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Finally, what i wanted from Mortal Kombat Mythologies : Subzero.

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Looks real dumb. But the "I really want to play this real dumb game" type.

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Looks awesome! Very happy to see something new from these guys, was kinda worried after the lackluster response to Zeno Clash 2

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Probably too many cooks in the kitchen on this one, but I hope they can somehow mesh this all together, could be very interesting.

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Anyone other than me who read this Abe's odyssey?

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These guys are crazy. I love it.

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Zeno Clash 2 was my 2nd favourite game of 2014. These guys have become one of my favourite current developers.

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@pie said:

Looks awesome! Very happy to see something new from these guys, was kinda worried after the lackluster response to Zeno Clash 2

Yeah same here. I really enjoyed the Zeno Clash games and even Rock of Ages. These brothers seem to be at their best when they use really unique art styles. This game seems to draw more aesthetic from Rock of Ages than the Zeno Clash games though. It looks promising.

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I loved both Zeno Clash games so god damn much, so I trust these guys COMPLETELY.

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Finally, what i wanted from Mortal Kombat Mythologies : Subzero.

Exactly what I thought, and with all seriousness, I think it's pretty exciting.

This feels like an interesting evolution of one of the main accomplishments of a game like Dark Souls. Maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but I love it when every fight really matters and is potentially deadly, which this seems to be about.

Gotta admit though, from one of the most creative teams, it's a bit disappointing to see one of the most generic titles I can imagine. Abyss Odyssey sounds like a forgotten shitty Genesis tactical RPG.

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ACE Team

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Oh my god yes! Looks really interesting, like a much more fleshed out Dawn of Sorrow. Hopefully they incorporate gameplay elements into playing as enemy characters and not just change into them for the sake of it.

Zeno Clash 2(and ROA) is on sale right now, I think i'll use card money to buy it even though I didnt really like Zeno Clash 1.

P.S Looks like Zeno 2 did well considering they're giving out free updates like candy.

P.S.S Something interesting going on with the video banner. Look at the 2 dudes on the bottom left.....nice view I bet lol.

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Zeno Clash 1 & 2 are on sale on steam right now beeteedubs.

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woop woop

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Abe's Oddysee?

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I initially read it as Albert Odyssey and was like WHAT

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I'll join the Abe's Oddysee club.

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This seems super interesting. Not sure if I like the art though.

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glad these guys still have work

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From the name and the thumbnail I was expecting something along the lines of Abe's Oddysee. So it isn't that, but it still looks potentially really cool.

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I've liked everything ACE Team has put out so far.

The fact that it's only on last gen gives me hope it'll be out soon.

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I loved Both Zeno Clashes, but this doesn't really do much for me :(


Sweet. I love this team and I'm sure this game will be just as unique as Zeno Clash. For an early look I think it looks great. Guacamelee! was right on the edge of what these are talking about (minus the platforming so far), so to see them take it further has me really excited.

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Whatever it will be, I'll end up buying it eventually. I loved Zeno Clash and wasn't so hot on Rock of Ages but I didn't mind. Can't wait to play Zeno Clash II when I get around to it in my backlog. I love that this team came out of nowhere, particularly from a country that has and continues to have very little game representation, and is in production on their fourth game.

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The first brother gives this game two thumbs up. What's that on the 5 star scale?

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I don't play on game like this long time but think it's time to change it. This game looks nice.

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I read the heading as Albert Odyssey at first and thought: "hey a remake? Nice!"

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Love that Atlus is producing this!

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I wasn't sure because I thought the default character looked a bit boring for an Ace Team game. Imagine my joy when they turned into the giant bull.

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A new Abe's Odyssey game? Hell yes!

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Man I really dug the Zeno Clash games, but "procedurally generated with roguelike elements" is already starting to get played out.

It's funny how people used to say that it was big publishers stifled innovation, but lately it seems apparent that when they're faced with the reality of needing to make money, indies also just end up chasing market trends.

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Sweet, love the stuff these guys are doing. Zeno 1 and 2 were so great.

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These dudes need to just keep making their weird games. I'll buy them just so they can keep being weird.

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I want to play as seaweed cow.

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I was hoping this was a metroidvania style game, but it is some kind of mutated roguelike fighter. Meh...

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@bbqbram said:

@legion_ said:

Anyone other than me who read this Abe's odyssey?

@itwastuesday said:

what's that you said sonny? Abe's Oddysee?

@dimi3je said:

Abe's Oddysee?

That's what I read too, and why it's a bad name.

Back in my day we had Odysseys, not this Oddysee malarkey you kids are into these days. Along with the drugs.

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@tebbit: Hey grandpa, I totally wrote Odyssey. Credit where credit is due.

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@patrickklepek Did you ever play Rock of Ages? That game is so funny and strange.

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Oh! That's why they're called ACE Team!

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@legion_: Clicked to post just that :p

Pleasantly surprised by the idea of this game though. And Their ACE shirts too, mind blown two fold with one click!

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