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Posted by Nardak

Bring on wasteland 2.

Posted by Stonyman65

So excited for Wasteland 2. When it came out on early-access it was barely a game, but now it looks awesome. Having a lot of the original Interplay/Black Isle people working on it sounds great too.

Posted by GamerChiCcK

I've resisted the temptation to play this until it's fully out and now I can't wait to try it in a couple of weeks, it looks awesome!

Posted by Mr402

The 60 dollar price tag is pricey in my eyes for this so I'm waiting for a sale before I pull the trigger.

Posted by Rowr

It's a beautiful PC strategy renaissance. Bless you kick starter and early access, I thought these genres were gone forever.

Posted by Entreri10

Definitely thinking about picking this up at some point, Might wait for a quick look before I pull the trigger though.

Posted by Stonyman65

@mr402 said:

The 60 dollar price tag is pricey in my eyes for this so I'm waiting for a sale before I pull the trigger.

I remember hearing somewhere that that price was for the early access version and that the price will drop on release. Not sure if that is true, but I've heard that more than once from people who backed it. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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Yea it looks better then the early access stuff i remember, but still kinda rough, character models are still butt ugly.

Oh and they really need to ditch that DLC "joke" on the launch screen, it's kinda embarrassing.

Posted by lumiapina

Looking great, the physical copy will also look nice on the shelf.

Posted by Abendlaender

Played a bunch of the Beta on Steam. I really loved it. Looking forward to the full game so much. Everygame that has more non-combat skills than combat skills is good in my book

Posted by Nardak

The price of wasteland 2 digital deluxe edition is 44.99 euros on steam at the moment. It was 60 euros during the early access because of kickstarter backing.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Wow, they've stepped it up even from when I played the beta a couple of months ago. I think this game will probably turn out alright.

Posted by Mr_Creeper

@mr402 said:

The 60 dollar price tag is pricey in my eyes for this so I'm waiting for a sale before I pull the trigger.

Same here.

Posted by Rzxvc


This game gun be gud.

Posted by 07ron

I kickstarted this and have held off playing it until release. Not long now...

Posted by nofzac

cant wait to see how they build into Torment from this.

Posted by Agnosticwatermelon

This is another sucessful kickstarter for me. I feel as though I got my $15 worth already out of the later version of the beta. Now when it comes out I still have 50% more of the game to play.

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It's definitely not going to be $60 when released. More like $40-$45. Considering the amount of content it'll have, that's probably a bargain.

And... if you're really into about zooming in and staring at pretty character models, this probably isn't the game for you.

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Looks good, can't wait!

Posted by paulunga

God damn, this looks awesome. Exactly what I was hoping for. Thankfully I'm getting it when it comes out thanks to my Tides of Numenera pledge.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

looking good.

Posted by Nomin

I am more glad that people here are awaiting on this game with anticipation than for the actual game to be released.

Posted by Dooleh

Nucular! It's pronounced nucular. :B

Posted by Sunjammer

Sidenote: When are inXile going to hire someone who has heard of typography? The biggest common factor to their games now is fuck-awful font use

Posted by Extintor

I am super-ready for this game... It has been a long time coming.

Posted by SpaceCouncil

That dudes voice needs to stop

Posted by Mr402

@karkarov: I was thinking that 30 dollars was a reasonable price at launch. I'd still wait even if it's released at 40 or 45. Too many other titles coming out same time to warrant anything but a steam sale price for this.

Posted by His_lane

It's called "MY-NOT", North Dakota.

Posted by ectoplasma

Wow, this really turned me off. And I love turn based combat. The menus look so archaic and I really don't like the narrator. Sounds like a TV add for an energy drink.

Posted by Memu

Is there not friendly fire? Looked like he threw a grenade into that group of robots and his bot took no damage.

Posted by lumiapina
@nofzac said:

cant wait to see how they build into Torment from this.

I think they are using the Pillars of Eternity engine for Torment, though maybe they can reuse some of the systems they've built for Wasteland 2.