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Posted by UrFaceIzDum

That is the only way to play Age of Booty

Loads and loads of booze

Posted by FlappyHands

Shit man, and here's me playing video games all my life and not including booze as part of the game. Anyone fancy a game of COD 4? Every time somebody fires a bullet you take a shot!

Posted by coonce

i LOVE that font!

great work guys!

Posted by hungrynun

Does giantbomb keep me interested enough to watch through a video about a RTS pirate game?

Hell yes.

Posted by Quarterplay

Christ on a bike Jeff's completely tanked by the end of this (understandably, in fairness). This is a freakin' hilarious video though, either way. I didn't learn too much about Age of Booty unfortunately (which isn't really important in this context, weird as that may sound). Keep 'em coming!

Posted by FlappyHands

@Quarterplay - They have a text feature that goes along with this video that is much more of a preview if you want that info, hells though.. I'm not sure I want a conventional preview after this... and that is a good thing.

Posted by MrBrian

i love this website

Posted by eddie

rad fuckin sites the dogs bollocks man

Posted by AlexB

Lol Brad looks Trashed. Captain Morgan is my favorite.

Posted by Psynapse

Lol thats pretty funny... The game doesn't seem like its the best thing though... Be good to get a propper preview though, which i guess will come :D

Posted by raikoh05

giantmom.com? i dont even want to know...

Posted by Bouke

I wonder if the game is any fun without the booze :P

Posted by alucardvv

this is why i love u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Zalasta

So I still have no idea what the game is and how to play it, but at least you guys put on an entertaining show :)

Posted by thePoark

The best!

Posted by xionpunk

I love rum.   

Posted by myslead

jesus christ ahah
that's alot of alcohol for one cup ahah.

Posted by Mushir

This game looks fun just because these guys are playing it XD

Posted by Dethfish

Every preview needs to be like this.

Posted by Afroman269

This is what makes this site unique from all the others. Keep it up guys your all great!

Posted by Sharpshooter

And thats what makes GiantBomb great. Playing video games and (if your a responsible adult) getting bombed out of your tree on rum. 

Posted by SLE4ZY

Nice video, looks like soo much fun. Keep up the good videos guys

Posted by AttackedCamo

This looks awesome!

Posted by Halopower67

GiantBomb is like no other...in a really good way.

Posted by DaveKingston

That was awesome!

Posted by FinalBoss

Now this kind of stuff is what separates Giant Bomb form other websites.

Posted by whospilgrim

Your scottish ain't ya brad?  take it like a scott fer cryin out loud!

Posted by Thejugglingbum

And this is why Giantbomb is the best.

Posted by AllanIceman

Totally Rad Preview!!

Posted by El_Dom

Hotdamn i love this site

Posted by nail1080

Niiice, hope you guys preview a game using a different more 'smokey' type of drug, which let's face it, most of us gamers use, and not booze

Oh wait, on all other giantbomb vids it's pretty clear to me alot of you guys are stoners

Keep it green guys

Posted by Bumbuliuz

Looked like great fun, and a intresting game.

Posted by MidnyteWolf

who was late in for work the next day...Brad?

Posted by Muffin_Hunter

A night of alcohol and video games, I'd say everyone is a winner.

Man, you guys got pretty boozed up....good job :)

Posted by SM2099

Giant Bomb seems like my new mecca. What a wonderful place, as if brought out of a fairy tale. Although a bit more class would have been nice, I think pirates also drank mad Bourbon.

Posted by Enyeez

can't beat 100%!

Posted by stucket

Great Preview,If you could do more Preview like this it would rock the internet!

Posted by Caddy

Those guys were awesome! I don't know about this game, but drinking a lot while playing games is always good!

Posted by Scooper

Haha, Brad passed out.

Posted by Kowalski

You make this game look fun. But drinking games tend to do that. I've never even heard of this game before today, but I can't say I'm particularly interested at this stage either.

Posted by icepoison

Giantbomb.vagina xDDD

Pure awesome video!

Posted by ButtonSmasher

Way to promote binge drinking.

Posted by DukeTogo

Those are some fine snack choices there.

Posted by pill92

brad is so drunk

Posted by whipple

FAAAAAAN tastic MAN!!!

Posted by removesstains

BA ha ha ha ha at 6:47. Going to mix a drink using a pack of Duracell batteries.

Posted by Giftneigung

My ribs hurt & i'm fucking crying right now. Jeff your amazing but Brad doesnt hold his captian' very well. I'd drink wit you guys any day. Much love guys :)

Posted by bornagain888

Is this game like Rampart, because a modern remake of that game would be great.

Posted by Fubar

Thank you.

Posted by jakob187

Was there a game preview somewhere in all that?  I must've missed it underneath all the awesomeness of why Giant Bomb rocks the gaming world's face so fucking much!!!

And by the way, I never did get to say this on Gamespot...so I will say it here: