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Finally!!!! I can die in peace now.

Posted by Cincaid
Grats :D
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yep, HUNK is still badass

Posted by Redbullet685

This looks better than Wii graphics, and that is sad.

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Looks surprisingly good!

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Does Hunk have a shoe-knife!?

Posted by Pie

Survival horror you say? Lies. 

Posted by Example1013


Posted by Darkraven

they cant get away with releasing a stupid mini-game as a full fledged game, this is outraging >_>

Posted by FreezingVibrations

This and Ridge Racer have caught my attention.

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That looks damned good. 
It also looks boring as hell to me, but if it works well online I can see some Monster Hunter style love happening in Japan.

Posted by animateria

So they made a game out of an extra mode on the consoles? 
That's not enough content, nor is it particularly compelling.

Posted by Skullomania
I was hoping for an actual story. I feel like this it a time trial pack.
@FreezingVibrations: Wierd how every console since playstation launches with Ridge Racer... I think theres a conspiracy, probably not... but I think...
Posted by Agent47
@Redbullet685: I was about to say the same...
Posted by XenoNick

This looks pretty good.

Posted by JuggaloAcidman

The graphics do look better then a Wii.... I don't know how to feel about that....
Posted by Conker


Posted by MisterMouse

doesnt look bad...

Posted by Sarumarine
@MooseyMcMan said:
" Does Hunk have a shoe-knife!? "
Hunk totally pulled a Rosa Klebb with a knife in his shoe. He seems pretty knife crazy in this game all around. I hope he still has his neck snap move from RE4. That was always entertaining.
Posted by buft

I don't know anything about the Mercenaries mode, anyone care to fill me in? 
from what im reading though it looks like Capcom decided to take the "this is a handheld game" route of stripping it of all the features, which as far as I'm aware isn't necessary on the 3DS.

Posted by PJ

The game seems to be extreamly barebones but man, that looks really good for a handheld, it looks alot better then anything on the PSP. GOW might come close but this looks better imo, and it will be in 3D. 
I actually might pick up a 3DS when it comes out in Europe.

Posted by Sarumarine
Mercenaries mode is kinda like a score attack feature where you try to kill as many enemies in a row as possible. You only have a limited amount of time, but you can hit hourglasses for more time. Basically, you have to divide your time between killing, grabbing items, and getting time bonuses.
Each character has a different set of weapons and melee moves. Sometimes they have crazy powers like Krauser, who had a crazy Tyrant-style mutated arm that blew through crowds of guys in an instant.
The tough part is when they throw in boss monsters like the chainsaw maniacs or other hard to kill dudes that either break your chain, or kill you instantly. It's actually a pretty great mode that I could see them making an entire game around if they fill it out with enough crazy Resident Evil stuff and secret characters.
Posted by ptys

Well it's official, Capcom has totally lost touch with their target audience. I'm out!..

Posted by TigerDX

Japanese asterisk looks totally bizarre next to English text.

Posted by Doskias

Looks neat enough. I do hope it has more characters than that, though.

Posted by SuperWristBands

eff yes mother fucking Hunk up in this bitch! (Shoe knife looks hawt)
I certainly hope that there are more then four characters though. I want Business Suit Sheva but that is probably not gonna happen.

Posted by keyhunter


Posted by Crushed

 There was some teaser image when this game was announced that showed silhouettes of characters like Wesker, Barry, Rebecca, Ada Wong, etc.  And it has the Mercenaries stages from both RE4 and RE5. Not seeing any features being "stripped."

Posted by Demonstride

Wow are those really 3DS graphics, if so, man think of the pokemon lol.

Posted by McDunkin

If this just ends up being like what was on the console version of the games it will probably be a letdown.  If they expand it to have some sort of story mode or more in depth character progression perhaps...

Posted by TobbRobb

Yay, Hunk is in it :D, he's my favorite character. Mainly because he's got nothing to do with the retard-ass story, and just stroll around kicking ass, most of the RE cast lose their awesome factor when they start talking.

Posted by Seroth

 Mercenaries was a lot of fun in RE4 and RE5, but they seriously need to put it tons of content if they wanna make it a standalone game instead of an unlockable bonus. 
There really shouldn't be an excuse to leave out any of the previously playable Mercenaries characters.
So I expect to see in addition to Hunk, Claire, Krauser, and Chris: Leon, Ada, Barry, Sheva, Rebecca, Wesker, Excella, Josh, and Jill...and all the alternate costumes! ...also...TOFU!
 Also...not sure how I feel about the first-person aiming. I hope there's an option for the traditional third-person aiming as well.

Posted by captainanderson

Easily the best looking handheld game I've seen, and I love Claire's new design. I never really got in to Mercenary mode in 4 and 5 though, so I don't know if I'll be buying this.

Posted by Skullo

Fuck the haters.
This is going to be the best shit ever.
Hunk with AK47 just proves.

Posted by TurboMan

Because I want to play Resident Evil on a HANDHELD

Posted by Brodehouse

Jill or Die

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@Skullo said:

"Hunk with KNIFEBOOTS just proves. "

He also wins all the kickline auditions.
Posted by Olivaw

I lost so many hours to RE5's mercenaries mode, this is a guaranteed purchase.

Posted by Yummylee

Claire's a fuckin' awesome addition. Just wish she could of made it into RE5's mercenary mode; either one of em -_-

Posted by punisherkaos

What! no leon scott kennedy :(

Posted by JTB123

 That's impressive.
I wish they would make a mercenaries based game for consoles too, just with loads more maps and more characters, maybe even include a forge editor type system too. I imagine most fans of mercenaries would be willing to buy it. 
This really makes me want a 3DS now. It looks like you can move while shooting in this too.

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Would be excited for something slightly horrific on the new DS but with this franchise's last few entries being rather clunky in the control scheme, I feel that putting this on the DS will be even more clunky on a system like this. Guessing this one will sell well but will be traded in quite a lot. (could be wrong but that's my impressions on this)

Posted by Parsnip

I still can't believe that they made a full game out of those minigames.

Posted by Yummylee
Well it shows them able to move whilst reloading and using healing items. I don't know about shooting,
Posted by Rox360
@fox01313 said:
" Would be excited for something slightly horrific on the new DS but with this franchise's last few entries being rather clunky in the control scheme, I feel that putting this on the DS will be even more clunky on a system like this. Guessing this one will sell well but will be traded in quite a lot. (could be wrong but that's my impressions on this) "
On the other hand, RE is clunky because it started out before dual analog sticks was a thing. It feels clunky primarily because it doesn't let you use both sticks. The 3DS doesn't have two sticks, so it's probably a better fit!
Posted by shadowthrone

Horror genre has pretty much been spoiled since I played Amnesia. I would love an Amnesia 3DS game though....

Posted by Milkman

Couldn't I just buy a copy of Resident Evil 4 and get all this content, alongside a single player campaign for much cheaper? Since you know...it's the exact same thing...

Posted by Daveyo520

No Leon..... ;_;  BUT LEON!!!!!! HE IS LEON S. KENNEDY!!!

Posted by Crono

3DS looks better than the Wii

Posted by captain_clayman

bahaha this is better than the wii's graphics.  that's just sad, wii.

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