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Posted by Brundage


Posted by lemon360

Posted by Jayzilla

I like how all the nutcases in Rapture can still come together to build coherent signage and buildings lolz.

Posted by DukeTogo


Posted by MetalR

I'm not feeling this game.

Posted by Evilsbane

WoW this actually got me excited for the game I was really worried for it and I still am a little bit but yea Yea I can get behind this

Posted by Evilsbane
@Jayzilla: They weren't always nutcases they were some of the finest minds in the world who slipped into madness because of complete freedom from moral obligation.
Posted by DanielJW

I want to see less of the explosive action, and more of the atmosphere and environment in this game. To me that was the biggest strength of the first Bioshock.

Posted by RIDEBIRD

Just seems.. meh.

Posted by nail1080

Yup, it's a sequel alright, and the enviornments looks way too samey
very meh

Posted by VWGTI

I'm feeling a little meh, but I won't completely write it off. It looks like a lot of what made the first game so epic, charming, and memorable was lost when developing the sequel. We'll have to wait and see I guess.

Posted by Derios

I am now excited for this game again.

Posted by pause422

As I thought from the beginning, to now...still terrible looking.

Posted by Reverseface

Posted by slyspider

The thing i liked about bioshock was, it was you against more powerful enemies. That wont happen when your in a suit thats badass and all. LAME

Posted by AndrooD2

I want to be excited, but I'm still bored.

Posted by SumDeus

This doesn't have the same feel as the first game. I should be feeling alone and nervous, not drilling holes in splicers' faces.

Posted by BlackIrish05
@DanielJW said:
" I want to see less of the explosive action, and more of the atmosphere and environment in this game. To me that was the biggest strength of the first Bioshock. "
Posted by ZombiePie

I still remain skeptical about this game.

Posted by darkjester74

Was that bit about the embrago lifting meant for public consumption?
Also:  Would you kindly...turn up the gamma correction?  I cant see a damn thing....  =\

Posted by Deusx

damn people this is just a trailer! a teaser! you cant judge a game by just watching a two minute long video! I bet this is going to be just as good, if not better, than the first one. And Jayzilla, the people in rapture are not stupid they are just crazy, besides, those buildings where made before they became the ADAM junkies they are now.

Posted by Burninator12


Posted by artofwar420

What is Ken Levine doing now? I really wonder what he thinks of this... probably sighing up a storm. Oh I remember now, X-Com, he's doing X-Com.
Posted by atomic_dumpling

Well … Less COD and Serious Sam, more Bioshock please?

Posted by kagekage


Posted by Shuborno

I think I'm uninterested in this game because it didn't need a sequel.
There's nothing in this trailer that hints towards meaningful growth of the lore of Rapture.  If previews/reviews come out saying that the story is good, I might become interested again.

Posted by giyanks22


Posted by Cornman89

GameTrailers preview has reignited my interest in BioShock 2. It's good to know the splicers have been getting even weirder in the past decade, and BIg Daddy weapons look like fun to use, but I really just want to know more about the new villain and how collectivism figures into the new Rapture.
It's almost a shame, really - the stuff I most want to know about BioShock 2 is the stuff they will not, and can not, divulge beforehand. Still, color me interested.

Posted by JediMcAndrew

As much as I want to be miffed at this game, it looks badass.  They have the look of the first game down, if they have crafted a story that can live up to the first as well then they have my $60.

Posted by Lazyaza

I still have no idea what to think of this sequel. Thus far all I'm seeing is 'we added some new enemies and weapons'.  This could very well turn out to be one of those rare game sequels that is actually worse than the original, I really hope it isn't.

Posted by Potter9156

Meh. This is exactly what I don't want from a Bioshock sequel: over the top combat. Combat in Bioshock was crap. Exploring, the feeling of being just a dude, alone in some crazy ass underwater city was great. Now you're some indestructible cyborg/walking tank/walking gun. Fuck. That.

