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That looks awesome. Too bad not many people have both Vita and PS3 and have enough love for this game....

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I want a vita

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That Dudley artwork is boss.

P.S. No one actually likes Blanka.

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glad i can finally get my hands on elena soon.

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Anyone who played this on PS3 or Xbox360: Is there any noticeable difference between those versions and the Vita version?

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So where is that Tekken X Street Fighter game I, amoung many others, have been so curious about?

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So who is this 'reveal' trailer for? And why upload it on the site that's had footage of these guys on the 360 version for months?

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@Legend: The mechanics and the graphics will pretty much be the same thing, the difference is that you'll have to play this game on a vita, I don't play with a pad but I'm sure it has to be handled quite clumsily because of all the different systems in place, so I think playing the game on a vita wouldn't be the best way to play it.
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@Dan_CiTi: I like blanka

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That's more like it.

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I'll be buying the Vita version day 1 and by that point the PS3 version will be super cheap, it's already $40 at every store near me.

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@BPRJCTX: Grow a pair, buddy,

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oh so they want you buy the vita version if you want to have the already on disc characters... and if you dont, you just need to pay the 20$ for the on disc dlc...ok.

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@bonbolapti said:

@BPRJCTX: Grow a pair, buddy,

I'm grabbing my nuts with one hand and writing this with the other...

Maybe if you had a pair you wouldn't bend over to Capcom so willingly.

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@BPRJCTX said:

@bonbolapti said:

@BPRJCTX: Grow a pair, buddy,

I'm grabbing my nuts with one hand and writing this with the other...

Maybe if you had a pair you wouldn't bend over to Capcom so willingly.

I just think it would be better to try and have an open mind and figure out why a business is a business, then to sit around and complain because you can. Especially since they've already explained why they did what they did.

I "bend over" to support things that I like. I'm enjoying the game, it's worth my money. They tried something different and it didn't work out. That's ok, at least it won't be a mess when those who do get the dlc play with those who don't. And It's not just this but with the amount of anger that's been thrown about these games lately, maybe you don't deserve to give them any money anyway.

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Man that music at the end.

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@bonbolapti: Man, don't waste time on flamebaiters.

While we disagree on SFxT (I'm waiting on the Vita version in the hopes it won't be the buggy mess the home versions have turned out to be, or at least that it'll be less SFxTimeout than the console versions), I can fully respect you liking the game. It looks pretty fun and there's 38-43 fighters out the box even not counting the locked away characters.

To people bitching about the DLC, I only say this: At the end of the day, when you're in GameStop looking at the vanilla game on offer, the only thing that matters is whether that vanilla game is worth your time. For some, the answer's "yes." For others, it's "no." I don't see the point of turning it into some fucking war between gamers the way would want to do.

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@YukoAsho: I don't want ppl to fight each other over this, i want ppl to know and be informed about this before they buy the game.

Capcom should have come out and explained this situation before the game came out.

That way, all this would have been alright, but you know why they didn't do that, cos a lot off ppl wouldn't have bought the game knowing that.

If there was a warning about it, right on the back of the box, a lot of ppl would just put that case back in the shelf.

And Capcom knew it...

This is really shitty business and the ppl who support it are the problem.

@bonbolapti: The game is great, glad you enjoy it, that's not the piont here.

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Man, once the Vita version is released, random online play for SFxT on PSN is going to be atrocious. Imagine playing against someone on public WiFi on their Vitas. As if PS3 players on their wireless connections at home weren't bad enough, here come the Vita players.

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yeaaa doesn't this DLC come out after the persona 4 fighting game will be in the states?

no sale.