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Posted by Morningstar

Waiting for their next game =)

Posted by DFSVegas

I can't imagine how horrific this must be to control. Good game, terrible platform for said game.

Posted by jesterroyal

This news sounds familiar. Where have I heard this before?

Posted by Giantstalker

Didn't enjoy what I played of Bastion on the PC, doubt being on an iPad would improve it much (if at all). Gonna pass.

Posted by bassman2112

Wait, so how will you control your two weapons and aim at the same time?

Posted by CaptainTightPants

I don't know how they're going to make it work properly, but best of luck to them because Bastion is fantastic.

Posted by Phatmac

Love how people already dismiss this port which was made by SUPERGIANTGAMES themselves so you know that it was treated with care. Why not play the game first before you judge the controls? It may not play as well with a gamepad, but that doesn't make this port garbage. Try it out people before you neglect it.

Posted by Tennmuerti

Wow, good luck with the controls duders.

I wonder if they will pull out a miracle here or slow the game way the ef down.

Posted by DarthB

I own this on 360 and pc already. But good to see that it'll be out there for even more gamers to enjoy.

Posted by bhhawks78

I can't imagine this controlling nearly as well as with a controller.

Posted by Protome

Simple but great trailer.

But as so many have already pointed out, I cannot see this controlling well.

Posted by Jazzycola

@Phatmac: Where are these people already dismissing the game? The people I see are just questioning how they will do the controls on the Ipad which is a valid question to be raised.

Posted by MeatSim

A short and concise trailer. I like it.

Posted by RichieJohn

@DarthB: Same here.

If they bring it to Nexus 7 I'd happily buy it a 3rd time.

Such a great game.