the fuck am I watching this?

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Ha, everyone was saying this thing would be something about The Witcher 3, but it's Skylanders. Of course it's Skylanders.

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hahahah skylanders! figures. kind of crazy anyway

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You sir, are a maniac.

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The Playstation 4 actually is just Skylanders, oddly enough.

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The first Skylanders was an acceptable novelty. Now I don't give a fuck. Still love Jeff's enthusiasm about the series though.

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Remember folks, Boxers!

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It felt strangely appropriate to watch this video in my underwear.

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@hussatron said:

Ha, everyone was saying this thing would be something about The Witcher 3, but it's Skylanders. Of course it's Skylanders.

Seriously, if there were some super secret press preview event for The Witcher 3, A) only like Activision and EA do that sort of shit, not whoever the fuck will be publishing The Witcher 3 in North America, B) they gave Game Informer the reveal, so they wouldn't undermine that by having some big preview event that a bunch of other outlets get to attend, and C) why would Jeff of all people go to the preview event for The Witcher 3? I think other people on the staff would be more relevant.

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Check yo' levels, Rap Man. Headphone users like myself lose a year of our lives from explosions, which is why I don't watch action movies.

Also, 2013 is going to be year of the figure based game, so expect to see LEGO Adventure: The Game featuring real block pieces which connect to a mini USB, FFXIII-4 Lightning Figma Edition, and Finger Guitar Hero featuring four songs not from Rock Band, with about five DLC packs before support for it is abandoned.

Seriously though, being committed to this franchise, although crazy, is something I'd probably do also if I had big money.

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I feel like a video of Jeff in his underwear should have been Premium. Non paying peasants shouldn't be allowed to consume this content.