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In before epic chorus:
It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Theres nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I bless the rains down in Africa
Gonna take some time to do the things we never had

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Dude, its the Gran Turismo of animals.

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Yo those ODST ads are getting mad annoying

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Jeff blesses the rains down in africa

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@Jeff said:
" AFRIKA!!!!!!!!!! "
AAGH! But there are lions there!
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The video would be better with toto afrika song played in the background

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I may be the only person that actually kinda wants to play this game

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quick look..... gooooooo!

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This will make a great quick look.

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  this game has sold me on buying a ps3.
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Eff' yes.

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Now I can sleep again at night knowing this game is out over here.

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Afrika, not just a continent.

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Man, I thought I would get this for free for having a National Geographic subscription.  Now what am I going to not play?

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I bless the rains down in Afrika

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This looks shopped.

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I love Brad's camera work, it was pretty awesome.

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@teh_destroyer: Man, I miss the 90s.
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LMAO awesome video .... arguably the most high-tech product that ever came out from Africa and probably that will ever come out  lol
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Endurance run please.

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Hey the music at the end if you listen closely is from persona!!!!!!!

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Zeebraz and stuff!!!

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pokemon snap was a better game

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I demand looks with the quickness!

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All those human sacrifices weren't in vain after all...

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my store got 3 copies of these and the closest i came to selling one was a dude asking me what the hell it is and not even picking it up off the wall to look at the back. i told him what it was and his response was "so it's Far Cry 2 without the cool bits."
"...Yeah pretty much."

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Jeff's excitement for a game = Awesome

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Oh, Afrika.  I remember the first discussion on this way back when people were podcasting On the Spot.

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Oh snap.  Now I have to buy Afrika so that NPD can show TWO COPIES SOLD!!!

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Afrika endurance run!!!

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@Jeff said:
" AFRIKA!!!!!!!!!! "
Truly GOTY.
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@Vendetta: an afrika endurance run would be awesome.
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obligatory Toto reference
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schaweet. too bad i dont have a ps3

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Actually, I 'm the other person in America who bought this game. My Amazon package arrived a few days ago.  

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jeff seems excited....QL now please
i want to know what was ryan playing on the Wii???

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@zudthespud: please!!!!
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All I could think while watching this, "I totally want one of those giantbomb sweatshirts."

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I still dont believe this game is coming out.

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@Mars_Cleric said:
" obligatory Toto reference "
Ah, good man. I thought I would have to do it.
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Truly, this is the age of Afrika.

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@Jeff said:
"AFRIKA!!!!!!!!!! "

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It's actually a pretty cool bit of "software" - since the term "game" doesn't really apply.  It's similar to Pokemon Snap on the N64, and also the recent Wii title Lost in Blue.  A sort of virtual vacation (staycation?) that lets you explore someplace you'd likely regret going to in real life, or never could do for logistical reasons.
The soundtrack is really nice with a full orchestra using actual instruments and not the one-man band that is so common these days.  The photography bit is a little more complex than it needs to be, with things like dozens of lenses, film types, aperture, f-stops and shutter speed, it's pretty daunting for most folk that are used to the digital point-and-shoot of consumer cameras.  It's more a photography sim than anything else, and makes me wonder if it may lead to other titles like "Ozstralia", "Ngland", or "YouSA" for places to take pictures of.

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Sooooooooo.... Afrika endurance run anyone??? :D hehehhe