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sweet i cant wait i wonder how different they will play with different  game types 

Posted by Realkilla789

it's only a upgrade of some of the maps.

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So excited for this, and I've been only playing Rush mode so far!  Someday I'll get sick of it and move on to Conquest.

Posted by Aeterna

Actually a surprisingly fun amount of random footage.

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Even though it's the same maps, looks pretty cool.
Also if anybody needs a VIP code if you bought it used or whatever, PM me.
Edit- Sorry guys, all out.

Posted by MeatSim

Hey i'm a VIP I should go download this.

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Cool, I felt this trailer showed a lot of gameplay that represented bad company 2 pretty well.
Looking forward to the new maps as well, but I hope they start doing some new stuff.

Posted by Godgolden

damn that sniper bagged the camera guy quick.

Posted by Dolphin_Butter

Even though they're old maps, I'm looking forward to seeing what new areas Rush Mode in Laguna Presa will bring.

Posted by pawsoffury

Wow. There I was thinking it'd actually be 'new' maps. Alas, it's just another publisher marketing ploy to now release witheld content that's already sitting on the disc. Obviously this is all timed in a way to coincide with MW2's map pack so it seems like they're giving us the better deal of free.
BF:BC2 already has a dire problem on the 360 of never being able to find matches of more than 8 people since the launch hype died down and even they fail to stay in a match longer than 10 minutes at the best of times.
What the title really needs is more multiplayer achievement goals aimed towards the higher end of the spectrum to encourage more people to play for longer. (5 days play long service pin achieve for example.)

Posted by Novyx
The hell are you talking about? it never takes me more than a few seconds to find a 24 player match on 360. I played most of yesterday.
Posted by ZeroCast

Whatever this VIP code is all about I sure as hell didn't get one with my copy.

Posted by ISouthPaw

Looks cool, it might even change my opinion of Arica Harbor.
Weird glitch or something though, I searched in Rush the other day and it started loading Laguna Presa in Rush, then kicked me back to the dashboard. Weird.

Posted by WiqidBritt
@ZeroCast: did you buy your copy new?
Posted by Lambert

This isn't new maps at all. All they did is allow people to play different gametypes on the same maps.
It is like Bungie letting you play CTF on a certain map. No one would consider that a new map, so why should this be?
So why wasn't this in the game already instead of trying to bullshit us into thinking they are? Oh, wait, the idiotic Battlefield fanboys will do all their bidding.

Posted by Metal_Mills

PC never got a VIP code. I'm guessing we all just get it then? Also, wasn't this meant to be NEW maps? This is just old maps in different modes! God damn it.

Posted by pawsoffury
@Novyx: Perhaps you have mostly been playing the Conquest mode rather than Rush.  I also played the game last night (as we are comparing personal experiences all of a sudden) . As has been the case for nearly a fortnight now, if the defending team lose the first two MCOM crates within 5 minutes of game start half the team proceed to rage quit. 
Because of BFBC2's lack of a balancing system it then takes pretty much the whole match to get the squad re-populated back upto something like 11 vs 9 max as new players joining a game in progress with only 6 people in the squad get decimated and more often than not quit out immediately too.
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Was there not suppossed to be new unlocks as well? 
Agree though, give us some NEW maps.

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@ZeroCast said:
"Whatever this VIP code is all about I sure as hell didn't get one with my copy. "

@Metal_Mills said:

"PC never got a VIP code. I'm guessing we all just get it then? Also, wasn't this meant to be NEW maps? This is just old maps in different modes! God damn it. "

PC version is applied automatically as long it's non-used.
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looks neat.
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Barely bonus dlc this could have been in the game, probably is

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@Chuggsy:  I've heard from some PC version leaks that the Laguna Presa Rush map is really good. Also, it's a lot larger than the conquest and death match maps, in those modes we only get one small section to work with. The full map is a lot larger.
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SPECACT upgrades are looking alright.
Posted by Reverseface

Arghh GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by WindFall259

I like free stuff.

Posted by Darksaw

That was quite a mean no-scope.

Posted by generalen

They never stated that this was going to be all new maps..  The game isn't even a month old, how anyone managed to think they were going to put out brand new maps is beyond me.

Personally, I think it's great. I only play rush mode, so I never get to see Laguna Presa. Same thing for Conquest fans, they get to see Arica Harbor. What you should be complaining about is how close they have put the flags in Arica conquest..  

If this was $10 (or $15-lolmw2) I would've complained as well.

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Laguna Presa Rush Mode is gonna be sick. I really wish I wasnt at work right now so I could play some BC2 lol.

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my pants exploded

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Price of enjoying MW2;
MW2 - £45
MW2 Map pack 1 - About £15
Total: £60
Price of enjoying BFBC2:
Yup..easy choice!

Posted by FireBurger
@Lambert: It's free. There's no bidding to be done.
Posted by heatDrive88

Am I the only one who REALLY misses that classic Battlefield 1942+1943 theme music?
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Oh, so THAT'S why it's free.

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Shame its still old maps in different modes, but they are good maps, so would certainly be a chnge in pace map wise.

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Looks cool, but I wish they'd bring back the old conquest maps that were ginormous. You'd need more people but they were way more fun to play than the cramped version now.

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@NinjaHunter said:
" Oh, so THAT'S why it's free. "
Posted by ZeroCast
@Geno said:
" @ZeroCast said:
"Whatever this VIP code is all about I sure as hell didn't get one with my copy. "

PC version is applied automatically as long it's non-used. "
Thanks for pointing that out Geno. Looks like I missed out on playing Rush in some of those maps.
Posted by EvolutionX0

I swear i played these before..

Posted by Woocifer

Wow.... I'd rather not be insulted by this "FREE" content because I bought the game... how about more than 8 maps you stingy pricks?

Posted by Novyx
Actually, I ONLY play rush mode, and never see more than 1-2 people quit per match, with the spots getting quickly filled. Where are you located?
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AWW! I'm kinda disapointed now, I thought that there would be new maps. This will be nice, and the collection of maps at hand are good, but it's still a big letdown to realize that this won't have any new maps.

Posted by immike

Hey look! It's those maps... 
In all seriousness, It's a real shame that there aren't any new maps. It's also a good thing that they are free with VIP, because I would never EVER EVVEEERRR pay money for these map tweaks. 

Posted by Trejik

*Is excited about Laguna Presa Rush*

Posted by CitizenKane

I wish I could buy this game today, but I have to wait a couple of more weeks to get it.  Meanwhile, it is the next game in my GameFly queue.

Posted by Pinworm45
@Lambert: There is new map sorta. Laguna Beach used to be a really small, like 1/16 of a battlefield section. So.. there's like 15/16th of a new map. Did you want them to call it a "15/16th map pack" instead? This is just kinda easier.  
If they were asking for money, then I'd be offended. But I don't see any reason to get angry about this.
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Here's hoping VIP MP3 has the winter Conquest map tweaked for rush too. LOVE that map :)

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agreed... homie is trippin' yo