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  Thank you for making my day, guys.


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... he's Canadian hahaha

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I just can´t understand how their Xboxes are so quiet... hmm that may have been a weird observation.

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I totally lost it at GiantBomb.Vagina!  That was so awesome.

Posted by John

Another funny video courtesy of booz, I mean GB. heh

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Epic would be the only word in my vocabulary to decide this. This also explains why Giantbomb is Whiskey powered :P

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lmao slow motion for me!

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Hell yes, maple leaf rating system.

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Now thats the way to play a game! Looser gets the boozehammer!

Posted by GiantBomber

Looks mean can't wait to try it out with a bottle of captain morgan handy.

Posted by giyanks22

yeah this looks so awesome thanks to Vinny's great editing and video taping. Vinny make every preview this awesome. Lol when that guy says hes michael phelps.

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Peer pressure Brad! Hahaha Lmao!

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Next time drink - Wild Turkey !

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I like Brad's comment about the likelihood of his drinking:

"I'd say about 100%."

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I am totally in favor of more alcohol related semi reviews.  Someone needs to review on how well a game holds up while drunk right?

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Brad was in a world of his own at the end!

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wow jeff is so tanked in this "preview:

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Probably the best preview video ever.

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Greatest preview of all time.

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Why can't every job be drinking and playing games?

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"Preview-ish" Hahahaha awesome video guys, keep them comming. Giant Bomb explodes and rocks the gaming world!

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All the guys you get in are crazy, first the Gamecock guys now that Adam Boyes, are all of them like this? Another very entertaining video.

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i want to give you guys money for this man stay the course

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Giantbomb. Vagina.

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I never actually wanted to work for Giant Bomb...until NOW!

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so if I drink some rum I will get better at the game?

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I have only one thing to say about this awesome video, always party with Giantbomb.

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ryan put the cup on brads head!! haha
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its nice to see you guys get drunk

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Awesome beatboxing!

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haha that was amazing.

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That was one of the best things i've ever seen =D
I followed your example and played games with booze. I came bottom but godamn it was awesome.

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that was really awesome. 

Posted by halfstar

muralbat - the best games 2 play drunk are the ones that you're drunk IN them - like the xbox Leisure Suit Larry. the different kinds of drunk cancel each other out, or they work together for drunken master styleee!

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HAHAHA Giant Bomb is AWESOME!!! Now thats how you do a preview for a game!!! HAHA KEEP IT UP!!!

Posted by RHCPfan24

That was the best video yet!  Keep it up! 

That's how previews should be, and great job with the editing Vinny.  Like the transitions. 
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That was legendary, as usual. Loved how Vinny looped the beat boxing towards the end when Brad gave the thumbs up. 

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Oh man, Brad was destroyed by round 2! Hahahahaha

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That was just too awesome and funny.

Note: Drink Responsibly.