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Posted By Jazz_Lafayette

Someone had the fucking audacity to name a thing "Girl Fight."

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Posted By tehOperator

Not saying its a good game, but how is this any different then a bunch half naked jacked up dudes kicking the s**t out of one another? I don's see why its so offensive.

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Posted By Sphinx

Alright Micro Prose! Make Mech Warrior 5 already! MWO just isn't doing it for me. Also comparing this game to DOA5 is just slander and blasphemy. Yes it has a ridiculous and sometimes creepy Japanese vibe and "boob physics" is a thing but that game plays like a proper 3D fighter should. I would recommend DOA5U to anyone - especially at it's price point with all the DLC costumes.

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Posted By Toggery

I learned something from this trailer. And that's the Micro Prose still exists.

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Posted By scottygrayskull
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Posted By BoOzak

I watched a movie called Girl Fight. I wish it had been more like this ;p

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Posted By bjorno

Alex posted this video just so he could write that description line.

I approve.

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Posted By TaunT

Most un-creative name ever.

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Posted By Wintermute

Microprose has come a long way since the dark days of X-Com and Sid Meier's Civilization. Good on them!

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Posted By SinGulaR

I've seen worse. Still don't understand where the "M" rating is coming from.

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Posted By Cozmicaztaway

@mysteriousbob: It does have some sort of weird bio-freaks thing going, doesn't it?

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Posted By apothaeos

So... a hacked rom of Soul Calibur II?

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I can instantly tell from these comments who is and is not a fighting game fan.

Man I thought these awful Western knock-off games were a relic of the 90s. Guess the genre really is back in full force!

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Today I learned that as long as video game cleavage isn't over-exaggerated, the Giantbomb community can carry on as mature adults. Objectifying women is a-okay, unless *one* pair of boobs look big and jiggly, then many suddenly transform into rabid feminists and frightened children. So strange!

Dragon's Crown, I still love you.

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Posted By peritus

That first level looks like it fell out of soul calibur 2 ...

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Posted By teaoverlord

If this game had a mode that generated stupid dubstep montages like this, I'd be sold.

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Posted By aktivity

I dunno. Visually it looks boring, but mechanically it looks kinda interesting. I would like to check a demo and see how it plays.

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Posted By VichusSmith

Looks like it would be a PS2 or PSP game. It also has no real, I don't know, personality to it. In the face of so many fighters past and present, it looks like it just ignored what exists and did their own, bland, thing.

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I played this at PAX East a few years ago and it was fun, although back then it was framed as more of a cyber-battle thing with wireframe backgrounds that were way more interesting. That first area with the ruined church looks lifted straight out of a Soul Calibur game (SC2?).

I thought it was canceled, but looking at it now maybe it should have stayed that way. It doesn't seem to play up the sexiness and also doesn't have interesting execution, so it fails on both counts.

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Posted By PenguinDust

@nictel said:

This is not girl fighting, I saw zero amount of hair pulling!

I am with you. None of the arenas appear to be filled with jello, mud or baby oil.

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Posted By Cybexx

So this is a worse looking Dead or Alive without the male characters? Some of those moves are even straight out of DOA, the first two characters shown had Tina and Kasumi's move-set respectively.

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Posted By rockhardrooster

Sweet, off-brand DoA, just what everyone wanted.

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I like girly fighters because they are dumb, but this seems too "western". 2lewd!

A girly fighter should be about cute girls doing cute things, like in Arcana Heart, Variable Geo or Koihime Musou... A magical and pure experience!

Dead or Alive is obviously the best fighting game, because it has graphics and realism and while that is known for it's female cast, it's not an all-girl fighter.

I'm going to have to give that Koihime Musou a shot. It seems just the right kind of dumb.

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Posted By Cozmicaztaway

So I've been thinking, it sounds from the Bomb page that the combat system is at least trying, and an all-girl fighter isn't inherently offensive, I think. So if they changed the dumbass title, the marketing and made the fighters not look like the same model mannequins dressed up differently... Well, then noone would notice because this is the internet and we like being angry

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Posted By SuburbanCowboy

If all the fighters are girls, how are you supposed to know which is the fast character?

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Posted By ptys

A poor sub for DOA.

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Posted By Missacre

This honestly doesn't look THAT bad. Hell, if it's anything like Rumble Roses, I might give it a shot!

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Posted By Besetment

@besetment said:

Did they forget the trailer audio, so Drew just added in a royalty free song?

Drew doesn't do everything on this site, ya know.

Also, I'm pretty sure the song is part of the trailer. And it's probably not royalty free.

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You know if you're gonna unashamedly make a quasi-porn game you might as well go whole hog and not make something that looks like bargain bin Tekken with bargain bin poser models.

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Posted By AjayRaz
Loading Video...

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Posted By JazGalaxy

I have to buy it just because it says Microprose...

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Posted By Devil240Z

it kind of looks like junk you would make with fighter maker for ps2.

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Posted By sixpin

Wow... these comments. I was expecting something actually offensive.

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Posted By Zeeco

They really couldn't of come up with a better name than Girl Fight?

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Posted By Jayree05

I want to be offended by this game... I really really do... But I mostly just feel bad for it and want to tell it that it doesn't have to be good at sports like all the other kids....

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this game seems kind of weird but i had the same kind of reaction to skullgirls which seems pretty un-controversial so maybe im a bad judge.

even so it seems like doa with an all girl roster and less breast phsyics.

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Posted By Wandrecanada

@spiritof said:

Historically accurate midriffs.

The only rule is no covering the belly!

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Posted By Lyfeforce

That editing only made the headache this game gave me worse...

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Posted By Kapwan

So someone said lets rip off Rumble Roses, but make it look shitty and do it 8 years too late.

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@fminus said:

Still better as Dive Kick could ever dream to be, well aside of this place here, where the hive mentality crowns it into heavens, that is.

pssst.. a secret, you don't need much to be a better game compared to Dive Kick.

I agree with you, don't worry what the other drones say.

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Posted By JuggaloAcidman

Beyond lame!

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Posted By Walta

Wow! Someone's still making PS2 games. Good on 'em!

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Still better as Dive Kick could ever dream to be, well aside of this place here, where the hive mentality crowns it into heavens, that is.

pssst.. a secret, you don't need much to be a better game compared to Dive Kick.

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How can this be published by Microprose? Wtf?

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Posted By Neonie

So it's Dead or Alive, but the girls are more ugly and the budget is way lower.

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@meowshi said:

I don't see anything wrong with this. I mean, besides it looking like a bad game.

You're all being pretty silly.

Yeah, after reading the comments I was expecting something crazy offensive, but this just looks like a lame fighting game.

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Posted By jayc4life

Microprose: Oh how the mighty have fallen.