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doesn't look too bad, i might check that out
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I bought AOE3, and never opened, I wonder if I will open this one.

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Lost interest the moment the games for windows live interface was shown.  No thanks.  Not all that interested in another AoE anyway.

Posted by Jayzz

im actually pumped. grew up on AOE2.

Posted by tychoon

I don't like this at all. I've played and enjoyed every AOE until now. Will check it out and hopefully change my mind tho. Prolly not...

Posted by Rehehelly

I'll probably check it out but i'm not expecting too much, looks like they mixed Settlers with the AoE universe then dumped it online.

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@snetErz: AoE 3 was a turd, reports say this plays almost identically to AoE2 which is one of the best RTS games of all time. 
Can't hurt that Robot Entertainment (former Ensemble) is working on it. 
Posted by Sjupp

So this is like a Real Time Travian?

Posted by Kefkaesque

Dunno what to think.
One one hand, AoE is one of my favourite series of all time, and what I'd really like to see is a full fourth game in the series (or an Age of Mythology 2. That would be just as awesome.)
On the other hand,  the idea of a persistant online empire is something I've wanted from a game for a while, and I can't wait.

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That priest should have said Wololo instead of Woohoo.

Posted by Gap

Considering i spent the majority of my second year in college (UK college, not a US one) playing Age of Empires 2 on their crappy outdated computers, i'm hyped by this.
As others have said, the GFWL thing does partially put me off. We'll see.

Posted by DoctorWelch

Looks okay,  but not the direction I wanted my precious AoE to go in. I loved AoE back in the day, and I wish they would bring it back and make it good, but who am I kidding.

Posted by Peewi

That looks pretty crappy. 
Being able to send messages through Live doesn't make it "connected". The message system is crap for communication and an actual chat would be much better.
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This does look interesting. I just hope it's nothing like AoE 3 and more like Wololo.

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@Krystal_Sackful said:
"That priest should have said Wololo instead of Woohoo. "

Fuck yes.
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hmmm interesting!
Posted by Livebythesword

Is a trojan horse still a surprise? 

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Actually looks not bad, and reading the FAQ on the site, they know what they are trying to do. Still funny its still the same dudes who made AOE tho.

Posted by mythrol

It's actually a really interesting idea if they can do it right. 
More than anything, I'm just happy they haven't killed off AoE completely. Makes me feel good Microsoft is still using their GOOD IP's.

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So the time has come that microsoft is finally releasing an age of empires game post Ensemble Studios.  As a long time aoe fan that kindof resents microsoft's closure of that studio i dont know what to think about this.  I wonder how much of ES is working at robot now.  At least it looks like its going to be on the PC based on that little mouse action there.

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games for windows live, huh?

Posted by cassus

If this is anything like other persistent strategy outpost building games, this is going to be "join alliance X or get fucked" type gameplay. Not in alliance X? Wake up every morning with your city plundered and your farmers raped.

Posted by EpsilonSE
@artofwar420 said:
" @Krystal_Sackful said:
"That priest should have said Wololo instead of Woohoo. "
Fuck yes. "
Posted by Mikemcn
@artofwar420 said:
" @Krystal_Sackful said:
"That priest should have said Wololo instead of Woohoo. "
Fuck yes. "
And thats why this game sucks. 
Posted by Rewcastle

Isn't the voice over the same guy who preached to us about Red Dead and it's expansive multiplayer modes?

Posted by Grilledcheez

The persistent world seems pretty cool to me.  I used to play some of those low end flash games online and always had fun

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Ive heard that soundtrack before :(
Also who is narrating? Oh yeah, looks like Evony although probably no relation to scumbags.

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AoE = love
farmville + evony vibe = hate
AoE online =wil have to wait and see

Posted by Scratch

Aww where's AOE4? I would rather have that, than a MMORTS.

Posted by kallistosprom

:-(  my poor aoe... what have they done to you? My friend and I are still playing aoe3 and enjoying it. We don't want farmville. Give aoe4.. god damnnit ruined an IP.. well i suppose theres only starcraft left

Posted by Doogie2K

So why kill Ensemble if they're just going to make more fucking Age of Empires? That was a waste of everyone's time. Don't get me wrong, I like me some AoE, I just don't get why they bothered shuttering the studio in the first place.

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That guy is excited about the beta.

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@Zeninnnnnnnn said:
" wololo "
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Looks pretty damn sweet to be honest. 

Posted by Ally264

Interesting. I really want them to tell me more.