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Looks Great.

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I also think it looks great...
Posted by Crono

Love these sort of games.  So much polish.

Posted by Ineedaname

I haven't watched the video but I'm going to assume it looks great.

Posted by Keithcrash

Looks silly.

Posted by BrainSpecialist

Played the first one up to Bowser's final castle, played the second up to the final boss. FUCKING GREAT GAMES.

Posted by MeatSim

Bowser has some weird stuff inside of him.

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I am down for this chilling in my DSi.

Posted by CaptainObvious

Looks awesome!

Posted by JackSukeru

I'm glad it's back to just the brothers, wasn't so into the four people gameplay of M&L2.

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Nobody's made a gay joke or innuendo yet? Impressive!

Posted by ChrisInCali

I always found the games way too tedious.  I would much rather have a traditional Mario game or a true RPG.

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Uh, ok.

Posted by Henry

What... 2D?

Posted by deaux

Looks great.  There seems to be a lot of good stuff coming to DS this summer.

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still....looks like silly fun

Posted by Deusoma
@Keithcrash said:
" Looks silly. "
My friend, there is a rule I like to live my life by that I think applies here.
"It is always better to be too ridiculous than not ridiculous enough."