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This trailer is so awesome omg. Too bad it's prolly stuff not happening for awhile. I'll prolly sub and check this game out some more when I have more time to play it next year.

Posted by Jeffsekai

Holy crap amazing!

Posted by dillinger

oh wow, this was an amazing trailer. 

Posted by louis0nfire

SOOO epic!

Posted by SoothsayerGB

I have absolutely no idea what the hell all that was.  But apparently it's epic and now comes with more brighter.

Posted by Kohe321

Looks really awesome. For those of you who are playing it: Is it good? Worth investing countless hours into?

Posted by Erik


Posted by TheClap

Half way through: Ps. there is conflict.

Posted by Sersie

That looked pretty amazing.  I might have to finally try it out.

Posted by DRE7777

All I have to say is wow, this looks soooooo epic. I was thinking about getting it back in September but lost track of it with all the great games that have come out but now I think I might get it.

Posted by Ooblix

I like the rock solid frame rate of 10  re-assuring me I can't run it.

Posted by Inquisitor

lol bye bye WoW =p 
it was about time somebody gave it the water.
Posted by Cirdain


Posted by Gargantuan

The world looks great, the character and weapon design does not.

Posted by DukeTogo

Because people play MMOs on high-end PCs and like shitty frame rates?  And what exactly is all that stuff part of regarding gameplay?  Make a trailer with epic Final Fantasy ripoff style and don't explain one bit of how it's supposedly part of a raid or instance.  The wool is bring pulled over your eyes.
How about showing the chat log with 90% of it being gold sellers?  Or show how half the characters are bots farming stuff for those sellers?  It's one thing to mention what's being thought of for the game, but showing a bunch of stuff that is just concepts and not really showing what you actually do in the game is deceptive.

Posted by Jesel

Is there very much end game PVE in this game?

Posted by grossblood

its a scam

Posted by Charleslegrand

Wow, I've never seen a trailer this long AND amazing!  Good job NCSoft!

Edited by EpicReflex

NCSoft needs to address the current game breaking issues the game has before they even think about implementing the huge changes displayed in this trailer.

The 20 FPS that this entire clip is running at isn’t reassuring. Fortress sieges the games main unique selling point are completely broken with 90% of players constantly crashing and getting disconnects, the list goes on.

Saying that, the changes look awesome, I hope they get their act together, this game has so much potential. 

Edited by EpicReflex
@Jesel said:

" Is there very much end game PVE in this game? "

There's barely any PVE content, period, hence the grind. As early as level 13-15 you'll find yourself having to grind out entire levels.
Never mind the mid level 40's...
Posted by Addfwyn
@DukeTogo: To be fair, bots and gold farms are MUCH more under control now, at least they were at the point I left the game.
It just needs some gameplay adjustments (and my class was totally borked in parties, and I didn't feel like rerolling and grinding again to play a non-broken class) and it'll be great.  It's by far the best looking MMO, if not PC game, out there right now.  It has some great ideas as well, it just needs better implementation.
Posted by Contra

Does NCsoft know that issues we had with Aion?
 Tip: it wasn't the graphics.
It was the citties that lagged to hell, when the rest of the game ran fine.  I couldn't even look at the auction house though. 
And then there was that it became a grindfest after te easy levelling.  Make it less grindy, and I'll consider coming back.
But also they showed upmping off into the water... but that game was really bad at invisible walls.  
Some places has massive ones for no good reason, other than to get to the cool massive animals they go on about.... then other places, there are cliff tops that lead you to an abyss where you land, and can't get back out.... so you give up and eventually teleport...
When there is only flying on some areas.  Gliding just isn't the same; while great.
So the changes look F ing awesome.  But have you changed the gameplay?
On a meta question tough... why would there be a winter in that world... They are bathed in sunlight, while the top half of the world is a wasteland full of evil.  So how's that place gonig to change?  Lava with pink blossom everywhere? 

Posted by Diamond

They're adding god rays, dynamic shadows, and bloom, judging from the video.
Nice improvement, still not interested in a WoW clone though.

Posted by NoK
@SoothsayerGB said:
" I have absolutely no idea what the hell all that was.  But apparently it's epic and now comes with more brighter. "
Ha ha ha that is funny. Looks really good though, would love to try this out, anyone know if they are going to have a couple day trial of this game any time soon?
Posted by Baggykins

okay 3 things 
1. They found the bloom button! Though it was only horrible in the beginning 
2. Gore would make the combat more satisfying, I want to see if I'm doing damage 
3. FPS issues

Posted by Karmann

WOW!!!, I've always stayed away from mmo games, but this looks AMAZING! I just might get into this...

