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Jars 4 Life!

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edit: damn!

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Jar me up!

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Fuck ya JAR TIME!

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I just smoked so much bath salts I am ready for this

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Jeff looks like he's burnen up.

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Jar time, baby!

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Jeff looks like a crazy person in the image. Can't wait!

Edit: Hopefully they'll just get it over with, and hire Kessler full time when he's through with whatever college stuff hes doing. That has to have been planned right?

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ok who else is just trying to make sense of whats going on on the right on not paying attention to Jeff at all?


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@Master_Funk said:

Jeff looks like a crazy person in the image. Can't wait!

I don't know, I've only been around for a couple of years but I'm pretty sure Jeff IS a crazy person... Can't wait!

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yes Jar time !!!

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YES! Jeff, I needed this. Time to get my drink on and listen

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It looks like Jeff is on a green screen and his room is fake haha.

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@Cloneslayer said:

ok who else is just trying to make sense of whats going on on the right on not paying attention to Jeff at all?


Am I high? What the hell is going on?

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Have you seen my jars?

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But yeah, it's been high to mid 90s here on the east coast the past few days as well. Luckily, central air is pretty good. 

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@Cloneslayer: Dude turned into a jet? Man, religion...

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It's really jarring how they keep coming up with great titles for these Jar videos.

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Looking forward to catching up with Jeff since his last Jar Time just before E3.

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That pastor is flying!

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The stuff on the right is glorious.

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It's been far too long. Thank God for the Jar!

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Wouldn't it help keep the house cool if you closed your curtains and kept the sun from shining in? I have a blanket over my window in my room and it keeps my room relatively cool (I live in Florida).

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XSplit doing its thing I see.

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#YOJO....You Only Jar Once.......A MONTH

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They need... Ryan Scott !

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Can't wait to listen this later, jar time is the best time

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Did Jeff fart during this video

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My dream get for GB would be Abbie Heppie. Don't know if she's into DOTA though.

Wouldn't be sad to see Kessler on the team either. Of all the interns he seemed to be the one who'd thought most Deeply about games.

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Jar time is best time. Been looking forward to this!

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what was that squeaking noise in the background?

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Jeff, I lived in Florida for 21 years and Texas for 9, but the most miserable I've ever been in the heat was living in San Rafael for a summer. Having only a oscolating fan to keep things cool didn't help.

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I don't want to alarm you, but there is a boob in the ceiling.

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Claims to not be a professional improviser then nails his improvisation.

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This was the best jar session yet. Thanks Jeff.

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@eloj said:

My "dream get" for GB would be Abbie Heppie. Don't know if she's into DOTA though.

She'd actually be a good fit, maybe.

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Soooo... Anybody have a running count on how many times that guy transformed into a jet?

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fuuuuuck yesssss

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fucking bird noises. get that scarebird in place.

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Does Jeff have a budgie? What's that chirping sound?

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It sounds like you are looking for an "eSports" guy. (As much as people might or might not like that word, it is the one that is out there in the community) Someone who knows DOTA, someone who knows Fighting Games (and/or the FGC in general), someone who knows Starcraft, etc.

There are lots of awesome people out there in the eSports scene who love to write about that stuff. (Gamespot employs Slasher (Rod Breslau) to do just that) I'm not sure how much of a news-y spin you're looking to bring in on that stuff, but those kind of people are out there. I personally think it would be awesome to see that kind of news, but obv not everyone will agree.

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I love those moments where Jeff realizes how far he's fallen off from the actual question at hand. Ramble on good sir, great stuff.

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I thought that the part in the Watch Dogs demo where the lady in the car got shot was the most interesting part of the demo. The fact that the player's actions were directly responsible for an innocent lady's death made me think about how I could approach that situation differently and if the ends of killing this supposedly bad man justify the means of putting innocent people in danger. The demo gave me the impression that causing a large accident and drawing more people into the conflict was not the only way of going about reaching your goals and that interested me.

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Amazing Multimedia Explosion!