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When is the next episode out?

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"but fans will love a scene built specifically for this trailer. It's at the end." ... yep.

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Auguest 26th pc/ps3, august27th 360

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Fuck. Yes.

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I feel really stupid for never putting the whole Clementine/"Oh My Darling Clementine" thing together until now.

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I had Shivers and goosebumps of emotions from watching that... And then the Whole mood was ruined by a hashtag. Thanks Twitter.

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I really hope the last episode turns out alright. Episode 4 was a real letdown, and it would be a shame to see this series end on a bad note.

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They've done such a good job with her maturation through the series.

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@lomo: Normally it's not long after they start posing videos about the accolades of the last episode, so I'd guess either this Tuesday or the next Tuesday.

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Holy shit I can't wait for the last episode!

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Wow is batman in season two of walking dead? If I knew, I totally would have played it.

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That was pretty dope. I really hope the last episode delivers, cus I have no idea what they were building up to in this season.

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Nice to see a well edited look back at the last two seasons. Those little stitched together cutscenes at the beginning of each episode are so jarring it almost takes me out of the somber mood I need to be in to play these games.

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Besides the fact that they seem to be heading toward redoing a "certain" subplot from the comics (and the show, I think)... This trailer > S2? Hm, maybe not, but definitely better than episode 4 at least.

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that's a very rude trailer.... :'(

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aaaah im looking so much forward till the ending, also i keep wander what season 3 is going to be about, another season focused on clementine?

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That was brilliant.

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That was perfect exactly what you would want from a trailer for that series I'd be lying if I said I didn't get misty eyed during the Lee scenes

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I liked the recap, but I felt the ending tried too hard to be sad - yeah I get it, she has changed a lot from the innocent little girl she used to be - but I would rather it have been a scene with Lee and her talking instead.

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Wow….just wow. That was an amazing trailer.

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Presumably even the thumbnail for this kind of spoils what's going to be happening in the next episode. Still, can't wait!

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Fuck... now I need to go dig up my ps3 so I can play the last episode of TWD. I wish they would release them on PS4.

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Fantastic trailer, it's a shame that Season 2 itself wasn't as effective as this. So many lazy characterizations, ignored arcs and needless shock-deaths. I really want to be excited for Season 3 so I have high hopes for this last episode, let's hope it brings us back from the disappointment of Episode 4.

@branthog said:

I have no intention of ever touching the second season. There are just so many reasons not to bother. I adored the first season, but I thought the story was done. I wanted each season to be a new pack of people in a new situation in the same world; not more of Clementine's story. I also don't want to deal with their shit save system that remains broken after how fucking long? Also... kinda getting tired of the mechanic and the "branching but not branching and you don't really have meaningful impact even though it's implied that you do" story telling. Oh, and the fact that by the time they get around to the next episode, it has been so long, who the fuck remembers the last one?

So if I could just get over the mechanics, the time between episodes, the story telling/choice, the save system, and the characters I didn't want another season of (not because I dislike them, but because I felt their story had been told) -- then it'd be great!

I think I might play through Wolf Among us, but I don't know that I'll ever bother with any more of this style of game on this engine in this format. No interest in Tales From the Borderlands or Game of Thrones, at this point.

It's probably no wonder you're not interesting in playing Season 2 if you've just watched a trailer that spells out every major plot-point.

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I feel like my "choices" mean even less now after watching that. I know it would be a lot of work and effort to have a game that actually let you make more of an influence on how the story goes, but it would maybe make it more impactful.

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Looking forward to the final episode! Even if Season Two was nowhere near as special as Season One, I still enjoyed it quite a bit. I have to admit, though, I really hope Season Three is not a direct continuation of Season Two. I'm pining for new characters in a new adventure that might somehow involve Clementine, but not have her as the focal point. She's a great character that has been crafted very meticulously, and I feel like during Season Two most of the care went into her development rather than an actually compelling story. Regardless, so far I remain a loyal fan to the series.

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That trailer showcased literally every choice I made in season 2, so... I think that means I win the game.

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I REALLY hope that the

video of clem as a kid

isn't a pivotal scene from the next episode or man have I just spoiled that for myself.

nb if you're afraid of spoilers DON'T WATCH!

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Thank god that the thumbnail is a spoiler for the most recent episode. Spoilers all around!

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So it's pretty obvious the final choice right is to keep or abandon the baby right?

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I'm so sick of seeing Timid Pistol Girl in all their ad and promo garbage everywhere.

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Trailer gave me the chills. Can't wait for the finale!

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The final choice is whether or not to eat the baby... :(

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@wsgexe said:

I'm so sick of seeing Timid Pistol Girl in all their ad and promo garbage everywhere.

I rather enjoy this spin-off of the Timid Teacher series.

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Season One was better than Two... but damn do I love this series.

And thank you for that Clementine clip at the end. I hope they work it into the game somewhere... it deserves to be in there. Reminds us of how young and free she was.

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Who is the black dude sitting in the chair? I don't remember that happening...

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@katimanic: I believe that's Alvin

if he doesn't get dead by Carver in episode 3(?).

He wasn't there for me either, so I'm just guessing.

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Lee was such a well realized character; hearing people talk about him in the trailer made me miss him.

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@dancinginfernal: Correct. He wasn't there for me either but I've seen a LP where he was.

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Poor girl...