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Posted by Kommandant

Here's hoping that it's better than the 20 minutes of Assault Horizon I played.

Posted by Atwa

Goodnight, Sweet Prince.

Posted by JackSukeru

I'm theoretically down for some heroic jet action, but not on the PS3, not now.

Posted by Bombzinski

Here's hoping I'll be able to pilot a flying missile base that looks like two aircraft carriers glued together.

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Yeah! Considering Assault Horizon made it to PC eventually, I hope it'll come to the PC too, but I'll certainly play this on PS3.

While Assault Horizon's campaign wasn't very good, it's multiplayer is some of the most fun I've had in a decade. I hope they'll retain that part while going back to the old AC games' storytelling.

Posted by Devil240Z

Man I am so stoked for this game. I just wish it were a full retail thing with meteors and stuff. But it looks alot better than Assault Horizon that game was straight butt.

Making me want to replay all the good AC games again. AC4, Belkan war(a war about routers), 5, 6.

such great stories. The ac games are like a great RPG to me. its mostly about the story with a side of eye candy and explosions.

Posted by Eribuster

I am unreasonably excited for this even though it has many chances to not be good.

But I don't care because I so desperately want to fly around, plugging missiles at bogeys, while having melodramatic chatter and a thunderous choir in the background.

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I may need to plug my PS3 back in to play this.

Posted by Solh0und

Can't wait. Was always a big fan of Ace Combat. Didn't care for the last one though...

Posted by Kevin_Cogneto

Hearing Ace Combat pilot guy say "Time to make the donuts" makes me hope that there's a laundry list of taunts in this game that consists of nothing but 80s advertising slogans.

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from what I've played off the jp beta was solid.

Hopefully the f2p model doesn't kill this

Posted by MeatSim

They pay the pilots in donuts? Seems like a good deal.

Posted by Sir_WilliamIII

I have long but lost trust in this franchise especially after Assault Horizon. F2P sounds interesting any may be what it takes to bring people back but i will be skipping this one.

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Assault Horizon was good game. You could fly helicopters, and then you could play infantry all in the same game. I'm no good at Battlefield so that is why I appreciated AC:AH, but I understand why the game upset the series fans.

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That voice sounds familiar. Anyone got an ID in it?

Posted by magicwalnuts

Kinda sucks its only on PS3 and not PC as well, but it's probably not going to be very good anyway.

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Eagle 1, fox 2.

Posted by Error1355

@solh0und: Same. I have to say the PS2 Ace Combat games are some of my favorite games, ever.

Posted by HyperAquaBlast

Ah yes, the great Commander Goodfellow and his non-threatening look! Can't wait for him to order me to blow men out of the sky!

Not really liking Namco's recent F2P model of taking their normal games and adding microtransactions. Ace Combat is one of the few games that I don't mind them never really changing the game mechanics and sorta releasing the same game over and over again while looking a slightly better.