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Posted by jonnyp

Looks great

Posted by wefwefasdf

Looks pretty cool. I'm downloading the update right now. :-)

Posted by zeox

I had completely forgotten about this. Downloading now!

Great video :)

Posted by PLWolf

Awesome stuff!! Time to go home and download this for the PS3.

Posted by Tarsier

you should have said Gerstmann - out!

Posted by Broman6015

Hope to read a little more in depth impressions with the bikes.

Posted by JakJ

Sweet update.

Posted by Noxat

Good stuff.

Posted by Hexogen

Tried it out earlier tonight. Pretty rad stuff. I was done with the game months ago, but this might get me back into it. I might just wait until the Island update though. We'll see.

Posted by DavidSnakes

Heh, "not bloody likely"

Posted by MasterSplinter

I very much appreciate the fact that you took the time to make a video feature instead of just a written piece about it. Great work Jeff and thank you.

Posted by Vinchenzo


Posted by Irishjohn

I've been so busy at work I completely forgot this was coming out so soon.  Yes.

Posted by B10h4zrd

DAMN! no mangled bodies! aww man!

Posted by GalvanizedNails

took me two hours to download it, since their servers were getting slammed. It was worth it though :)

Posted by Nidzumi

They are interesting. The offline bike challenges are boring as they are all A to B with nothing exciting in between. Some bike races would have been nice.

Also a constant 10 second day cycle needs to be added.

Posted by lamegame621

pshh..yah...you might've hit that car jeff. sorry? Makes me want to play Burnout Paradise. Just started into racing games.

Posted by futbol_dude10


Posted by IronScimitar

Criterion's getting a Christmas card from me.

Posted by gamer334

Sweet! Gonna download the update tonight! Jeff's commentary is the best!

Posted by ManMadeGod

This is something I would love to see more of on Giantbomb.I feel like downloadable content (free or not free) never gets the coverage it deserves on gaming websites. Maybe you guys could start reviewing DLC?

Anyway, this video reminded me that I still need to get Burnout................

Posted by Weltal

I need to get Burnout Paradise. I wonder though, do the bikes lead to balance issues with cars? I mean they seem super fast and they can just take off. I was hoping to see a race or something here but I guess I'll just have to keep an eye out to find out.

Posted by Torb

Haha, funny as always. Totally agree about a mode that just constantly does that. Awesomely trippy. Nice video :D

Posted by MeatSim

To bad other console games don't have this much free content updates you usually have to pay for it.

Posted by H00NER

It took me only 5 minutes to download the update, but nearly 10 minutes for this video. The GiantBomb servers seem rather slow (but I am in Japan).

Posted by AllThatBacon

Cool stuff. I need to get back into that game sooner or later.

Posted by dtran1212

Jeff, you need to do more of these kinds of video in the future, but also do games that just came out or downloadable games

Posted by btk88

Cool stuff

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Is the grass still green?

Are the girls still pretty?

Posted by TheVilrak

Good vid, no better way to check out some new content than to see it in action

Posted by Osiris

Jeff, honestly I could sit here all day watching you previewing/reviewing and just plaing/judging games in general... I love it... Same goes for the whole GB crew, keep up the good work.. :)

Posted by Gearhead

This game has some issues. For some people, including me, it says the downloadable content was damaged, the Cagney. But they deleted the Cagney update from the XBL download list, so you basically have to re-install the bike pack, and the restart your console...

Posted by Replica23

I stayed up all night playing and I really shouldn't have.

Posted by Jimbo_N

im waiting for the trophees before I go back to Paradise again. Unless I missed it and theyre already there.

Posted by lowestformofwit

I'm amazingly impressed the original game was written so well that adding dynamic real-time lighting and weather and, well, bikes was easily possible. I'm more into the day/night effects than the bikes though.  

Why no slo-mo jumps for bikes?
Posted by muralbat

Bikes just made me so much worse at this game its unbelivable. I can't handle the speed :P having said that, this being free is mind blowing. I mean compare this to Horse Armour and we see the evolution of online purchasing.

Posted by Hats

Had a good play around with the patch now and its a great update adds quite a bit full props to criterion there support for the game after release has been awesome.

The online was fun 6 of us started playing chicken in the fog
But goddamn Sony needs to fix the mics in online games I cant understand 3/4 of whats said

Posted by Hammersmith

Ok, so Criterion get working on a new Road Rash. I now have full confidence that it would be amazing.

Posted by creamstatic

well worth it, its truly awesome. puts new life into an already awesome experience. I almost prefer to race around in bikes now. and all for free! criterion games are just ... epic.

Posted by Dynamo22

I remember Jeff saying he really didn't like motorcycles in racing games. He seems to enjoy this so it must be pretty sweet.

Posted by AaronBelfast

Criterion is consoles answer to valve.

I love you Criterion.

Posted by Flushes

The last bike you unlock is absolutely terrifying.

Posted by redeye1984

Just bought the game. And it rocks! Will there be trophy support for this game on the PS3?

Posted by FLStyle

It looks good, but I don't know if I'll be buying the re-release, I really prefer previous Burnout titles to this one.

Posted by Batman

I think it is so awesome that Criterion is still adding content to this game, and its free too!  Most developers wouldn't do that.

Posted by L

Looks nice at midnight. Can't beat free.

Posted by Arne

This is cool, you guys should probebly do this kinda stuff more often!

When will we see a show simular to "on the spot"?

Posted by IMD1

The engine looks so unbelievable now. It's quite a shocker and looking back at the old games shows how much progress this series has made. 1 and 2 look archaic now

Posted by mrfluke

the video was "kinda cool kinda free"

Posted by TheToecutter

Its NOT FREE you gotta have a Gold subscription. So you get srewed by MS if you don't cough up the cash. Awesome service amirite?

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