Posted by TooWalrus

I feel like that orchestral number should be playing with my emotions and getting me hyped for this game, but it's just not workin'.

Posted by nanikore

Meh, indeed.

Posted by atomic_dumpling
@JediMcAndrew said:
"They have the look of the first game down."
That's a really nice way of putting it. Zero improvement is more like it, luckily graphics aren't everything.
Posted by LaszloKovacs

It's like I can feel how wrong the pacing of the combat is.
I hope this turns out well, but right now I just don't see it.

Posted by wrecks

Looks like a blast.

Posted by chililili

The difficulty or fear was in no way present in Bioshock if you took constant photographs and hacked bioshock stands as one of the few FPS that gets easier the more you progress in it. Compare the first time you foguht a big daddy vs one of the last. It was a piece of cake.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

I wanted to like/play Bioshock but the game gave me a headache from motion sickness.

Posted by Kefkaesque

The concept and the haunting atmosphere was the best part of the original.
Everything looked, sounded and felt right from the creepy lighting to the steampunk weapon upgrades to the ads that played through the PA systems of Rapture.
Those things, however, don't translate too well to a 2 minute Trailer. I DID like the new enemies and that underwater bit and the end.

Posted by Ronnock

I think y'all are missing the point of this sequel. From what I've read and watched, it isn't suppose to be like the first game other than the setting. it's a whole new perspective of the world of Rapture, thus therefore, a whole new gameplay type. In conjunction, those who are complaining about being "too" much of a badass, I'm assuming from this, that y'all didn't get to the end of the first Bioshock.  
I for one welcome a change that is still in the same heart and mind of the first one, but from a different outlook. It's a welcome refreshment. However, I do somewhat agree with what one of the previous posters said. Did Bioshock really even need a sequel? It wasn't really set up for one, but whateves! I have a feeling this game will be just as good as the first one, but with a different taste. 

Posted by SiN_BR

I can actualy see myself finishing this game...couldnt bring myself to do that the first one. Level design pissed me off too much. Go across the hall "oops, a huge fucking boulder just dropped in front of you. go around."  
Hopefuly this game will be better.
Posted by lolgreg

Bioshock is still probably my favourite game this gen as far as single player experiences.  I'll most likely be picking this up.

Posted by koolaid39

I have mixed feelings about this game. The aspects of this game that I care about are the story and the environment. It seems like they are concentrating more on the shooting. The shooting is not why I enjoyed the first game. Here's hoping the resources are being used to improve both the shooting and keeping the story and environment strong, or making it stronger.
Posted by Kibblez

The bit at 1:21 looks great. This trailer has bolstered my anticipation for the game..

Posted by ververdan0226

All aboard. 
I'm excited.  :)  2K  Marin's firing on all cylinders, trying the best they can with another team. Hope it turns out well, it certainly looks like it will.

Posted by Derecto

Oh god, im so worried bout sk screwing up this one..... i can only wait..-.-

Posted by Turtlemayor333

The negative reactions exist because the original BioShock had artistic merit as a game. You'd be seeing the same thing if Jonathan Blow was hyping up Braid 2 right now. Now maybe you don't care about all that and can't wait to blast away more splicers, and that's fine, but I'm totally agreeing with users like Potter9156 here. The combat looks off, the story doesn't matter, and interaction with the underwater environment means a whole lot less when you've got a fish bowl on your head.

Posted by Vinchenzo

Game looks like shit. Glad I'm avoiding it. The first Bioshock was amazing. This one... not even good enough to be called Bioshock.

Edited by Blair

I'm guessing they're going to screw it up.
It'll hurt because BioShock was so fucking fantastic.
Maybe Ken Levine will return for BioShock 3, which I seriously hope is a prequel.
This just seems so forced, unoriginal and uninspiring.
I hope they can prove me wrong though.

Posted by atomic_dumpling
@SiN_BR said:
"Level design pissed me off too much. "
On the other hand, the level design encouraged exploration by clever and rewarding item placement.
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