Posted by Tennmuerti

This trailer makes me glad I canceled my subscription.
Good looks can only carry an MMO so far.
After a while you begin to notice and feel all the negatives.
Boring PvE, forced endless grind post lvl 25. Stilted and non dynamic PvP, with bugged sieges and huge explits. No real  endgame content. Professions that are also an incredible grind and a money sink. Broken economy due to enourmous amount of bots and people buying kinah (money). Flying that was the selling point is incredibly restricted and funnily enough functions more awkardly then WoW flying mounts even. This is a Korean grind MMO to the core, just with good graphics. WoW killer this aint.

Posted by Spice

Funny, that doesn't look anything like what I played.
If this all comes about, wow that looks great. But don't expect me to come rushing back, I was already burned once.

Posted by Fubar

Hmmm still not for me. 
Looks nice, but the artstyle and creatures doesnt work for me.

Posted by RVonE

I really like the atmosphere of this game. It's also good to see that its developers didn't abandon the game. That said, I'm still not paying a monthly fee to play a game.
Posted by Zachariahus

 Cool set pieces, too bad the frame rate goes through the floor. An MMO plus mind-blowing graphics = system HOOOOGGGGGG! No thanks.

Posted by Mechanized

Mmorpgs get really boring for me. Why can't there just be an online action game with this amount of scope? Levels should be gained faster, more rewards, something to make the player want to keep playing. The best leveling I've ever seen online is Call of Duty MW/MW2. Make me feel powerful from the start and just let skill determine who's better in the end with the grind being something passive to the gameplay.

Posted by EndlessMike

Anyone who played WoW at release knows that other than FPS issues WoW had most of the same problems this game has. I think given time this MMO could fix it's issues and get really good. They should have explained more in the trailer though as someone who hasn't played the game probably wouldn't notice why any of that was new. I'm glad water isn't just gonna be death now.

Posted by prencher

What's with the 10 fps framerate the whole way through?

Posted by Besetment

Oh god, player housing? Nothing good ever comes of player housing.

Posted by carlthenimrod

I'm playing Aion currently, why doesn't it look like this!?! Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
But the game shows a lot of promise. I wouldn't recommend it to people now but it could become something really great in a year or so.

Posted by Nintendude

Nice. Swimming, houses and mounts. Did they also show some kind of graphics upgrade? 
I think the diving combat and swimming is something what the game definitely lacks so that will be great. Hopefully many of the old places will be expanded with this swimming thing, I'd hate to see the beach in Verteron to still have some kind of wall and drowning action happening after the update.

Posted by Xelloss

Hey so that looksing freaking amazing, having an Aion account, though been swamped with games I can't wait to get back into it.  Everything upgrade looks awesome and fun, I can't wait for this update or expansion to come out.  The game already looks great and this graphical update is even more welcome even if it didn't need it.  Looks like they are competing with FFXIV when that drops next year.

Posted by _k1_

Aion is nothing like this now.  It's not a bad game, but it's nowhere near as mind-blowing as this... it's just a very pretty fantasy RvR game. 
Not that this didn't get me excited... but I think anyone who's ever played an MMO knows to keep their expectations in check.

Posted by LethalKi11ler
@prencher said:
" What's with the 10 fps framerate the whole way through? "
Posted by ran2

rendered Bloom anyone?

Edited by AURON570

Very soothing 9 minutes. The last battle when they are all flying at the huge golems reminded be of FF9, the cinematic right before they enter memoria.

Posted by NathHaw
Nice trailer.  The game's not so great from what I played of it, that's why I quit.  I'd imagine that I'd be more impressed with the video if I didn't have this suspicion that it will be all style and not much substance.
Posted by Jack_Lafayette

The flashy animations make my eyes burn.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Why does the game look like it's running at 2 FPS?

Posted by Knives

It's a shame the game is boring.

Posted by Milkman

So, it's still World of Warcraft with wings?

Posted by Meteora

Ack, the frame rates is horrendous. <_<
Looks extremely pretty...

Posted by Vision
@Kohe321 said:
" Looks really awesome. For those of you who are playing it: Is it good? Worth investing countless hours into? "
I am currently not playing it but yes it is pretty darn good. :)
Posted by SatelliteOfLove

The new graphic effects get rid of some of that "So Pretty its Ugly" look it had.
Any word on the rampant CGF problem being fixed or lack of dungeon fun at max like what ran off my friends?

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